Virginia Voters Don’t Like GOP Attacks On Women’s Rights

Virginia voters are not happy. And with good reason.

As it turns out, Virginians are not that pleased with the legislative priorities pushed by Republicans. According to the Christopher Newport University/Richmond Times-Dispatch 55% of registered voters oppose both the transvaginal ultrasound bill and the personhood bill while only 36% support them.

And the more they hear about these bills the less they like them. Let’s start with H.B. 462, the transvaginal ultrasound bill. This bill would require every woman having an abortion undergo an ultrasound, have the chance to view the picture and hear a heartbeat. The bill doesn’t specify a transvaginal ultrasound be performed, as opposed to a traditional ultrasound, but it doesn’t have to. More than 80% of abortions occur in the first trimester and embryos in that first trimester are too small to either see or hear a heartbeat on a typical external ultrasound. Therefore, in order to comply with the law, doctors must probe a woman vaginally to get the mandated images and sound. The law makes no exceptions for rape survivors nor does it exempt women having a medication abortion in the first nine weeks of pregnancy. Mandatory ultrasounds are before 22 weeks are not standard medical procedure, nor are they cheap. And since Virginia Republicans are also attacking Medicaid funding for reproductive health services, this last point is an important one.

It gets worse. The law requires the doctor to mark on the woman’s medical record whether or not she chose to look at the picture, further underscoring that this is a woman-shaming bill and nothing less.

H.B.1 would declare life and legal personhood begin “at conception” and require Virginia grant fertilized eggs all of the rights privileges and immunities persons currently hold under Virginia law. Voters in Mississippi rejected a similar measure but that hasn’t stopped Personhood USA from continuing to push these measures state-by-state as part of a strategy to criminalize most forms of birth control and square off for a showdown over Roe v. Wade.

In response throngs of protesters gathered outside the Virginia state capitol in silent protest of the bill and it worked–at least in the short-term. The House was set to vote on the ultrasound bill today but postponed the vote for at least a day. Meanwhile women’s health supporters plan a day of action for Thursday, February 23 to continue the battle against these anti-woman measures.

If Virginia voters are so strongly opposed to these bills, it begs the question of whose interests Republican legislators are serving in pushing them. Surely it’s not the interests of over half of registered voters, and it is most definitely not the interests of Virginia women either.

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Susan T.
Susan Thompson T4 years ago

You all go sistas!

Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

The female deserve respect like the male

Beth K.
.5 years ago

Annmari, don't forget they should be able to drive in the car pool lane.

I'm surprised Lydia's dove of love, hasn't croaked by now.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

If Virginia pass this legislation I urge all women to register their fertilized eggs as insurance holders, sign up for pre-school, open a bank account and whatever else real persons can do. If that's not possible, then the whole law must go. Or, save yourselves some time and vote out these repukes!

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

Lydia, you sound like you could use some serious psychiatric counseling. And by the way, mind your own business. Women can decide for themselves on their reproduction decisions. But thanks anyway. You might want to adopt a few unwanted children in foster homes, or cold unloving facilities. Let us know how many you have helped.

Darryll Green
Darryll Green6 years ago

Ladies and gentilmen, if these laws offend you, which from what little i am reading, they should, start a petition and get about 1 million signatures, which you should have no problem doing and force a public vote on this issue and let your state government feel the power of your will on this matter

Heather G.
Heather G6 years ago

Lydia, you're not pro-life, you're just anti-woman. You shouldn't use big words like "rape" until you really understand what they mean.

Sarah Sertic
Sarah Sertic6 years ago

okay seems as if it cut off the second part of my comment.

There is a larger problem at hand with dealing with Republicans who have a great disdain for women and our right to choose. As a woman my personal view is that even with the larger compromises to this bill it still comes up short. I say that we should kill the bill. It is still forcing a woman to have a non medically necessary procedure to shame her into not obtaining an abortion. This sort of thing is rampant here in Virginia first with this bill and next with the aborton and contraception limiting "Personhood" bill that was introduced this month as well. Republicans seem fit to be able to demand that a woman has no right over her body.

Yet as we all know trying to legislate away people's rights usually always seems to backfire. If anything it will just mean that women will go through other means to obtain abortions,. we have seen this since the beginning of recorded history first even depicted with the ancient Egyptians. There were examples of women obtaining illegal abortions before Roe Vs Wade.

I am fully pro choice, yet I think we can all agree that we want an end to abortion. Though that being said both sides have a ways of h, though through very different means. Every child should be health, happy, and wanted. In essence what these so called pro lifers are trying to do is not save or help a child but to force their personal views of morality on women. This is wrong at it's very core, and I think that

Sarah Sertic
Sarah Sertic6 years ago

@Joan Q. I am disgusted at you for even saying such a thing. I am an artist over at the Workhouse Art Center and am proud by the move that Fairfax made to create jobs and retain an ounce of artistic support for people whose life and work it is to show beauty and artistic creativity to the rest of Fairfax county, Northern Virginia and Virginia as a whole.

There is a larger problem at hand; there are people like Joan who do not value the arts as a vital part of the community. If it wasn't for the push by the Lorton Historical Society and the Lorton Arts Foundation these buildings would have not been even used for aforementioned apartments they would have just razed these buildings and generations of Virginian's would have forgotten what the Workhouse actually was and what happened there. Like what is happening with the mismanagement of the second set of buildings for the former Reformatory all development companies want to do is raze these wonderful historic buildings to the ground and leave nothing for Virginian's to remember our history by but a few memorial plaques and no physical reminder of Virginia history at all.

I have lived in Northern Virginia for almost the past 17 years now and I never even learned about this place in school until I got a studio at Workhouse Arts Center. There is such a rich history to this place that would have been completely forgotten and thrown away if not for the lobbying done by those two organizations. Do we want to forget about the

New G.
W. C6 years ago

Thank you.