Victory! One of the Oldest Greyhound Tracks in the U.S. is Ditching Dog Racing

Animal advocates are celebrating another big win for greyhounds: live racing will soon be ending at one of the oldest tracks in the U.S.

Greyhound racing is still going on in six states, including Iowa, Arkansas, Alabama, West Virginia, Texas and Florida. Florida is now home to 12 of the 19 operational tracks left in the U.S.

Although proponents have managed to keep the number of dog injuries out of the public eye, a law passed in 2013 at least requires the number of deaths at tracks to be reported. We do know that at least 383 dogs have died over just the past four years at tracks throughout Florida. Aside from the inherent cruelty of this industry, racing in the state has also been plagued by numerous problems, including recent reports of doping dogs with cocaine.

The good news is that interest in this so-called sport is declining. According to GREY2K USA Worldwide, between 2006 and 2014 the total amount gambled on live racing at Florida dog tracks declined by 50 percent.

Unfortunately, racing is coupled with other forms of gambling – state laws require anyone who runs a gambling facility to offer at least 100 live races every year whether they want to or not, purely for the benefit of owners, breeders and kennel operators.

The ‘coupling’ tactic has helped keep this dying industry alive with no regard to the health or well being of the dogs who are being bred, run and disposed of and it’s literally killing them.

Now, however, greyhound advocates are celebrating a major win following a decision to allow West Flagler Associates, which operates Magic City Casino in Miami, to ditch dog racing in favor of holding jai-alai matches – a sport that involves willing human players.

According to the Miami Herald, this marks the first time a pari-mutuel facility has been allowed to drop live racing involving animals, and continue operating slots.

Hopefully, as more information comes to light showing the tragic and unacceptable losses this industry brings, it will renew efforts to decouple dog racing, and far more importantly, to finally shut it down entirely with a complete ban.


If you’re interested in getting involved with greyhound rescue, or adopting one, visit GREY2K USA Worldwide’s adoption page for a list of national and international adoption groups, or its action page for a list of ways you can help speak out for racing dogs.

You can also help by signing and sharing GREY2K USA’s petition urging leaders in nations that still allow greyhound racing to take a stand for these dogs by shutting this industry down for good.

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Nicole H
Nicole Heindryckx6 months ago

Greyhound racing is a terrible thing. And GOOD NEWS that finally ONE MORE TRACK will be closed. They ALL NEED TO BE CLOSED !!!! I have never been to such a racing, but my son has adopted 2 greyhounds from Spain. As Europeans, we also have greyhound racings in some countries, viz. certainly in Spain and Ireland. I have seen the poor dogs upon arrival in trucks in Belgium. They were totally emaciated, showing wounds all over their body, and their teeth were in terrible condition. The vet bills were skyhigh, each time. And these dogs can not sit on their buts. Their back leg muscles are so extremely thick and large, they always sit sideways. It is heartbreaking to see. But these saved animals are formidable family dogs. I could never have thought these were such loving and lovable animals, they are so friendly with children, etc.. However walking is NOT that easy. When they see a cat, you really need strong arms to prevent them from running away from you. And use a very strong leash... They could easily break it when chasing a cat.

Herbert C
Herbert C7 months ago

Good, shut them all down!

Jetana A
Jetana A7 months ago

I hope this list is complete and the local track in Tucson has been shut down, too. Abominable excuse for gambling!

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darcia hurst7 months ago

Signed, some good news! Now let's shut them all down

Dot A
Dot A7 months ago

'signed' - It*s a wonderful thing to see so many people awakening to the compassionate treatment of animals. The radio spoke of this victory this morning and I felt a very kind feeling for our members, and a great sense of hope for the future of the beloved canines! These dogs have suffered far to long,.... :+(

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Sonia M7 months ago

Petition signed.Good news,thanks for sharing

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Graham P7 months ago

Closure Worldwide!