Voter Fraud? Steve Bannon, Steven Mnuchin and Tiffany Trump All Registered to Vote in Two States

On January 25, Donald Trump issued (via Twitter, of course) a declaration to crack down on “VOTER FRAUD, including those who are registered to vote in two states.”

So it’s fascinating to discover that Steve Bannon, senior advisor to the President, is registered to vote in both New York and Florida, while Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s nominee to head the Treasury Department, can cast his ballot in New York and California. Oh, and Tiffany Trump also has two voting places: New York and Pennsylvania.

It’s important to note that being registered to vote in two locations is not electoral fraud unless these U.S. citizens actually vote in two different states. Yet Trump seemed to suggest an “alternative fact” that being registered to vote in two different states is voter fraud. 

The President went on to write that his VOTER FRAUD included, ”those who are illegal and … even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!”

It was at a private reception with congressional leaders on January 23 that Trump insisted on his unsubstantiated claims that between 3 million and 5 million ballots were cast illegally in the election, and that’s why Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival, won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million votes.

 Neither Trump nor his aides have come up with a single fact to back up his claim, so why is he pursuing an investigation?

Trump Has Been Stewing About His Popular-Vote Count

“A Trump adviser told The Washington Post on Wednesday that Trump has been stewing about his popular-vote count for weeks and insisting to friends that Clinton benefited from illegal votes in Democratic-leaning states such as California,” reports The Washington Post.

In fact, an investigation of the 2016 elections have produced just four cases of voter fraud so far. And the idea of voter fraud has been debunked numerous times in the past. This is just another conspiracy theory.

Voter Fraud Almost Never Happens

 The reality is that voter fraud almost never happens. According to The Washington Post:

“One researcher conducted a comprehensive investigation of elections from 2000 to 2014 and was able to find only 31 credible allegations of voter impersonation in the entire country, during a period where over a billion votes were cast.”

Justin Levitt of Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, conducted this investigation and found that some of those cases may have been because of clerical errors. He also found that the rate of voter impersonation is approximately one instance out of every 32 million ballots cast.

There have been only a few federal investigations of fraud. The George W. Bush administration conducted one over a five-year period, which “turned up virtually no evidence” of organized fraud, according to The New York Times, and instead led to resignations and further investigations for the Department of Justice.

Iowa’s Republican Secretary of State investigated voter fraud in 2014, resulting in 27 criminal charges, of which several were related to mistakes or voting rules being misunderstood.

The list goes on and on.

And let’s not forget that “Republicans have used claims of widespread voter fraud to discriminate and restrict access to the ballot box for years,” according to Democratic U.S. Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina.

Republicans and Democrats Alike Dismiss Trumps Claims

Lawmakers from both major parties see no validity in Trump’s claims.

The vast majority of those in Trump’s party share the view of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who told reporters on January 24 that he had “seen no evidence” to embrace Trump’s version of the election.

Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke at a news conference on January 25, and was perplexed why Trump is “so insecure.” “To suggest and to undermine the integrity of our voter system is really strange,” Pelosi said. “… On top of it, he wants to investigate something that can clearly be proven to be false, but he resists investigations of a Russian disruption of our election and any connection to his campaign. All we want is the truth for the American people.”

A Dangerous Attack On Democracy

This might be funny, if it were not so dangerous. We may well scoff at Trump for being so insecure, with his false assertion that millions of people voted illegally on November 8, but the fact is that he is the U.S. President, and what he is doing is dangerous. 

Trump is displaying the traits of an authoritarian leader who seeks to undermine democracy by casting doubt on anyone or any information that he feels could challenge his authority or threaten his legitimacy. The  “dishonest media” and the “phony polls” go right along with the assertions of “VOTER FRAUD.”

Photo Credit: By Don Irvine (Steve Bannon) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Siyus C
Siyus Copetallus2 years ago

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Marie W
Marie W2 years ago

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heather g
heather g2 years ago

All I want to say is that I've already had enough of that orange face. It does work for him - he has a deathly palour without it....

Marianne C
Marianne C2 years ago

Regus --

Also typical of his kind -- he saw what was apparently a typo in a headline and believes THAT to be incontrovertible fact even though it fails to match the article under it.

Headline writers are the bane of journalists everywhere. They rarely actually read a story before slugging it and sending it to the hopper. They just sort of glance through it and pick out a couple of key words. It isn't unusual for a headline writer to slug a story with a headline that completely contradicts the facts in the story.

But the headline SOUNDS worse -- that makes trolls love it. (So maybe not an accidental typo. Maybe clickbait.) The article on its own only suggests that 32 ballots were cast in the names of the same dead people in various elections. 32 per election ONLY IF all names "voted" in all the same elections.

I've often said that Dan argues in circles in the hope of not being cornered by facts. He just proved me right again!

Regus Slantei
Regus Slantei2 years ago

......."He probably thinks nobody noticed how he "subtly" changed his story and his reference when he couldn't support the numbers he was posting."

It ALWAYS happens, Marianne. Always. Its like the rising and setting of the sun. He talks himself into a logical circle of inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and then ends his input by chanting hypocritical catechisms.

I'll give him this -- he has made a few isolated accurate statements in the past, and so he is apparently no worse than a non-functioning clock.

All he can act as 'apologist' for the Bronze-Hued Turd.

The stupidity of it all is truly stunning.

Regus Slantei
Regus Slantei2 years ago

waiting for it....
its bound to come...
any time now..............

THERE IT IS!!!!........just as expected!

After being crushed with undeniable facts and analysis, Danny-boy **ALWAYS** succumbs to that core behavioral dysfunction which he shares with all his rightwing brethren:

He ends by telling Marriane: "Sigh. I give up. You are going to believe what you want regardless."

Has there been a more accurate autobiographical statement EVER uttered!!!!????

These idiots actually rely on HYPOCRISY as a core element in their intellectual approach to the world. It is well beyond a simple "dysfunction"; I believe it bespeaks some sort of genetic flaw.

Marianne C
Marianne C2 years ago

Dan B --

Sign all you want. Just stop clinging to an error. Even the CBS site does not support the mistake in the headline.

Maybe other reports will word the issue so you can better understand it.

From KQED News -

"David Goldstein - an investigative reporter with CBS2/KCAL9 in Los Angeles - found 265 deceased voters still on the rolls in five Southern California counties -- including Los Angeles, and 32 of them had cast ballots in eight elections after they died."

From Carbonated TV -

"The LA County Registrar said they saw that 265 dead people ARE STILL ELIGIBLE to vote in the 2016 presidential election."

From Lawest Media -

"Across all counties, Goldstein uncovered 32 dead voters who cast ballots
in eight elections apiece, including a woman who died in 1988. Records show
she somehow voted in 2014, 26 years after her death, CBS2 reported."

265 names still on the rolls.

Votes cast under 32 of them.

Dan Blossfeld
Dan Blossfeld2 years ago

Sigh. I give up. You are going to believe what you want regardless.

Marianne C
Marianne C2 years ago

Dan B:

No, they found 265 OSTENSIBLY dead voters on the ROLLS. Just having their names there does not mean they voted.

he votes the story uncovered came from 32 names that they say voted in 8 elections each. That would be 156 VOTES. From 2014 and before.

NO votes from the primary were involved in the original story because the story was in MAY and the primary was not until JUNE.

I found the 12 votes from the primary from the Los Angeles County Clerk.

The story in OCTOBER merely REFERENCED the story from May -- incorrectly.

And yes I do think that a rate of 0.0000025 is pretty damned low. I think 11 people died in the small county I live in after having sent in their absentee ballots. I would have expected MORE deaths in a county in which 1200 - 2 thousand voters are removed from the rolls every month due to having died.

The story simply did not specify any 21 additional votes. Period.