Victory! “AG GAG” Bills Die In Minnesota, Florida

Victory in Minnesota!

In April, I wrote here about the egregious new bill in Minnesota, which would mean that anyone caught going undercover to film or record animal abuses at a factory farm could be sentenced to five years in jail.

Almost 5,000 of you signed our petition to protest this bill that would criminalize photographing on farms, and now The Humane Society is reporting that this bill, along with a similar one in Florida, is dead. In fact it simply expired as the legislative session ended, and lawmakers didn’t even give it a hearing.

From The Humane Society of the United States:

These bills are attracting well-deserved notoriety as media outlets across the country expose animal agribusiness for attempting to silence whistle-blowers and continue abusing animals with impunity. For example, the “New York Times” recently editorialized against the bills, and the paper’s columnist Mark Bittman published a scathing commentary against them. CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360″ and a number of other national and local outlets in Florida, Iowa, and Minnesota have also covered the issue.

Thanks to all our wonderful Care2 members who helped make this happen!


Photo Credit: CALM Action via Creative Commons


Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

A Grace :even with a telephoto lens you can not see inside the barn if the gates are closed!

Grace Adams
Grace Adams6 years ago

We need a free press whether we deserve one or not. Journalists and journalistic photographers should not trespass on private property, but pictures taken by telephoto lens from a public highway should be fair game.

KrassiAWAY B.
Krasimira B6 years ago

Bravo!! Thank you Judy for the fantastic news!!

Danica R.
Danica R6 years ago


James Rice
James Rice6 years ago


Now go find the politicians who supported the bills and investigate them for collusion.

Suzanne Hall
Suzanne Hall6 years ago

Good news!

Masha Samoilova
Past Member 6 years ago

thanks, good news

Dianne Kurtz
Dianne Kurtz6 years ago

What is wrong with the State of Florida???Why can't they all pull together and attempt to pass the AG-GAG bill through??It makes no sense.Farm animals need all the protection they can get.

Trudi Gray
Trudi Gray6 years ago

what kind of person votes 'no'? Wold he/she like to spend a tortured life in a box smaller than he/she is, made to contort him/herself in order to be in it at all? walk a mile in short shackles, mate- THEN vote 'no'.