Vegan Hip Hop Artist Proves It’s Macho to Love Animals

Hip hop artist IFEEL creates music that explores the relationship between animals and humans. The impetus for his mission of enlightenment came from compassion for disadvantaged children. I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before he’s sitting opposite Ellen DeGeneres.

“It all started while I was working with abused children in group homes,” IFEEL explains. ”There, I witnessed the severity of emotional pain and suffering and helped the young generation heal through hip-hop music by running a music therapy program for abused children.”

“Abused animals are much like abused children,” IFEEL continues. “They hurt. They suffer. They cry. They show their teeth when they are forced in a corner and pushed beyond their limits. They feel, they laugh, they love. Just because they cannot express themselves in a way that the world can easily understand it does not mean they are dumb, unemotional and undeserving of normal life. They deserve freedom, dignity and love as much as anyone else on this planet.”

IFEEL hopes to inspire his listeners to stop and listen and feel the animals around them, to hear their stories. He speaks to everyone, from animal lovers to to those who never thought much about animals. He aims to awaken the soul of individuals who hear his music and to help animal rescue organizations through benefit concerts not just in his native Croatia, but worldwide.

“I am disgusted by the way that animals have been so cleverly and viciously reduced to a number on a production line,” IFEEL said. “They have become objects for pleasure, food and fun. It can’t go on like this.”

IFEEL takes a moment to connect with a dog named Iskra, shot by a hunter

Outside the music business, the buff IFEEL runs a fitness/wellness program to help people lead healthier lives. And although IFEEL is vegan, he does not force his lifestyle on his listeners. His music does, however, make one question their lifestyle choices.

“Smart, informed people can make smart, informed decisions for themselves,” IFEEL explains. “Once you know exactly what you are eating, you can decide if that is good for your own health, for animals and for the planet. You will feel good or bad, your mind and body will tell you. I personally don’t eat animal products because I believe that animals are not here to be bred, beat or bled for us. Also, healthy, balanced diet is important to me, so I choose carefully what I eat. Modern-day vegans are no longer weak, malnourished and pale. We kick ass in the gym, eat good and feel great!”

Each of IFEEL’s songs tells a story. To listen to the music and learn more, visit the official IFEEL website or follow him on Facebook or visit his Youtube page.

Story brought to you by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

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Photo credit: Krume Ivanovski


Dorothy M.
Dorothy M3 years ago

I wish more men were like the man in this article. There is a guy here on care2, Gary W., and he posted all the details of how he shot a goat through the head, a goat his children had been fond of, and hosed the goat's insides, sliced it etc. while it hung from a tree (see his comment after the article about the bacon lovers meeting a piglet).

Alice B.
Alice B4 years ago

Very interesting , Thanks for sharing !! :)

Geoff P.
Past Member 5 years ago


Karolina Zakonek
Karolina Zakonek5 years ago

Awesome! True men love animals... Thanks!

Jane Ketterman
Jane Ketterman6 years ago

Thank you IFEEL what a wonderful way to spreed the message.

Andrew C.
Andrew C6 years ago

IFEEL thank you for helping to spread the message! A true inspiration! We need more people like you out there.

Kate H.
Kate H6 years ago

Cool. I'm not really a huge hip-hop listener, but I went and checked out one of his songs because of this article, and it was pretty good at getting the message out there. It was the song "Why I Do It," and in the video he holds up a bunch of photos with graphic images of animals at factory farms, being experimented on, or otherwise in mortal peril; while the lyrics explain how he thinks it's wrong for such things to be happening, including some graphic verbal examples. I think a lot of people wouldn't eat meat if they had to work at factory farms and see what goes on there, so it's great to expose this kind of thing, and I hope this guy gets a lot of media exposure for his good efforts.

Duane B.
.6 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Carrie Anne Brown

great article thanks for sharing :)

Sheri D.
Sheri D6 years ago

Thank you, IFEEL, for getting the message out!!!