Volkswagen Invests $1.45 Billion In Offshore Wind Farms


Europe’s largest automaker recently announced that it would throw it’s financial weight behind two offshore wind projects in the North Sea.

According to multiple news outlets, Volkswagen will invest almost one billion euros in renewable energy over the next two years, with particular focus on a German wind power project that is expected to have a generating capacity of 200 megawatts, or about as much as 275,000 German households consume in a year.

The company in talks with four companies in the energy sector, with an eye towards choosing a partner by the end of the year, the Financial Times Deutschland said, citing a source close to the matter.

According to Triple Pundit’s Leon Kaye, the massive investment accomplishes two objectives:  to help the car manufacturer meet its renewable energy goals for 2020 as well as give a boost to Germany’s flagging wind power sector.

In recent years, Germany’s solar industry has flourished, reaching a total power output of 12.1 GW earlier this year. And although the country’s offshore wind projects are promising, previous attempts have floundered because investor concerns about risk.

In May, the German environment minister announced that Germany will shut down all of the country’s nuclear power plants by the year 2022. And with U.S. companies beginning to buy up some of the other available wind projects in the area, it would seem that Volkswagen felt it was time to do its part to help secure Germany’s energy future.

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Image Credit: Flickr – phault


Xil Lidom
Xil L6 years ago

hmmmm..not sure about this. The north sea is about the only safe seabird migration area left, but obviously we wont see the massacre...
With less birds were gonna have alot more insects...and less birdsong. Natural balace is crucial.They have to work on the bird loss....

Sharon Cassidy
Sharon Cassidy6 years ago

Some more good news.

Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado6 years ago

Very good model to emulate.

James H.
James Hager6 years ago

now just to get the rest to do this

Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan6 years ago

Right on VW. By the way could you go back to the old style of the Bug. I would by one in a heartbeat, mainly the van or camper.

Matthew Lunsford
Matthew Lunsford6 years ago

I'm glad Volkswagen is taking the initiative to invest in Green energy. I may even by a Volkswagen car now :)

Empress Ginger
Ginger Strivelli6 years ago

That is great news. They also donate to disabled artists thru their VSA contests, My son was one of their winners a few years I think highly of them.

Wioletta S.
Wioletta S6 years ago

wake up people

pete M.
peter m6 years ago

The greedy nuclear industry in the U.S.A. & oil Companies will try to defeatr progress in the U.S.A. they already have.
Good luck to Germany.
Beat the nukes show the world it can be done with German determination!

Monica D.
Monica D6 years ago

I wonder what effect this might have on marine life. Just read a New Scientist article saying that even offshore wind farms could be a problem for their balance/movement apparatus, I suppose depending on the circumstances.