Victory! Plans to Breed Beagles for Research Stopped

Following a campaign led by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), a plan to build the equivalent of a factory farm for beagles intended for research in the UK has been stopped.

Last week the the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government rejected Bantin & Kingman Universal Ltd’s (B&K) proposal, which was also rejected by the Planning Committee of East Riding Council this summer.

The BUAV’s campaign received widespread support from animal welfare groups, residents and the public, along with support from celebrities including Ricky Gervais and legendary Queen guitarist Dr Brian May. Their petition on Care2 gathered more than 28,000 signatures.

Objections were raised over the cruelty inherent in breeding dogs for research. Not only are the conditions at breeding facilities themselves questionable, as evidenced by the BUAV’s investigation of Harlan-Hillcrest, among others, but the suffering inflicted upon “man’s best friend” in experiments is nothing short of nightmarish.

According to the BUAV:

The proposal to build the farm in Grimston would have resulted in the breeding of thousands of beagles to be used in experiments both in the UK and overseas. In 2010, over 5,000 experiments were carried out on dogs in UK laboratories. Beagles are largely used in toxicity (poisoning) testing both for human and veterinary drugs, as well as agrochemicals. Dogs can be force fed chemicals and drugs in capsules or via plastic tubes inserted through their mouths, directly into their stomach or strapped into a harness for hours at a time while substances are pumped directly into their bloodstream. Animals can suffer adverse effects that result in vomiting, diarrhoea, weight loss and lethargy. Some dogs may become so ill that they either die or have to be euthanised for welfare purposes.

“We applaud the Communities Secretary for rejecting plans for a beagle breeding facility in Yorkshire to supply laboratories. Using dogs in tests is an issue that raises strong public concern, and this has been reflected in the huge response we have had for our campaign. This is a victory for public opinion, and of course the beagles.” said The BUAV’s Chief Executive, Michelle Thew.

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Photo credit: The BUAV


W. C
W. C1 months ago

Thank you.

William C
William C11 months ago


Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Samantha Richardson

I am so glad to hear this. It's nice to hear that researchers are finally moving away from animal testing! :D

Ivy Taylor
Yvonne Taylor5 years ago

Great victory! Wishing the USA would also gain a heart and stop the animal cruelty. Very disheartened to learn yesterday a State's voters voted against a bill on cruelty to animals...WHAT?

Erin Delancy-Hummer
Erin Hummer5 years ago

Beagles are wonderful dogs and NO animal deserves to be mistreated.

Jeanne M.
Jeanne M5 years ago

Thank you! A good news story is so welcome.

Ellen M.
Ellen M5 years ago

in this day and age when animal welfare is a top priority and we try to get convictions of animal cruelty by 'everyday folks', why is animal experimentation still allowed? it is cruelty in any way you want to look at it. no animal has the same biological set up as a human yet we test products, vaccines, medical/surgical procedures etc.... our closest relatives (great apes) have been proven to be highly intelligent, social beings (not that that makes a difference in my opinion) yet we cage them, torture them (in the name of science) and turn our backs when they are killed and dumped like so much refuse. It has got to stop!

Rachel E.
Rachel E.5 years ago

I'm pleased on the result, it's awful how these animals are cruel.

jane d.
Sarah M5 years ago