Using a Net, Women Save Limping Dog Trapped on Highway

Kelle Mann Davis captures more lost and homeless dogs in a month than many dog catchers do in a year. Honing in on Houston’s 5th Ward, where the number of street dogs has reached epic proportions, this former ob/gyn nurse gave up her career helping deliver babies from high risk pregnancies for an equally engaging passion, and people who know her often question whether or not she has something more than luck on her side.

Over the weekend, Kelle was driving on US 59 in Texas when she happened to see a car stopped in the breakdown land and a dog huddled against the cement barrier.

“Of course, I stopped,” explained Kelle who has never driven past an animal in need without stopping.

Apparently a motorist named Jennifer Balderson had seen the dog crouched at the side of the highway and was calling for help. She had phoned 911 and the SPCA but the police weren’t able to come right out and this was a situation that could turn tragic at any moment.

“Jennifer had already tried to approach the dog, but when she did, the dog got up and limped away,” Kelle explained. “Jennifer was scared to death that the dog was going to go into traffic. I was scared too as that has been the outcome of similar attempted rescues. Thank goodness for 18 wheelers. One made enough noise for me to sneak up and get the net around the dog.”

“Jennifer then leashed the dogs and she fought us pretty hard. To load her in the car, we had to finally put a cloth rope around her muzzle as she was petrified.”

“We’re not sure if she had been hit,” Kelle continued. “We saw no blood and she seemed to have the strength and energy to give us a run for our money as we tried to load her. She has eaten a bowl of food but is still a bit snappy, although we can now pet her behind the ears without any growling. We will be at the vet tomorrow morning.”

Kelle’s rescue group, the Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward, got its start about a year ago with a grant from the Harmony Fund. Donations to get this project off the ground came almost exclusively by readers here at Care2 and hundreds of dogs have now been brought in off the streets and adopted by families.  Click here to enjoy an  update on the dog’s condition and additional photos

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Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne R4 years ago

What an amazing story! Thank you, Kelle! I wish you many blessings.

.4 years ago

great story,nice to hear,thank you for sharing

ann b.
Ann B4 years ago

Kelle went for a fantastic job in the end. She works wonders.

Mara Comitas
Past Member 4 years ago

If more people were like Kelle Mann Davis, the world would be a better place!

Loesje vB
Loesje Najoan4 years ago

Awesome story. Kudos for Kelle Mann Davis.

Arwen Woods
Arwen Woods4 years ago

This lady is amazing. The world needs more people like her in it.

Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

A narrow escape, both the hero and the doggie

Marianne Forgo
Marianne Forgo4 years ago

Thank you for sharing and good luck.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago

great story

Vanessa Wolfe
Vanessa Wolfe5 years ago

Thank you Kellie you are an amazing woman.