Voices of the Beck Rally with Thanks to New Left TV : VIDEO

Do we really understand the Tea Party/Glenn Beck followers?  This set of interviews by New Left Media is a very revealing portrayal of many of them.  The interviews were conducted respectfully although we don’t know what the people said who aren’t in this set of interviews.  Even so, it’s well worth 13 minutes.  

What did you think?

by Emil Kepko via Flickr/Creative Commons
from New Left Media


Julie F.
Julie F7 years ago

totally insane.

Garret McCarty
Garret McCarty7 years ago

i do not like glenn beck

Past Member 7 years ago

When Stupid People don’t Know that They are Stupid: Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally and the Dunning-Kruger Effect


Scott K.
Scott K.7 years ago

It's very sad to see people believeing this empty rhetoric. These attitudes will do nothing but continue to divide this country. How can you take back a free society through ignorance and prejudice?

Vicki O.
Vicki oneill7 years ago

I think Glen Becks Take Back America was a huge success.
It shows how many Americans are true patriots. More than 500,00
turned out and there are many more Americans like myself and
my friends who unfortunately couldn't make it. His message is loud
and clear and people of all color should listen up. It's not about
the color of your skin its about who you are as an individual and
restoring honor in our country. Our government has started a racial conflict by calling it racial profiling to protect our borders.
They want us to be afraid of terrorism as it is mentioned every day on the news but they will not protect our borders. Other countries
including Mexico, a person must need a passport to cross the borders. I think our country is turning communist and favoring the
Muslums. Any religion that it's ok to kill and mame people is not a
religion that I want to have in my neighborhood. We need to stay
together and stand proud for who we are and our ancestors who fought for our freedom! God Bless America! And God Bless
Glenn Beck for bringing us together ! I wish he would run for

MarLeah M.
Jodi Moreno7 years ago

Christina B.,

Your question made me curious, so I looked it up. There are approximately 6000 churches, meeting areas and Community Centers of Christian persuasion within the New York City area. There are 1000 Synagogues and only 100 Mosques. And the sad part is, is that these people don't understand that the COMMUNITY CENTER was already there - they are simply making improvements to the current building. Sad, uninformed people, huh?!?! Sad! Sad!

Julie T.
Julie Thacker7 years ago

Looks like a new movie, call it THE KLAN & NEO-NAZIS GO TO WASHINGTON. They want to "take back America", yeah, they want to take it back all right, all the way to the antebellum South, and further. The slaveowners don't like being without their slaves. (However, they can still convince their fat redneck dumbed-down women to be slaves to them.) They said "… People don't have pride in America anymore." What's to have pride about when those ignorant fools supported Bush and Cheney crimes like the ILLEGAL Iraq war? They supported the blood-red republican Bushites on every issue. (The list of crimes would be too long to write here.) They wear T shirts with "God" on them but they go around wanting to kill anyone who is not them, or anyone who resists their ignorant war-loving racism. They conveniently forget all about Thou shalt not kill, when it comes to promoting their perpetual wars. What would Jesus do? Who would Jesus hate? What army would Jesus kill for? Who would Jesus start a war with? How come no Tea Party fools were out there protesting when BP destroyed the Gulf? Oh, but that would mean protesting their own people. To the dumbed-down sheep under the Glenn Beck spell: Beware of false prophets. I have to say for myself: Dear God please protect me from your followers, protect me from those who have been Becked.

suheyla c.
S├╝heyla C7 years ago

Thank you for sharing with us.

Julia C.
Julia C7 years ago

Sadly, it's exactly what I expected. So many misconceptions and unfounded rhetoric...I can't find the words to express the disappointment I have in the mentality of those who were interviewed.

"I'm an American and I have a right to free speech."
Well, yes, that's true. But, you also have a responsibility, as a voter, to seek the truth and make an informed decision based on credible information. You don't even know that you be embarrassed.

"I learned all I need to know about Islam on 9/11."
No, you didn't and it's obvious. Turn the tables for a minute: the radical terrorists that caused 9/11 have that exact same mentality about us, because they don't care to know who we are. What makes you any different from them, in that respect?

"All I know is what my sister tells me."
It's obvious. Enough said.

I must say, however, that the interviewer deserves many green stars, to have kept such an even temperament amidst such...such...complete ignorance.

What if the reasonable people in this country presented a public challenge to these folks, to research what they hear on FOX News against legitimate sources? We could even supply them with a list of sources, to speed things along. I mean, we really don't have another 20 years for them to try to figure out what a credible source is, then actually try to find one (if they could do it in 20).

Yep, I'm completely disgusted but not at all surprised.

Lizbeth Simpson
Liz Simpson7 years ago

I couldn't do it - sorry, could only stomach about 3 minutes. The new Dark Ages could be upon us any time now. I am stupified at how spineless some people are and can be so bloody lazy about forming informed opinions. I suppose it's so much easier to be spoonfed deliberate lies.