Vancouver Police Officer Kicks Handcuffed, Nearly Naked Man (Video)

Vancouver police have launched an investigation after one of their officers was caught on CBC video kicking a restrained and handcuffed suspect in the chest.

There has been plenty of police brutality recently, whether in Anaheim, Calfornia, Brooklyn, New York, or Fullerton, California, to name just a few.

And now it’s happening in Vancouver, Canada.

On Wednesday evening, police responded to a call about a robbery at a store and reports that a man was taking off his clothes and trying to enter a home. They found 39-year-old Ryan James Felton running around a residential neighborhood in his underwear in what police have called “an apparent bad reaction to drugs.”

The circumstances leading up to the incident are unclear, but a Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) producer was on hand to film the subsequent scene. In his video, police can be seen arresting a man in his underwear, asking him if he has a gun, and questioning him about drugs. The man, in handcuffs, does not appear to put up a struggle.

As the CBC producer keeps filming the scene, a plainclothes officer kicks Felton in the chest, with enough force to snap the suspect’s head back. Felton falls to one side, still handcuffed. Click here to watch this brutal incident as it was filmed.

From CBC Canada:

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association says the officer’s actions are borderline criminal, and shows that the Vancouver Police Department has not learned from other recent high-profile cases involving excessive force.

“This is somebody who is handcuffed, virtually naked, sitting on the sidewalk, getting kicked. And that’s not acceptable,” said BCCLA spokesman David Eby.

“When you have somebody who is… very clearly not a threat and you use force, there’s no legal authority to do that,” Eby said.

The Vancouver Police say the officer involved will “not be deployed operationally” until an investigation is conducted.

“The Vancouver Police Professional Standards Section has initiated an investigation into the actions of a plainclothes police officer who allegedly committed an assault by kicking a handcuffed prisoner in the chest,” the force said in a statement.

Police say the suspect, Felton, was taken to Vancouver General Hospital on Wednesday night, treated for a drug overdose, and returned to police custody. He has been charged with one count of robbery: accused of taking $150 in cash and $250 in merchandise from a sex shop.

That doesn’t make it OK to kick the suspect in the chest, so hard that he fell to the ground. To kick a man who is handcuffed, nearly naked, sitting on a sidewalk, and not posing a threat to anyone, is unacceptable.

And you have to wonder how widespread this behavior is amongst police officers; how many more incidents like this happen regularly, but are not caught on video?

This police brutality has got to stop.

What do you think?

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Photo Credit: screenshot from CBC television


ellen k.
ellen kelleher5 years ago

What do I think? You're acting like Americans! And I cannot think of a Greater Insult! YOU ARE CANADIANS! FOR ALL OUR SAKES! Has the mantel gotten too heavy? We NEED YOU to stay THE GOOD GUYS! Because we need YOUR example... You're Canadians - that MEANS Something.. My heart is breaking

.5 years ago

What goes around ...... All of the bad cops will get theirs and the good cops had better decide whose side they are on and soon or they will the same treatment !

Jason T.
Jason T5 years ago

There is ZERO place for police brutality! Most police officers understand (1) it is wrong; and (2) it will undermine their case!

Barbara Ferrucci Young
Barbara F5 years ago

This was alarming, to say the least! Cops are just taking the law into their own hands and thinking they are ABOVE the law themselves! What's wrong with the world today? This sense of entitlement that people have is so out of control, it's not funny! Yes, this man did wrong, but that doesn't mean you treat him like that!! NO ONE SHOULD EVER GET KICKED IN THE CHEST WHILE HANDCUFFED, HE WAS NO THREAT TO ANY ONE!! THIS OFFICER SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED AND FIRED! HE NEEDS TO PAY FOR HIS CRIME, NOW!

Debra Griffin
Missy G5 years ago

Not unlike cops all over! Abusing their authority & overstepping their boundaries

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

Police are getting WAY too comfortable with these type of in-appropriate actions. Don't they know that EVERYONE has a cell phone with video capabilities?

Vicky Pitchford
Vicky P5 years ago

Cops are bullies, most anyway, with all Police Cases showing this more and more, It's a wonder why no one is doing anything about it, but I guess we have Politicians that are bullies too

Glenda L.
Glenda L5 years ago

Happening far too often.

kevaquarian E.
kevaquarian E5 years ago

@ Charles P: Good questions of course. Again, I would point to what I said earlier about the Police force's programmed mindset. It's evident that it produces, in an increasing number of cases, police officers who are super volatile. At best, in the situation you reference, the officer could have "disabled" the guy by a calm accurate shot to his leg, for example, (although I personally feel that would still have been totally unnecessary and misguided anyway - what is the point of hand-cuffs if you're then gonna treat the bound person as an able-bodied threat??).
If you have your people in the right positions of power, where they make the call in these situations, then can get away with murder. Literally.

Charles P.
Charles P5 years ago

How's this? In Perkasie, PA an officer shot and killed a man who had his hands cuffed behnd his back. the DA said it was justifiable. The handcuffed person tried to get away by kicking at the cops. The cop said he thought the man was going to try and get his gun, SO he pulled his weapon and shot him. When the cop had his gun in ahis hnd he had control of it. Why did he have to shoot him and why was it justified?