Violence Shatters Ceasefire In Sudan

Days after the results of the election to determine whether South Sudan would secede, violence exploded in the region, serving as a powerful reminder that although the independence referendum was a big step forward, the world can’t afford to take its eyes off Sudan.  Forces loyal to George Athor, a former high-ranking southern army official who had previously rebelled against the southern government but signed a ceasefire last month, attacked two towns, killing over 100 people.

Athor ran for governor in the populous southern Jonglei state last spring, and after losing, rebelled against the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), the southern forces.  He signed the ceasefire five days before the election, and many hoped that the south would be a much more peaceful place as a result.

“We were preparing for peace and we don’t know why he is waging war at the time when war has ended in Sudan,” Philip Aguer, the SPLA’s spokesman, said. “Meanwhile we still maintain the spirit of reconciliation because the amnesty is still holding. So if Athor stops fighting we will welcome him for reconciliation.”

Doctors treating the injured people say that they’re mostly dealing with gunshot wounds.  Of the people who were killed, 39 were civilians, 24 were southern police, and the rest were rebels.

The violence is sobering, particularly in the context of south Sudan’s joy over its peaceful election process.  U.N. officials say that they’re particularly concerned about civilian casualties, as they should be.  They’re urging an immediate end to the attacks and say that they have reached out to both sides.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


Carmen Bouwhuis Jansen

It's verry sad !

Ernie Miller
william Miller7 years ago

Lets hope that the people can find a way to move forward and the armies stop trying to control the populace by force.

John E.
John E7 years ago

* Namaa A. says
* Feb 12, 2011 8:49 AM
"Southern Sudan has a mighty army" and
"the Sudanese Liberation Movement Army is now the Mightiest Army in the whole of Sudan"

If this is true, then the SPLA should not take long to remove this menace from Southern Sudan.

A question .....
Just who was it who was murdering the citizens of Darfur?

Ramanie De Zoysa
Ramanie De Zoysa7 years ago

..... over again! What a merry-go-round!!!

Ramanie De Zoysa
Ramanie De Zoysa7 years ago

This I believe is not a black and white matter of 'bad' Muslims doing it again to the 'good' Christians! People who accuse Muslims of war mongering haven't forgotten the Holy Wars- have they? We all have skeletons in our closets!

I believe this is an all too common product of the 'peace brokering' industry. War is big business (as the big countries that are exporters of arms know only too well- and so is the 'peace industry' that goes hand in hand with the arms trade. Think the peace negotiators like Norway, they are the top arms exporters as well as biggest 'peace facilitators'! They even hand out the Nobel prize for peace to people! Really makes sense ha?

It goes like this- You sell arms to Africa Asia and make money- round 1. Then, when the arms are in action, you send the peace brokers in to start 'talking (a la 'peace negotiations')- round 2. Then you broker (read ram down down the throat) a 'peace deal' by twisting someone's arm very hard; break up someone else's country ; give the oil rich half to your favorite group of terrorists to ensure your access to the goodies- round 3. Gee, now you can't lose- oil comes pouring, money finds its way to your bank vaults; you laugh all the way to the Bank! Then, when the 'peace deal' falls through because the majority are unhappy about the loss of a 'piece' of their wealth, resources/ geographical area - just blame it all all on the already demonised party (Northern Muslims in this case) and we start from round one all ove

Madeline KM
Madeline KM7 years ago

Sound Mind, you are sick. There are problems everywhere, nuking the world won't solve problems. Truly a filthy comment.

I don't even know what to say abut the rest of the idiotic comments here. Some people are just too incredibly stupid for belief. To think that you can speak about all people in a place being the same because they are all in the same place is just a fallacy.

Julie W.
Julie W7 years ago

We knew it was not going to be easy - big changes never are.

Susan S.
Susan S7 years ago

I pray for peace in this troubled region.

Namaa A.
Namaa AL-Mahdi7 years ago

Southern Sudan needs to employ effective disarmament to end this blood shed in Southern Sudan, the only way it can do so is by curbing the government's expenditure on arms and concentrating on the tasks at hand, education and livelihood skills for ex- combatants, Southern Sudan for 20 years has only known war and conflict, the gun is the only tool many have to protect themselves and make a living as an army member, this tool needs to be replaced if any form of peace is to be maintained in Sudan.

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M7 years ago

Thanks for the article Amelia. I pray that this is not a sign of what could turn into an even worse situation.
Good Luck to the Nation of Southern Sudan in getting their well deserved freedom and democracy!