Video of the South African Shooting Emerges (Graphic Video)

Reuters videographer John “Dinky” Mkhize was present at last week’s violent shooting in South Africa near a huge platinum mine. Police opened fire on striking mine workers who had been posted near the mine for a full week on August 16. They opened fire with automatic weapons on a group of strikers running towards police vehicles. The shooting lasted for several seconds before one officer shouted out, “Cease fire!”

The incident has shocked the nation and the world after 34 people were killed and a further 78 people were injured. Mkhize’s video is one of the first to show the brutality of the moment and includes many graphic images of bloodshed and destruction. Mkhize commented on the experience as he saw it from just two or three yards away, at the back of the police line.

This could have ended peacefully but, you know, since these guys [the striking mine workers] have been camping there for quite a number of days you could clearly tell that this was going to be different because they were not prepared to do what they were told by the police. Instead, they made it very clear that they will listen to the mining management or their leaders but no one else.

After police arrived, they met the crowd of workers holding machetes and sticks. Mkhize described the tension of the scene, “One could see that with the build-up of the police that, you know, the police were not going to let this go.” Below is the video of the shooting. As a warning, Mkhize’s video is graphic and shows an up-close depiction of the shooting.

The videographer could not tell how the event became so volatile so quickly. He told producer Natalie Armstrong, “As to why this group were running towards the police line I definitely can’t say.” The graphic imagery is a reminder of the brutality of the moment, the kind of violence many commentators say they haven’t seen since apartheid.

President Jacob Zuma announced that a commission would investigate the violence of the last two weeks in order to establish the chain of events. Thursday was also a national day of mourning. A memorial service was held near the Lonmin-owned platinum mine and 1,000 people were reported to have attended it.

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Photo Credit: Police 2010 Ready!


Antonie De Vry
Antonie De Vry5 years ago

There is another tail to the story...... copy and paste .

Lisa D.
Lisa D5 years ago

Terrifying situation.. i think they handled it the best way they could think of at the time.. the miners were clearly running towards them to harm them.. in such a situation i cant think of any possible "Happy ending"
I hope they can find peace after this

Dresia Vaughn
Dresia Vaughn5 years ago

This is a very evil world we live in.

Lyneane Lewis
Lyneane Lewis5 years ago

Annatjie K. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME FOR YOUR COMMENTS, what the "world" didn't see.

Never mind a green star, you got a Gold star from me.

Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago


Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago


Annatjie Kruger
Annatjie Kruger5 years ago

All 34 miners who died when the Police opened fire last week were most likely involved in the brutal torture and killing van two policemen, two security guards and 6 other - innocent - people. One man was apparently torture and kill by the miners because he "asked to many questions". The miners were told by a sangoma, after they paid her thousands of rands, that she will make them bullet proof. The 4000 miners who stormed the 400 policemen responsible for keeping the peace were a crazed blood thirsty group of men. When they stormed the policemen line of defense they had murder on their minds. It was a case of kill or be killed for the policemen. Any person who think that the police acted wrong, are welcome to offer themselves for duty next time 4000 crazed blood thirsty miners decide to go on the rampage. It took the police 7 days of taunting and a charge by armed, crazed and blood thirsty mad men to open fire. And then they only open fire when they came under fire. In other words the miners fired first. The Policemen must be hanged? No I think they deserve medals, each and every one of them. Not for bravery, but for dedication and their willingness to protect the public not matter the odds. The same people who are now screaming for the policemen's blood is the people who would complain if the police do not protect them from a thieve or a robber and then they would wonder why the police did not kill the robber. Police all over the world has a thankless job, but i

Joseph Belisle
Joseph Belisle5 years ago

Once more, the common man in his struggle for a better and just world, is not only oppressed by those in power but is violently attacked by their own brothers and sisters in law enforcement.

.5 years ago

Every cop who fired on the protesters should be hung and those who gave the orders deserve a much slower more painful and violent death.

stacey G.
stacey Goncalves5 years ago

Antonie D i live in this so called democracy and you have most certainly summed it up perfectly. as for the muti i wouldn't be surprised they also believe raping babies or childeren (Virgins) cures AIDS hence the daily rape of our innocent childeren.