Vietnam Fines Airline for In-Flight Bikini Dance (Video)

Vietnamese officials were not happy with a budget airline after a flight to the popular coastal travel destination, Nha Trang, featured a prelude of bikini-clad beauty pageant contestants dancing down the isle. Officials fined the airline company almost $1,000 for the unsanctioned display, which took place on August 3, the BBC reports.

The budget airline, VietJet Air, had staged the five women to dance on the airplane in order to give the flight a “holiday atmosphere.” Apparently such a holiday atmosphere involves females clad in red bikini tops and sarongs dancing to a song with the lyrics “I’m crazy for banana” according to

Officials of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam concluded on Wednesday that the airline should be fined because the company had put on a show that violated local aviation regulations, not necessarily because of the type of show the airline produced. The movements choreographed in the dance were not, in themselves, particularly risque and all clothing remained on, but the women were put on display as objects of admiration and consumerism.

Several videos of the packed pre-flight show surfaced on the internet after passengers filmed the dance with their cell phones. Airline spokespeople maintain that all cell phones were on safe mode for the flight.

ABC News points out that the short 60-minute flight should naturally be a big tourist draw but that the budget airline was trying to retain customers with the stunt. One airline spokesperson claimed that the dancing women were there to, “make passengers happy and to improve our customer service.” This newest stunt is reminiscent of Korea Air commercials, which use the concept of attractive, enticing female flight attendants as products to draw customers in.

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Rhonda Bird
Rhonda B5 years ago

Good tip. I will avoid Airlines like this.

Valentina R.
Valentina R5 years ago

"Do you want a Vietnamese stripper with your Martini, sir?"

Karen Pyles
Karen p5 years ago

Good tip..Avoid all Airlines who practice this crap.

Juliet Defarge
judith sanders5 years ago

They actually look quite demure, by US standards.

Tracy S.
Tracy S5 years ago

Was the seat belt sign illuminated? If not, then a fine is not warranted.

Steve B.
Steve Burgert5 years ago

Wow when I was there in the 60's the Vietnamese were just begining to embrace the capitalist, Democratic "American way of life". They've come a long way Papason. Fine, don't think so!!

Mark McKendrick
Mark McKendrick5 years ago

Apart from the bikini's, there's nothing different about the way that airline conducts itself, vis a vis it's exploitation of women, than the way Pan Am blantantly exploited he female form. I think the author should spend a little time tending her own garden. Just saying.

Kathy C.
Kathy Crews5 years ago

I personally am not offended by this but I can certainly see why so many others might be. I am not so sure that an airline is an appropriate place for this to take place and I will also add that as a woman I too would agree that I am getting a tad tired of the one sided exposure of only the ladies out there....why is it that the men of the world are the only one's that get the pleasure of being entertained? Why is it that the women of the world can't be entertained every once in a while as well???? Just saying....

ROLF P5 years ago

The performers look quite happy entertaining the passengers, so why should anyone have a problem with this, you see more skin at the pool and the beach.

reece C.
reece C5 years ago

Good, they deserve a fine! It's bad enough that kids are running up and down the aisles when I fly, now I have to look at near naked women?
How about a pillow and a blanket instead of cheap sexist entertainment? I can get that watching Fox news.