Victory! South Korea’s Most Infamous Dog Meat Market Closes

Animal advocates who have been working to end the dog meat trade are celebrating a huge victory: South Korea’s largest dog meat market will no longer be able to butcher and slaughter dogs.

According to In Defense of Animals (IDA), which has campaigned tirelessly over the years to end the dog meat trade, the Moran Market is South Korea’s biggest livestock market, which sold up to 80,000 dogs a year.

moranmarket3Credit: In Defense of Animals

Conditions described there are horrifying, with cages crammed full of dogs who were farmed, lost surrendered or stolen, who are waiting for death. Even though it’s illegal to kill an animal in cruel ways, or to kill them in front of others of their kind who are watching, dogs were routinely electrocuted, hanged, boiled alive, beaten, strangled, blow torched and butchered at this market near their fellow canines.

The cruelty has been exposed by undercover investigations. An investigation by the city found widespread problems within the market that were causing residents to feel “disgust.”

moranmarket2Credit: In Defense of Animals

Now, however, it’s finally coming to an end. City officials in Seongnam have taken a stand against against this brutality by banning the slaughter of dogs, and have offered financial assistance to help vendors transition into other businesses.

“Starting off with the removal of slaughtering facilities and cages in the market, we will ultimately stop the dog meat trade in Moran Market,” Seongnam city official Kang Won-gu told The Korea Herald.

moranmarket4Credit: In Defense of Animals

Although there is concern that butchers will just move elsewhere and continue, the change is being hailed as a major milestone in the effort to end the dog meat trade.

“The closure of Korea’s most infamous dog meat market at Moran deals a significant blow to the heart of the dog meat trade,” said IDA’s President, Dr. Marilyn Kroplick. “We thank Seongnam city officials and Mayor, Jae Myung Lee, for taking a humane position. Moran market has run with the blood of hundreds of thousands of dogs for many years, so this is a step in the right direction in our fight to end the horrific dog meat trade.”

IDA, and other organizations working to change the future for dogs have vowed to remain vigilant to ensure the ban is enforced at Moran.

“Seongnam city took a big step toward changing the dog meat industry here,” Jang In-young, an official from the Korean Animal Welfare Association, told The Korea Herald. “But we will have to constantly monitor dog meat shops in the market (to see) if they really stop slaughtering dogs and change their business (after the agreement). The city government will also need to keep pushing the idea to ultimately ban the sales of dog meat here.”

While animal advocates are working towards ending this trade entirely, they’re also rescuing those they can. A number of organizations in the U.S., including IDA, have pulled dogs from this kind of nightmare and brought them to safety.

ida5Credit: In Defense of Animals

Seeing the ones who were rescued transform in new lives is a powerful reminder that dogs, and all the other animals who are needlessly slaughtered around the world every year, are sentient creatures whose lives matter.

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Lee M
Leanne M1 years ago

Well done and so happy to read this fantastic news after seeing all the disturbing pics of those unlucky ones that suffered with these monsters..good to see these rescued lucky dogs getting the love they desserved from day 1..well done to all the ones that worked hard to help these loving loyal clever dogs...

Jeramie D
Jeramie D2 years ago


Guy C
Guy C2 years ago

An important victory in this country where the mentalities are difficult to change. Thanks to organizations of defense of animals as IDA or Koreandogs and to the support of hundred of thousand animals activists who signed petitions.
The fight is not ended and there is some more of way to banish forever this horrific practice (see
Whatever is the cause, it proves that "unity is strength" and that the world and the mentalities can be changed. Congratulations to the City officials in Seongnam and its Mayor Lee Jae-Myung, who take the difficult decision by banning the slaughter of dogs and have offered financial assistance to help vendors into other business. It is the right way (to ban and to help)..
A beautiful example which will certainly be followed by other cities…

Samantha J
Samantha J2 years ago

GREAT news! :)

Marie W
Marie W2 years ago


Vikki Drew
Vikki Drew2 years ago

The hell-hole should never have been there to begin with; good riddance.
This is not "culture" it's sadistic animal abuse.

Tal H
Talya H2 years ago


Sureya Levy
Sureya Levy2 years ago

Un día esta pesadilla va a terminar, eso que hacen es un crimen, la vida debe ser respetada, los perros no son comida!!!

Melania P
Melania P2 years ago

Great! I hope to see this ended in my lifetime.

Mark D
Mark Donner2 years ago

Phillip W. No go away with that excuse of "culture" for CRIMINAL ACTS. Do you agree with Japan's "culture" of exterminating 20 million non Japs in WWII? Don't EVER use that excuse again for murdering sadistic monsters who need to be put in front of a firing squad for UNIVERSAL CRIMINAL ACTS. They cannot be pardoned with a fake "culture" excuse, they can only be punished to the fullest extent of justice for their crimes.