Wannabe Instagram Star Tattoos Cat to Make Him ‘Glamorous’

Let’s say you’re a fitness fanatic yearning for fame and more followers on Instagram, so you post photos of your pet cat, hoping they’ll spark a lot of attention. That seems innocent enough – except in the case of Elena Ivanickaya, who posted disturbing pictures of Yasha, her Sphynx cat, getting an elaborate tattoo on his chest.

Ivanickaya, who lives in Chernihiv, Ukraine, said she wanted to make Yasha as glamorous as she is, according to The Sun. So, while the hairless Sphynx was sedated, a tattoo of winged Anubis, an Egyptian God, was inked across his chest.

The photos are getting a lot of attention – but not the kind Ivanickaya was hoping for. A local police spokeswoman said that if an investigation determines that Yasha was tortured, a criminal case will be opened.

“It is impossible even to look at these photos!” stated UAnimals, the largest animal rights group in Ukraine.

The photos of Yasha’s inking-in-progress seem to have disappeared from Ivanickaya’s Instagram account, but they still can be seen on The Sun’s website.

The comments, which have also been removed, were as brutal as the notion of tattooing a cat.

“Would be better to ink her forehead with a tattoo saying ‘Idiot’ and break her finger for torturing a defenseless animal, poor kitty,” wrote Inna Milovanova, according to The Sun.

Ivanickaya, not surprisingly, sees nothing wrong with the tattoo. She said a veterinarian approved it and was there during the procedure. (Anesthetizing cats can be risky, even for necessary procedures.)

“This cat’s life is better than yours,” Ivanickaya reportedly said. “Maybe it is hell for you, but he feels just fine. He has not been castrated and he never will be; this would be real cruelty.”

Let’s assume that by “castrated,” Ivanickaya means Yasha hasn’t been neutered, as any responsible and conscientious pet owner would do to help reduce the population of unwanted cats.

Believe it or not, Ivanickaya is not the only cat owner who’s subjected a pet to an inking. “Cattoos” were reportedly a trend in Russia a few years ago – a fad that fortunately seems to have been very short lived.

Ivanickaya was probably inspired by tattoo artist Timur Rimut, who lives near Moscow. In 2012 he inked “Carpe Diem” across his sedated Sphynx’s neck, to match his own necklace tattoo. As with Ivanickaya’s Instagram photos, people were outraged by a video Rimut posted of the procedure. And, just like Ivanickaya, Rimut insisted he did nothing wrong.

Here in the United States, New York and Pennsylvania are the only states that outlaw the tattooing of pets. “This is animal abuse, pure and simple,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo when the New York ban went into effect three years ago. “I’m proud to sign this common sense legislation and end these cruel and unacceptable practices in New York once and for all.”


By having her cat tattooed, Elena Ivanickaya subjected him to unnecessary sedation and pain following the procedure. Please sign and share this petition urging Instagram to ban her so she can no longer exploit her cat.

As the petition states, although fame-hungry Ivanickaya may or may not face animal cruelty charges, “Denying her the use of Instagram will deliver swift justice and send a powerful message to other would-be animal abusers.”

Photo credit: elenaiwt/Instagram


Lesa D
Lesa D3 months ago

Yasha should be removed from Ivanickaya & adopted by someone who will love & care for him & not use him as a prop.

thank you, Laura...

Patricia Dumais
Patricia Dumais3 months ago

Animal cruelty - period.

Celine R
Celine Russo3 months ago

"Facepalm" is the only thing I can answer to this.

Trisha L
Trisha Leigh3 months ago

What a stupid person. Hope you get a life soon.

Muff-Anne York-Haley

What is the matter with this world?

Michele B
Michele B3 months ago

what a POS!!! She has screwed up values and ideas

Terri S
Terri S3 months ago

This woman needs to be "castrated". I'd hate to see her bring more idiots into this world!!

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Sherri S3 months ago

Stupid Bitch!
Petition signed

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Disgusting. :-(