Using Hydropower to Create Energy From Water

It’s raining, hard, and suddenly the room is black. The power is out – no microwave, no lights, no computer. You never realize how important electricity is until it’s gone. However for billions of people around the world this is the norm. They are forced to rely on traditional methods of lighting and nearby canals and channels for water. Luckily things are about to change. Using innovative hydropower technology, Hydrovolts now makes it possible to collect renewable energy from the water channels around the world. 

The company evolved from a consultant project studying tidal energy production in Puget Sound near Seattle, WA. This led to the invention of a turbine for manmade canals and Hydrovolts grew from there. CEO Burton Hamner states “We are committed to sustainable community level energy sources”. This B Corp has the right technology to get the job done. Using their inventive approach, it will be possible to bring power to those previously excluded by a lack of supply or the high cost. They will “turn villages on” in the remote corners of the world and create new economies. Already over 18 countries have expressed their interest. 

With a long professional history in the industry, Hamner is well versed in certification programs. However, he found that many lack traction and recognition in the market.  B Corporation Certification is the exception. He believes B Corps can soon saturate the market and become a valuable symbol for sustainability and social justice. Through knowledge sharing it will be possible to build more partnerships and truly succeed.

The most important step into the future is to spread the word. Hydrovolts will be building turbines, getting them into the water and demonstrating that this is a system that can work. Another exciting development is the availability of water waste treatment plants. There are a couple million out there that are perfect for Hydrovolts’ technology. This is a huge opportunity to replace traditional energy sources and illuminate new areas. Today electricity is crucial and our old supply methods no longer work. Clearly this B Corp couldn’t have come at a better time.

Light up the world and Better Know Hydrovolts


Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle8 years ago

I love this idea. One more (old) way to get renewable energy.

Robert Shaffer
Robert Shaffer8 years ago

Great, thanks.

Hartson D.
Hartson Doak8 years ago

Small hydroelectric generators are currently available for small streams. Just Google it. They have been on the market for decades. They only produce enough for remote usage. There is no tie in with the grid.

Terry Dejavu
Terry Dejavu8 years ago

thx for sharing, very interesting.

Frances Stewart, MD
Frances Stewart8 years ago

Very interesting. We need to create a diversified energy system that uses many types of generation in many places.Hydropower that doesn't require huge dams could be a great addition.

Valeria Azuma
Valeria Azuma8 years ago

lots of untapped alternative energy sources out there

Juliette P.
Juliette P.8 years ago

After looking at their website, Hydrovolts seems like it is catering to businesses willing to invest in their product. I wonder if they have any plans to make this technology available on a smaller scale for rural consumers who may have a creek etc. running through their property.

Robert O.
Robert O8 years ago


Melissah Chadwick
Melissah C8 years ago