Walker Drastically Outspends Barrett But Race Is Still Nearly Tied

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may be fighting for his political life in the June 5th recall, but at least he has a heavy arsenal to help him out.

Recent reports show that Walker has outspent his opponent, Democrat Tom Barrett, three to one when it comes to television advertising.  The Hotline writes, “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican allies have outspent Democrat Tom Barrett and supportive groups more than 3-1 on TV ad buys during the three months leading up to the June 5 recall election, according to a Hotline On Call analysis. Walker’s campaign, which has raised a record $25 million+ for the recall campaign, spent over $7 million for TV buys from March 20 through Election Day, according to a source tracking ad buys in the state.”

Part of the inequality in spending comes from the fact that there was no candidate until the recent primary, where as Walker has been defending himself on the air for months.  But another factor has been the DNC’s unwillingness to provide support or otherwise engage on the behalf of Barrett until very recently.

President Barack Obama has remained distant in the political arena in Wisconsin, too, at least when it comes to active campaigning on the Democrat’s behalf. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports, “The Obama forces are pitching in with voter turnout and fund-raising appeals. But the President has avoided taking a vocal role in the conflict, and there is little expectation of an Obama visit to Wisconsin in the homestretch of the campaign. Whether Obama will be speaking out about the race in the coming days or sending top surrogates here is still unknown.”

But even without the more active support that the Republican party is providing Walker, Barrett continues to keep up with the incumbent. A new internal poll now has Barrett trailing Walker by just two points.


Photo credit: Wikimedia commons


Barbara V.
Barbara V5 years ago

I confess I'm shocked out of my shoes that this hunk of human garbage would run for anything, including dog catcher. Another Repug money boy out to kill the average citizen. I cannot understand how he could be anywhere "close" to his opponent, but then there's a lot of stupid voters out there.

Don H.
Don H5 years ago

Shelley B, propaganda works. It's just a fact, an ugly fact, but a fact nonetheless.

That is why we must remove money from the election process if we are to preserve our democracy. Personally, I think it is too late.

Shelley B.
Shelley Birnbaum5 years ago

I can't understand why it is even a close race. Are voters in Wisconsin that naive that they believe TV ads instead of reality? And shame on the DNC and the White House.

Carl Oerke
Carl O5 years ago

Time to end Walker's political career once and for all before he is charged with felonies like six of his aids and allies. Vote him out Wisconsinites so he will not be able to appoint a replacement after he is eventually charged. Time to beam Scotty out.

John B.
John B5 years ago

Robin, thanks for posting the update. My money is on Barrett (literally, I contributed to his campaign). Walker needs to be out of office along with the GOP state senators being recalled. I think this recall election just may define the one in Nov. and that is why I don't understand the DNC and The White House not being more involved in this one.

Don H.
Don H5 years ago

Stefan D, you are absolutely correct. Some of that war chest is being spent to pay right wing posters on message boards like Care2. They are being paid to misinform readers. Look how their numbers have grown in the past few weeks.

Republicans are trying to bring about what can only be described as a 2nd American revolution. This revolution is seeking to hand the nation and democracy over to the hands of corporations and the wealthy at the expense of "we the people". Notice how they want to privatize everything? This amounts to Fascism. This isn't "sort of Fascist like" or "Fascist light", this is precisely Fascism.

Today's political representation is only for corporations. On issue after issue the will of the American people doesn't matter at all. You can see this on every issue from taxing the upper income brackets to cutting the military and ending the Afghanistan War. Again, this is precisely Fascism. Our nation is in great peril.

Remember, Hitler's first act was to outlaw unions.

Stefan Dwornik

The Republicans have a large 'War Chest' for elections from their Masters; corporatios/mega-wealthy stockholders , putting out lies, mistruths, and planting & inflaming fear to win elections. The big question is after all the right has said and done, are people dumb enough to think those WHO PUT US in this financial mess, and despite Obama successes, want us to blame him for the state of the econonmy. An economy Bush, and the republican party went about destrouying as fast as they could, and now say Obama isn't fit because he can't fix their messes fast enough. Remember this is the same party, that is attacking Women on all fronts, as well as when confronted with the truth either change the subject, go on a loud (shout-em-down) attack, or lie & manipulate truth to grey from black & white facts. Yeah, some of the news CORPORATIONS claimpolls showing the candidates are neck-n-neck; with Romney vs. Obama- I don't think so and if they are, everyone in this country will suffer greatly under their rule, a completely corrupt party: they have chosen to keep entitlements an absurd tax breaks and subsidies for corporations & the wealthy. WE WILL HAVE ONLY OURSELVES TOO BLAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay informed & vote.

Troy G.
Troy Grant5 years ago

Maybe the Kochs will go broke.

Steve R.
Steve R5 years ago

"Walker and his Republican allies have outspent Democrat Tom Barrett and supportive groups more than 3-1?????

But, but, but - where are the unions with their millions? And where is the DNC?

Perhaps they know the futility of this exercise in political stupidity?

Perhaps the unions know that Walker's actions have not been that damaging - after all - Wisconsin has simply become a "right to work" state - unions have not been outlawed....

And perhaps the unions have acknowledged that their days of FORCING workers to join a union and pay dues or else... are over....

If not - they're going to have to acknowledge it soon enough.

Chris Cole
Chris C5 years ago

This is such a key race...Wisconsonites...PLEASE...turn the tide...do the right thing...show "them" (Koch Bros, etc) that the money doesn't have to win! Get out there and vote Walker out and take back your state!