“Vigilante” Shawna Forde Gets Death Penalty

Self-proclaimed “minuteman” Shawna Forde has been found guilty for the murder of Raul Flores and his daughter in 2009, and will now be facing the death penalty.

Via CNN:

Arizona jurors found an anti-illegal immigration activist — portrayed as the ringleader of a hit squad — should receive the death penalty for the killings of a Latino man and his 9-year-old daughter, a court spokeswoman said Tuesday.

The Pima County jury’s decision, which was unanimous, is binding.

If the jury had not voted for the death penalty, the judge would have decided whether Shawna Forde should have received life with a chance of parole after 35 years or life with no possibility of parole.

Forde was convicted February 14 on eight counts, including two counts of murder for the shooting deaths of Raul Flores and his daughter, Brisenia, and the attempted murder of the child’s mother, Gina Gonzales.

The vigilante attacks were in May 2009. The child and her father were American-born U.S. citizens but were targeted by Forde and her hit squad.

JusticeForShawna, a pro-Forde website that insists she is a political prisoner being attacked for being white and conservative, railed against the jury’s findings when the verdict came down last week.

There is a saying among jurists to the effect that we would rather see a hundred guilty men go free than allow a single innocent man to be falsely convicted.  The Tucson jury that convicted Forde is sending America a message:  when it comes to white conservatives, we would rather convict a hundred innocent people than let one guilty person go free. 

In America, accused murderers like Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and Black Panther Huey Newton, as well as O. J. Simpson, have been acquitted in cases where there was far more evidence of guilt than there was in the Shawna Forde case.  Newton and Simpson are black.  Ayers is white but hates America.  Forde is white and loves America.  That makes her a viable scapegoat in today’s politically correct atmosphere.

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Alan Bennett
Alan Bennett5 years ago

I'm very surprised by the results of the poll "Should Forde have received the death penalty?".Two thirds of the people who responded were for a death sentence. I had naively imagined Care2 was a forum for tolerant, liberal-leaning people, who opposed the death sentence.

Jim J.
Jim J.6 years ago

Shawna Forde, you will probably not read this comment i have left, but if you do! I HOPE YOU DIE A PAINFUL DEATH AND STEAM IN HELL!!!

Carole P.
Carole P7 years ago

Arizona is a hot mess.

Sara O.
Sara O7 years ago

Goodness - as if we need further proof of how violent and angry the atmosphere in Arizona has become.

Punishing a vigilante with capital punishment - how is that helping anything?

Relatedly, I'm trying to wrap my head around this statement: "when it comes to white conservatives, we would rather convict a hundred innocent people than let one guilty person go free."


Empress Ginger
Ginger Strivelli7 years ago


ewoud k.
ewoud k7 years ago

1) NO ONE deserves the death penalty. Death penalty should be abolished, as it is inhumane, unjust, outdated, expensive, not foulproof and I can go on like this for some time.

2) As Marty discribes this trial it looks more like a pamphlet against juror-trials: the public opinion judges.
In fact, this might be / looks to be true. Jurors tend to be influenced by tendencies in public opinion, which leads to unbalanced verdicts and unmotivated, or just slightly motivated death-sentences, or just the other way round, and people are unjustified set free.

But to call this lady a scapegoat....

Martha Pendino
Past Member 7 years ago

In certain cases I believe in the death penalty. For those who will continue to influence followers from their prison cells, for example if Hitler had been imprisoned, they should be executed. I do believe that for anyone who takes a life deliberately they should forfeit their own by being imprisoned for the rest of their lives. As far as the death penalty being cruel lethal injection is the easy way out like putting an animal down. Go to sleep and don't wake up. What is cruel about that? We should all die so peacefully and for those who are killed by this method it is probably more humane than they were to their victims.

Cory R.
Cory R.7 years ago

i believe the death penalty should be voluntary. Meaning the person must serve life in prison until they reach a point where they understand their crimes were wrong(and how wrong they were), AND they choose to go through with the punishment. (this should be comparable to informed consent when dealing with medical issues) It would be more like an honorable suicide in ancient greece

Sara M.
Renee A7 years ago


Annmari Lundin
Annmari L7 years ago

Trish K.: Who says she's gonna live for 60 years? Imagine what would happen when she meets the general prison population and they know she's the one that murdered a nine year old girl! I give her 60 seconds, at the most!