Vilsack Raises $400,000 to Defeat King

It’s going to be a longshot battle to unseat Tea Party Iowa Representative Steve King, who has become a near fixture in his conservative district.  But Democrats believe that if anyone can do it, it would be former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack.  Now, they are putting their money where their mouths are…literally.

The Vilsack campaign is reporting that they have raised $400,000 in donations during the fourth quarter, which means she will have nearly $750,000 cash on hand going into the election year.  ”The support Iowans from across the state have shown my campaign is truly humbling,” Vilsack wrote in an email to supporters.

Vilsack has already raised $1.15 million in her race to replace King, making her one of Politico’s “10 to Watch” for 2012.  King has yet to release his own fourth quarter fundraising numbers, although he did out raise her by $70,000 in the third quarter.

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Janice H.
Janice H.5 years ago

Pamela and Kimberly are totally RIGHT! I couldn't believe so many Dems were jumping back on the Vilsack train after we were viciously let down by his approval of the poison giant Monsanto! Marrianne C., I hope you educate yourself on Monsanto real soon, seriously. Monsasnto is BANNED in Hungary, Germany and Ireland and should have been here long ago, but too many people have let money run our country for too long.

We need to replace King, but not with a Monsanto buddy!

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Thank you for the article. Certainly hope she can do it.

Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W6 years ago

Marianne C. - I generally have great admiration for the vast majority of your comments, but you're either buying the BS or not informed as to Monsanto if you do not see them as evil.
Are you aware of what they've done in Central America, South America, the Middle East and India? What they do to small-time farmers around here?
They are an entity that lies outright, attacks the smallest slight, pays huge sums to lobbyists, spray poison and call it a shower, etc.
And European medical studies have shown the harm those crops do to lab animals.
There are better ways to combat the difficulties of farming, such as at the very least, grow what's appropriate for the land and climate and stop trying to change biosystems all over the place.
Hybriding is natural, combining genes of differing species for our consumption is not.

Believe me, I've been reading you for months and I absolutely HATE telling you these things . . . .

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago


Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

Republicans raised alot of outside money in Ohio and it did them no Money only works when the people are not paying attention.

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence6 years ago

Get rid of the tea-bagger ...

Marianne C.
Marianne C6 years ago

Finishing that thought:

If you think all natural is healthier, I suggest you get a hoe and start a garden. Just don't be surprised when you bit into a nice juicy worm or a huge bug. Or when the neighbors complain bout the smell of what you're shoveling around your food supply.

Marianne C.
Marianne C6 years ago

Since Vilsack is from a farm state, it should be no big surprise that he pro-agriculture.

The only thing I strongly disagree with Tom Vilsack over was his view of abortion. He was abandoned as a baby, then adopted. He always seemed to believe that he would have been an abortion if his mother had had that option. Even though she technically DID have that option, and for some reason didn't use it.

Monsanto's agricultural chemicals aren't evil, you know. They keep the fields clean of insect and weed infestation, and make farming more productive. Which in turn keeps food plentiful and the cost of food down.

The idea of "chemical free" farming just means a return to the days when you got as many worms as seeds in an apple, as many weevils as oats, and as much insect infestation as nutrition in every bite of food you ate. And what would you rather use as fertilizer: fish heads, or cow manure? Is that really more appetizing than getting the same chemicals in a refined, carefully balanced, and sanitized form?

Neither is genetically engineered grain inherently evil. Creating more drought resistant, insect resistant, and productive seeds is more a matter of cross breeding for superior characteristics than of Frankensteinian lab experiments. We wouldn't have nectarines if not for genetic engineering. Nor, in fact, would we actually have the modern grains we know as corn and rice -- we've been cross-pollinating grains and fruits since agriculture began.

If you think a

Pamela D.
Pamela D6 years ago

Wait, WHAT? She is the wife of Tom Vilsack. One could reasonably expect them to be, if not on the same exact page, at least in the same book. He is 100% PRO Monsanto and 100% PRO removing every right we ever *thought* we had to have access to healthy food. Anybody who has routinely flown in Monsanto's jet is DEEP up into Monsanto and does not give a fat rat's butt about the People they poison/starve or farmers they ruin or land they destroy or heritage crops they eliminate from the planet forever. The LAST thing anybody needs in politics is TWO Vilsacks. You can bet the farm (pun intended) that there's a money trail between Monsanto and her campaign, however cleverly disguised it may be, if they even bothered to disguise it at all. What we need to do is figure out how to get rid of the one at the USDA schlepping for Monsanto, not set up another bought and paid for puppet for them.

Seriously, people, do your homework on candidates before you blindly accept them just because you don't like the incumbent or their opponent.

Marianne C.
Marianne C6 years ago

I always liked Christie. I liked both of the Vilsacks. Tom was a good governor, and Christie has always seemed to be an excellent lady: smart, competent, capable, personable, and decent -- the kind of person who SHOULD be in politics.

Steve King, on the other hand, is an openly and unrepentantly stupid, regressive, spitefully vicious, agenda-driven ideologue who would rather argue that it's not raining than open his umbrella. He should never have been in political office even at the local level. The man supports child abuse, for crying out loud!

Yes, I have met them both. I have had conversations with them both -- inasmuch as anybody can actually have a conversation with Steve King, that is. The man is a just a pompous, self-important, arrogant, ignorant, duplicitous, mean-spirited, self-inflated bag of hot air mostly derived from intestinal vapors.