Climate Activists Blow Up Deniers In Shocking Viral Video

British activists have blown the lid off the climate debate with a shocking video that shows climate doubters, including schoolkids, being blown up into bloody bits on screen.

10:10, the climate group responsible for the video, is promoting a global campaign to cut carbon emissions by 10 percent a year, starting in the year 2010.

During the 3+ minute clip (featured below) those who seem to doubt global warming are first told there is “no pressure” to participate in the campaign. But seconds later, they are literally blown up by teachers, coaches, and colleagues who disapprove of their lack of enthusiasm.

Is this clever viral marketing or an offensive misrepresentation of efforts to get people involved in the fight against climate change?

Climate change activists that have been gearing up for the (completely unrelated) 10/10/10 event sponsored by are apalled at the video, saying it strengthens the perception that environmentalists are judgemental and ruthless.

“It’s the kind of stupidity that really hurts our side, reinforcing in people’s minds a series of preconceived notions, not the least of which is that we’re out-of-control elitists. Not to mention crazy, and also with a completely misplaced sense of humor,” Bill McKibben, founder of, wrote on Grist.

Despite the backlash, the creators of the video are unapologetic.

From the 10:10 Global website:

“We wanted to find a way to bring this critical issue back into the headlines whilst making people laugh. We were therefore delighted when Britain’s leading comedy writer, Richard Curtis – writer of Blackadder, Four Weddings, Notting Hill and many others – agreed to write a short film for the 10:10 campaign. Many people found the resulting film extremely funny, but unfortunately some didn’t and we sincerely apologise to anybody we have offended.

“As a result of these concerns we’ve taken it off our website. We won’t be making any attempt to censor or remove other versions currently in circulation on the internet.”

Is the video genius or gross? Watch it below and share your thoughts in a comment.

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Loreto V.
Loreto V7 years ago

Wow, this is a strong bloody message! However, if you do not agree, do not worry, it is your choice!...

Wobbley Picklet
Wobbley Picklet7 years ago

I had assumed the video was from climate change deniers, trying to give the other side a bad name. That's how it works

Flora Wellbeloved

Found this quite funny, but then I am British! Sick minded people, according to the comments! However I do not think it was a good way to get an important message across, people are more likely to remember the blood and guts than any serious message. There are, I'm sure, better ways to get across the message that the earth needs our help

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

messy at least..........does show frustration about the issue.

Jorge K.
Gorgi T8 years ago

Yes is poor tast but is funny its show all different exterior tipes in society an the shocking killing is a frustrated reaccion on how late we are from having safe this planet fauna and flora ,its desapear every minute in front our eyes...Is a shocking reality...

Angela Cross
Angela Cross8 years ago

Incredibly poor taste. I doubt that this will convert any of the doubters - only make them scream louder about the "radical" ideas touted by the global warming camp.

Marcie Hutch
Marcie Hutch8 years ago

WOW I think straight jackets are in order here. both for the people who think the world doesn't need a change,as well as for the ones who made this video. I would like to build a magnetic generator personally so don't blow me up. However I think we should blow up people who advicate violence. LOL

Jeffrey M.
Jeffrey M8 years ago

Love it. Way to go, Richard Curtis!

I single-handedly turned my entire block onto recycling in Singapore. What have you done, folks?

Klaus P.
Klaus Peters8 years ago

This is totally stupid. Facts and education are a better proposition.

Dave Tohunga
Dave te tohunga8 years ago

Unfortunately the whole carbon emmissions scheme is a scam that will allow polluters to continue buy 'buying' the right to for which they can claim tax exemptions.
The whole business deals only with symptoms not causes
and therefore is guaranteed to fail.
It's the old 'doing nothing while appearing to do something.
Likewise the recommended 'low energy lights' are a toxic nightmare!
We could use solar or wind powered LEDs that last far longer, are less toxic and cosume a tiy fraction of the energy used by the flouros.
But that is not even presented as an option, nor is the idea of enjoying subdued lighting or sleeping thru darkness the way we evolved to.
Alternative planet destroying technologies do not a viable alternative make.
The vested interests backing this whole process know this,
they are cynical and ruthless exploiters who are by and large the ones behind all of the problems, the owners of the nuclear power stations and mines, oil companies, arms manufacturers etc and this is window dressing designed to fool the easily fooled masses upon whom they are parasites.
And they feed the children these lies, just as the children are fed the Santa lies, the Easter Bunny lies and the Truth and Justice lies when it's all about control and exploitation.
What a farce!
You think i am cynical?
That is true, i am cynical, because i am well informed.
Because i have a brain that works and can do the research and can extrapolate the consequences of what is being implemente