USDA Approaches Opportunity to Improve Animal Welfare

The USDA is creating a Roadmap for Agriculture Research, Education and Extension, which is a great opportunity for people who care about the welfare of animals to speak out on their behalf.

From Farm Sanctuary,

The USDA’s research and education agenda needs to get with the times. Until now, animal welfare research funding has come from the factory farming industry itself, resulting in biased and unreliable studies that fail to adequately consider animal interests.  The USDA is in the best position to change this – by reviving and increasing funding for animal welfare education and research that focuses on the interests and needs of the animals themselves rather than their usefulness to humans. That means looking at factors like natural behaviors and stress rather than how rapidly an animal grows and puts on weight for slaughter, and making sure that ethics is a central consideration. 

Please ask the USDA to use this opportunity to support standards that have the interests of animals in mind.



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CR C9 years ago

I to believe animals should be out running free and eating plenty of grass don't put them through more pain or make them uncomfortable. I don't eat red meat.

Lauren Caruso
Lauren Caruso9 years ago

"A greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated."

Mahatma Gandhi

Roseann S.
rose s9 years ago

Animal welfare should be our passion to change our cruel world to show compassion to our animals before we destroy all living life on earth.The power of ONE to act can change an entire world.Let us forge ahead to make that CHANGE.

Delight S.
Delight S9 years ago

LaJana, you are soooooo right! I have heard every excuse in the book as to why someone HAS to keep eating meat,and 99.9% of the time it is just PURE GREED AND SELFISHNESS! No one is willing to give up their mc donalds-all I see when I pass those 'golden arches' is a death trap - for humans and animals!
I was leaving my house today (which is also a farm animal rescue!) and the horrible, despicable people who run the feed store next to me have a 'rodeo' arena that I have to pass on my way to the gate, and subsequently the only exit on my property! So as I was leaving for work today, I noticed a bunch of girls (I would say 20 down to 3yrs old!) on the far side of the arena huddled together. As I passed in my car, I saw they had a baby goat with a rope tied around it's neck. They would pick it up about 2 feet off the ground, slam it on it's back,then kneel on it's head and wrap the rope around it's legs. I was horrified! I wanted to run over and KILL them ALL! but,there is nothing I can do-no one I can call,no one cares because it is 'just a goat'. I really want to go and beat the crap out of them and tie them up! and they are teaching this to a 3 yr old! Unfortunately it is not the first time it has happened, and the last time I saw it my husband literally had to hold me back from jumping the fence and giving them a butt whooping!
This is the attitude that needs to change. This is the reason the USDA needs to stop taking bribes and do their job!And why we all need to go veg

LaJana P.
LaJana P9 years ago

Kimber B,

Action is what brings in new Laws and ways of life and action is started by opinions and beliefs. It was someones opinion/belief that they where going to stand up against oppression (whatever that might be) and so they took action and it started off a chain reaction. If a belief is powerful enough (IE religion) then others will take it up as well. A belief that others have a right to live and not be slaughtered is a powerful belief and one I stand up for everyday. The belief is out there and it is growing stronger and others are taking up the fight. If you believe animals have rights and that they have souls then morally you can not abuse them or take their lives for your gain - unless you think it is right for rapists and killers to abuse and kill for their gain.

It is a question of morality and until all the humans of the world grow a conscious and gain morality, compassion and love for others and not just for themselves then yes the suffering and slaughter will continue but I for one will continue to fight everyday for all the creatures of the Earth and for the Earth itself.

"I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals, as surely as the savage tribes have left off eating each other.... "
Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854

Samantha N.
Samantha N9 years ago

Thanks for posting Amanda - everyone else, please visit.

LaJana P.
LaJana P9 years ago

Charlie L,
Adolf Hitler was apparently NOT a vegetarian. On occasion he ate his favorite flesh foods such as squab which does not quality him to be considered a vegetarian. Please see:

However we do have these others famous vegetarians/vegans of the past. All of which where very great people. Heck even Henry Ford(famous car maker) was a vegetarian. And if you look it up I'm sure you find that quite a few other famous vegetarians/vegans.

Plato -Greek philosopher, Leonardo da Vinci - Italian painter, arhitech and engineer Sir Isaac Newton -English physicist and mathematician, Benjamin Franklin - US scientist and diplomat; inventor of the lightning conductor, Ralph Waldo Emerson - US philosopher, essayist and poet,Hans Christian Andersen - Danish writer of fairy tales, Charlotte Bronte - English writer and author of Jane Erye, Susan B Anthony - US feminist and anti-slavery campaigner, Leo Tolstoy - Russian Novelist, author of War and Peace, Vincent Van Gogh - Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, Albert Schweitzer - French theologian, missionary and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Albert Einstein Swiss-German scientist; author of the theories of relativity, H.G. Wells - English science fiction writer

It was Albert Einstien that said: "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

Charlie L.
Charlie L9 years ago

No one is automatically going to end up on some kind of higher moral ground merely by being vegan or a vegetarian. You know who the most famous vegetarian of all was (though it's not what he is best known for)? Adolph Hitler. That's right folks. The closest thing to a devil human history ever produced was a vegetarian. So I guess they all are'nt really so much better than everyone else, not in every respect anyway.

Dave Brew
wiz wi9 years ago

only evil monsters do this and they to are all rubbish

Amanda R.
Amanda R9 years ago is all I have to say