Victory! Los Angeles Bans Puppy And Kitten Mills

The Los Angeles City Council has unanimously approved a motion by Councilmember Koretz that should put an end to the puppy and kitten mills by banning the commercial breeding of dogs, cats, rabbits and chicken and the sale of those animals in pet stores.

Instead animal shelters will work with licensed pet stores to make shelter animals available for adoption at those stores.

Commercial Creation Of Animals Done In Inhumane Conditions

The commercial creation of animals for sale is done in inhumane conditions, creates unhealthy animals and aids animal overpopulation, said Councilmember Koretz’s email.

 The City Council ordered the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services to draft the law and create the adoption program. The law also creates a program to publicly and visibly identify stores that excel in meeting rigorous humane requirements and conditions, and it asks the department to arrange frequent adoption drives for shelter animals at licensed pet stores.

 According to, Koretz said he unknowingly purchased a “puppy mill” bichon 20 years ago, and it required expensive medical care.

In Shelters, 25 Percent Of Dogs And 50 Percent Of Cats Euthanized

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The Department of Animal Services took in about 55,000 animals last year and expects that number to rise this year. It euthanizes about 25 percent of dogs and 50 percent of cats that wind up in shelters.

“We’re not only protecting the animals, but we’re protecting the people in the community, the people who don’t know that when they go into a pet store they are paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for an animal that is likely to be sick (or) have genetic defects,” Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette said.

Barnette said she knows there are puppy mills in the city, but not how many.

“A lot of them fly under the radar illegally. They’re very clever, and they have their little lookouts and they will move from house to house to house, and move their animals with them and stay one step ahead of law enforcement,” Barnette said.

California Leading The Way

The banning of animal mills, which seems to be where most pet stores get their animals, has been gaining traction but it appears once again that California is leading the way. Toronto is considering a similar law, and Texas has a bill going through the motions that would require more than 11 unspayed female dogs to need a license.

Congratulations, Mr. Koretz!

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William C
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Thank you for caring.

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Thank you for sharing.

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton6 years ago

Great news!

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Yay !

Rebecca Odle
Rebecca Noiseux6 years ago

I think you should have a special liscense to breed animals. Over breeding is relatively stupid now a days considering all the help people can get. Glad LA is stepping up but do you want a pat on the back for this? Should have been done awhile ago.

Michelle M.
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One down and hundreds or thousands to go! Baby steps.....but hopefully we'll shut them all down eventually.

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What Elgrit B. said. :)

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Please keep to your legislation, and reinforce this with LA's animal control.

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Thank you and may others follow your wonderful example.The torture chambers for animals(AKA Puppy & Kitten Mills) all need to be shut down. They are for profit only, we all know the money doesn't go for the care of the animals.