USFWS to Hold Anti-TNR Workshop

On November 5, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will be conducting a day-long workshop at the Wildlife Society Annual Conference in Waikoloa, Hawaii to teach attendees how to protest trap-neuter-return efforts in their communities.

The workshop, entitled “Influencing Local Scale Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Release Decisions,”  is  “designed to train biologists and conservationists to speak in an effective manner on behalf of wildlife in the community decision-making process by providing the best available scientific evidence regarding unrestrained cat control.”

They will also “review the latest peer-reviewed science on unrestrained cats, TNR effectiveness, and human and outdoor cat health issues. Throughout, participants will have ample time for questions and discussion. We review the array of communication tools presently available to wildlife advocates, including FAQ sheets, NGO position statements, photos, videos, education literature, responsible pet ownership guidelines, training tools for keeping domestic pets indoors, and example wildlife-friendly municipal ordinances. We also provide a forum to critically examine and discuss current efforts to form partnerships to bridge the divide between cat and wildlife supporters. Finally, we provide a structured opportunity for participants to explore likely decision-making scenarios, debrief, and then share insights and ideas about possible future directions for developing productive partnerships for resolving cat issues and promoting cat well-being without jeopardizing native wildlife.”

The USFWS is going to support lethal control measures, or the wide-scale killing of feral cats, which has been proven to be cruel and ineffective and has garnered public outcry.

“Undoubtedly, there will be little talk of how TNR programs sterilize the cats, thus curtailing future free-roaming cat population growth, and how fewer cats logically equals less predation. Equally offensive, the organizers will fail to pinpoint a funding source for their recommended solution, while completely ignoring that this blatant rejection of humane alternatives to wildlife conflicts flies in the face of public opinion and decency. Furthermore, attendees won’t be hearing about how a full-day workshop declaring war on cats is an unwise use of taxpayer funds,” according to Best Friends Animal Society.

Speaking of taxpayer funds, TNR programs are run and funded by non-profits and private citizens, whereas expensive killing-sprees, which most people seem to oppose, are funded by taxpayers. Managed care colonies also give tame abandoned cats and kittens a chance at being adopted, instead of being left to roam or be killed.

Maybe instead of targeting compassionate people and organizations who have taken it upon themselves to clean up the continued irresponsibility of others, the USFWS could come up with a humane solution to protect cats and deal with wildlife conflicts, or support accessible spay/neuter programs to stop the problem before it’s a problem and will save taxpayers in the long run.

Send a letter to the USFWS asking them to support non-lethal methods of feral cat control and sign the petition pledging to spay/neuter your pets.


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Photo credit: jonworth via flickr


Carrie Anne Brown

signed, thanks for sharing :)

Kye J.
michelle m6 years ago

Trap ,neuter and release program is a great idea.Petition signed.

Robert P.
Robert P6 years ago

I believe TNR is the best solution to feral cat colonies, it is the humane and decent thing to do.
USFWS needs to act within the bounds of decency and do what it can to SUPPORT TNR and feed feral cats after TNR to help control hunger so they won't hunt as much. If there is truly an imperiled species threatened by the cat colony then trap, neuter/spay and find homes for them!!
Are we not a civilized country?

Dan W.
Past Member 6 years ago

Past Member - I was not aware there could be issues with names as you described so I withdraw my earlier statement. PM1 it is.

Hawaiian Petrel ('Ua'u ) VU-IUCN - Endangered

I did not name this bird because conservation efforts are being focused in National Parks and areas without any feral cat colonies whatsoever. Cats only pose a risk to this species where man has already encroached into its habitat for land development. But man is no threat to this bird - cats are. That is your argument? When 'Ua'u chooses to nest in an area where a feral cat can pose a risk, it is also in danger from dogs and other animals. Some will try to feed on the bird itself, while others will consume its eggs. But I understand you better now that I know you'll believe any information you come across on the web. Something you should know: There's lots of BS on the web.

So if I understand correctly, if I disagree with you and pose a counter argument, then I am a 'know everything guy?" Interesting. I not to agree with you and your opinion of eradication of cats.

And as far as walking around with blinders on, refusing to be educated, I've forgotten more in my years than you'll ever learn-- Just kidding. I was going off that statement I'm the 'know everything guy'. You expect me to be 'educated' from Google? So I am going to learn from what? Blogs composed from people who have no real knowledge? I don't believe everything I read, especially on the internet. Neither should you. I could put tog

Dan W.
Past Member 6 years ago

YAWN!!! Cathy P you have not made a good case for wiping out cat species. You said "Dan W, I think you are the most ignorant person making comments here." Ouch. All those years of research, fact finding, conservation I spent is all undone because someone read about something somewhere and took a tour where they saw a cat... No! If you are calling my knowledge 'vast' you need to get out more. As far as where I gained my knowledge and experience in this area, my education, hands-on experience, and field work are not subjects I choose to bring to the table as it often turns into a scholar debate, rather than the exchange of ideas you and I participate in at this moment. I've done this for a long time. My forté is exposing the truth and saving animals. I am a champion for cats but I do not support the eradication of any species as you do. Instead of the word 'ignorance' I will instead use a more accurate and less offensive term "misinformed or under-informed.". I'll tone it down a bit Cathy P, because I want to be clear that there is no one on this site that I dislike. I celebrate that we all have an opportunity like this site to comment, submit news, and even debate issues. That said, Here's a fact: With properly used TNR - the feral cat population would be reduced or eliminated through attrition within about 10-12 years.

But there is PETA rhetoric and propaganda woven into your comments. I hope you are not quoting some ridiculous thing you heard from them. If you foll

Desiree Reid
Desiree Reid6 years ago

These backward cavedwelling a-holes should STOP wasting our taxpayer money on this blatant workshop on CRUELTY and instead, get some education! Yes, I understand that sometimes the feral cats do pose a threat to wildlife but why is the human answer to everything: Kill It? WE caused the problem by not spaying/ neutering the cats and when they get out, either assume they will come back or not look so hard for them. If your uppercrust suburban kid got lost in the 'hood, would you really expect the child to find its way home? We have a totally sucky double standard for the animal kingdom because we are a SELF_CENTERED, egotistical, destructive species!

Lori E.
Lori E6 years ago

Our tax money is wasted on such crap!

Past Member
Else G6 years ago

So Dan W the " I know everything" guy. I doubt you did a very thorough Google search or any at all. If you had, you would have come across the Hawaiian Petrel. A ground nester that only has one chick a year and is being devistated by feral cats.
You don't even have to dig deep to bring up sites about the destruction to wildlife caused by the feral cats living away from the concrete jungle enviroment.
you are the perfect example of a person walking around with blinders who refuses to be educated.
Oh and for the record I agree with TNR in areas where it's workable like the colony I help feed.
Oh and also for the record I did register with a name but for some reason when I started commenting again it only brings it up as "Past Member"
There are 2 of us on here so I end with PM 1

Sandra Downie
Sandra Downie6 years ago

Cathy P....... your most recent post just reinforces Dan. W.'s (and others') "mean" comments!

Cathy P.
Cathy P6 years ago

Dan W, I think you are the most ignorant person making comments here. I have researched and have personal, first hand knowledge of a local feral cat colony and have seen a lot of un-managed ferals too. If I don't agree with you, I am ignorant. How did you obtain your vast, impressive knowledge? Seems like your fortay is name calling.

Katherine W., this is a small part of why I feel the way I do about TNR. There are other reasons as well. Please take a look (with an open mind) at this:

I volunteer at a wildlife center, donate time and money to many pet animal advocates / rescues, and even more important, I eat almost entirely a vegetarian diet, aspiring towards a vegan diet, and I don't appreciate narrow minded people saying the mean things they do because they blindly support the "kittys" at all other creatures cost.

Everyone knows it isn't there fault, it is humans fault, but a solution that isn't environmental sabotoge is better to me, even if cats must be euthanized in the process. To me it is the lessor evil.