Vaccination Rates Falling For Children WITH Health Insurance

Knowledge = power, right?

When it comes to the subject of vaccines and autism, this seems to be less and less the case.

As reported in the November 4th issue of Time magazine, recent data from the National Committee for Quality Assurance reveals that, among children with health insurance,  vaccination rates have been falling. In contrast, vaccination rates in children from ‘lower-income — and often less-educated — families on Medicaid’ have been rising. While 93.5% of children with health insurance received the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) in 2008, 90.6% did in 2009. The drop was from  87.2% to 85.4 for the diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough vaccine (DPT) and, for the chicken pox vaccine, 92% to 90.6%. 

Data for the study came from an analysis of 1000 health plans covering 118 million people. 

Time magazine highlights a seeming oddity about this data, that it is children from families WITH health insurance for whom vaccination rates are falling, and attributes ‘rumors‘ about a link between vaccines and autism as one likely culprit.

‘What surprised some analysts in the NCQA study was the bump in vaccine rates among lower-income — and often less-educated — families on Medicaid. Typically it is more affluent parents who are the most vigilant about following preventive health measures and poorer families who see that as an unaffordable luxury. But public programs that provide vaccines at low or no cost have apparently helped change that.

‘Wealthier families, meantime, are getting too much of their health advice not from doctors and epidemiologists, but from talk shows, the blogosphere and the rumor mill, all of which are filled with vaccine scare stories. Making things worse is that the kind of folks spreading the tales are precisely the kind we find hardest to ignore.”


It is true. This is the Age of Information and, too, of easy and immediate access to information, thanks not only to the internet but to devices such as cell phones. A parent can be speaking to her child’s pediatrician and whip up a website proclaiming concerns about vaccines and autism, about vaccine injury and much more. Today, it is information (over and above knowledge) = power.


But if that information is from the sort of sources noted by Time (celebrities, talk show personalities, the vast unregulatedness of blogland), we really need to think about what it is that drives ‘educated’ people to make decisions about health care.  Is it not possible that we are living in the Age of Misinformation, especially when it comes to issues of health, health care, and science?

Photo of anti-vaccine activists at a Tea Party rally in St. Paul, MN (April 2010) by Fibonacci Blue


William C
William C2 months ago

Thanks for caring.

W. C
W. C2 months ago

Thank you for the information.

Judith Emerson
Judith Emerson6 years ago

Vaccines have definitely proven to be a blessing to millions of people. However, there have been families who've experienced adverse reactions to a greater or lesser extent. Because we're still pretty much in the dark about autism -- sudden onset of autism in children after vaccination is a reality -- we need more research. If a family has experienced extreme difficulties w/vaccines, i support their choice not to vaccinate their kids if viable documentation is offered.

Julie R.
Julie R7 years ago

No FDA official has ever stated that scientifically-valid safety testing has ever been conducted on the vaccine / adjuvant combinations now being distributed across America.
In 1871-2, England, with 98% of the population aged between 2 and 50 vaccinated against smallpox, it experienced its worst ever smallpox outbreak with 45,000 deaths. During the same period in Germany, with a vaccination rate of 96%, there were over 125,000 deaths from smallpox. (The Hadwen Documents)
- In 1977, Dr Jonas Salk, who developed the first polio vaccine, testified along with other scientists that mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961. (Science 4/4/77 "Abstracts" )
- In 1979, Sweden abandoned the whooping cough vaccine due to its ineffectiveness. Out of 5,140 cases in 1978, it was found that 84% had been vaccinated three times! (BMJ 283:696-697, 1981)
The manufacturers of the DPT vaccine put aside $8 per shot to cover legal costs and damages they were paying out to parents of brain damaged children and children who died after vaccination. (The Vine, Issue 7, January 1994, Nambour, Qld)
- On November 2nd, 2000, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) announced that its members voted at their 57th annual meeting in St Louis to pass a resolution calling for an end to mandatory childhood vaccines. The resolution passed without a single "no" vote. (Report by Michael Devitt)

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

Thanx for article.

Susan Weihofen
Susan Weihofen7 years ago

There are minimum vaccinations needed to enter school, but there are several exemptions permitted. As there have been several outbreaks of measles and whooping cough these "informed decisions" are having consequences.

Shawn S.
Shawn S.7 years ago

Tori W - be careful from which medical experts you get your information. For instance, the Director of the March of Dimes, Dr. Jennifer Howse, published the following -

From Bloomberg Businessweek online, September 17, 2010

" 'Based on expert medical opinion, we urge all pregnant women, and women who expect to become pregnant, to get their influenza immunization...'

" 'The flu vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective,' she noted.."

But, the following is taken directly from the manufacturer's vaccine insert, found at:

“Safety and effectiveness of AFLURIA have not been established in pregnant women or nursing mothers.”

Slight disconnect between the "expert medical opinion" referenced by Dr. Howse and the information provided by the manufacturer, eh?

Tori W.
Past Member 7 years ago

The Age of Misinformation? You finally understand this concept? Where have you been for the past two years? People not only get their medical advice and parenting tips from celebutaunts, but also political information, tips for living, plastic surgery and everything else. Does anyone really think that I would get medical information from anything less than the experts? My children are involved and I'd rather gain accurate medical data than celebutaunt inaccurate gossip. Some people will believe anything they read or hear based upon some celebrities' status, which I find amazing since so many never even went to college or finished high school. Their talent is they can pretend to be someone else. Oh please! And now, let's say that autism is on the rise. Are we sure this is due to vaccinations and not environmental, genetics or something else? I'm guessing no one knows, but panic really works!

Patrick T.
Patrick T.7 years ago


Here's a fantastic quote by Eleanor McBean from her 1957 classic "The Poisoned Needle":

"The truly great minds of the world recognize the balanced economy of nature and know that when the chemistry of the body is thrown out of balance by faulty nutrition and other causes, toxins accumulate and the entire physical organism marshals its healing forces in an effort to meet the emergency and make adjustment to the condition. This healing effort may be expressed in many ways, such as accelerated circulation and fever, disturbed breathing, intensified bowel elimination (diarrhea) and mucous discharges to expel poisons, eruptions, swelling of lymphatic glands such as the tonsils to handle the overload of toxic waste, pain, indicating the presence of irritants, etc. All this display of the vital energy at work to restore normalcy, is interpreted by the average physician, as disease and something to interfere with by giving poison drugs, vaccines and crippling operations. , Modern medical methods delay and frustrate the unexcelled healing efforts of nature."

Suppressed Facts About Vaccination
Eleanor McBean


Shawn S.
Shawn S.7 years ago

Kristina, we are indeed in an Age of Misinformation, and your article, unfortunately, adds to it. There is a certain arrogance in your acquiescing to the opinion that those who are rejecting vaccination in increasing numbers, though educated, are somehow ignorant, and incapable of discerning good information, vs propaganda. This discounts both their sincerity and their intelligence.

You're a PhD; do your homework. Read Evidence of Harm, by David Kirby; learn the extent to which the folks at the CDC went to try to prevent private researchers from accessing the data speaking to mercury in vaccines and the alarming increase in the incidence of autism. Come up to speed on the Simpsonwood conference, in which the CDC and pharma reps met in secret to discuss the direct correlation their calculations had shown between (mercury-containing) thimerosal in vaccines, and autism; but, instead of determining how best to reveal this critical information to the public, they met to discuss how to conceal it.

You and I are the public, Kristina. Our children and grandchildren, and those of our extended family and friends, were receiving vaccinations, and the fact that there was not an integral, decided effort made to inform us of what they themselves had determined was a pregnant danger in the vaccines then being given, is outrageous.

The thimerosal is mostly (but not all) removed from vaccines, but the increased use of aluminum is just as threatening. Research, then write the truth.