Veteran Searching for Missing Service Dog Finds 8 Other Lost Dogs

For the past two years, a service dog named Ozzy has been constantly by the side of Lori Bilyou, a combat veteran who suffered a brain injury in 2012 while fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Ozzy, who was provided to Bilyou by K9 Navigators Assistance Dogs, helps her stand, walk and visit public places. He picks up items she can’t due to balance issues. He calms the anxiety she often experiences as a result of PTSD.

The large, gray goldendoodle (golden retriever/poodle mix) “was designed by (Muppets creator) Jim Henson, and he gave him his personality as well,” Bilyou jokingly told The News Journal.

During the afternoon of Oct. 18, Ozzy had a grand mal seizure. Afterward, apparently spooked and confused, he jumped over the fence around Bilyou’s Newark, Del., home – which he’d never done before. He collapsed when he reached the road, but was able to get up and run away before Bilyou could stop him.

Ozzy’s vet told Bilyou that the dog was likely in a “post-ictal state,” when a dog can be temporarily blind and disoriented after a seizure, with no memory of home.

Bilyou has been doing everything she can to find Ozzy. She’s enlisted the help of volunteers to distribute flyers and search local parks and trails. She’s notified mail carriers and delivery people about Ozzy, and has placed surveillance cameras on trees in the area. To help cover the more than $7,000 she’s spent so far in her efforts to find Ozzy, Bilyou refinanced her house, she told USA Today.

The bad news is that although Ozzy sightings have been reported in Delaware and Pennsylvania, Bilyou hasn’t yet been able to locate him. The good news is that during their search over the past two months, Bilyou and her helpers have found eight other lost dogs. Seven of them have been reunited with their very grateful owners.

“I like to think that Ozzy is collecting up all the strays before he comes home,” Bilyou told USA Today.

Most recently, someone who thought they had located Ozzy on Dec. 8 actually found Lilly, who’d run away as her blind owner recovered from surgery.

Three days before that, Bilyou found Callie, a nearly blind and deaf dog, who’d run away and was wandering around outside in the rain. She’s been returned to her owner.

Because Ozzy suffered a seizure, he may no longer be able to be a service dog, but that doesn’t matter to Bilyou. She’s been contacted by some other service dog organizations about getting another dog, which she told The News Journal made her feel like she was “trying to be set up for a first date after losing a spouse.”

If you’re in Newark, Del., southwestern Chester County, Penn., or the surrounding areas, please keep an eye out for Ozzy. If you think you see him, call 302-765-8694. Just be aware that you shouldn’t try to catch Ozzy or lure him to you. As a service dog, he’s trained for one handler.

“He’s in survival mode,” Bilyou told The News Journal. “He will run from everyone. I’m concerned about the hunters in the parks. I’m concerned about dogs chasing him and people trying to catch him because we need him to stay in the area so that we can catch up with him.”

For the latest Ozzy sightings and more ways to help find him – and hopefully the good news soon that he’s been reunited with Bilyou – visit the Bring Ozzie Home (@lostservicedog) Facebook page.

Photo credit: leguy42/YouTube


Debra Tate
Debra Tate16 days ago

May he soon come home safe. Praying for this.

joan silaco
joan silaco22 days ago

How can a big dog not be found? I hope that Ozzy will be reunited with his love one.

Maria PETRILLO26 days ago

I hope OZZY will be reunited with Lori soon..

Rosalie H. Kaye
Rosalie H. Kaye28 days ago

this really is heartbreaking! Poor Ozzy must be confused and upset as is Lori- I pray that the dog will soon be found!!

Ruth S
Ruth S29 days ago


RosemaryRannes HusbandHea

Prayers for Ozzy to be found and reunited with Lori Bilyou. The 7 dogs that were found and able to be reunited with their family just shows that finding Ozzy can happen too, hopefully sooner than later.

Christine S
Christine Sabout a month ago

I hope Ozzy will be found- I am grateful that other lost dogs have been found, in the meantime...

Winn A
Winn Aabout a month ago

I hope and pray the will be reunited soon.

Barbara West
Barbara Westabout a month ago

Ozzy looks VERY much like my Bouvier....I wonder if some group may have found Ozzy..may even have adopted him out...not realizing that instead of a Bouvier they had a Goldendoodle that's on the search lists?

Past Member
Past Member about a month ago

I hope and pray that Ozzy will be returned home soon.