War On Women: Congress Proposes Refusing to Teach Doctors Life-Saving Procedures

When I had a miscarriage in October of 2009, I had no idea that I had lost a wanted, beloved baby.  I simply went into the doctor for a checkup only to find there was no heartbeat and I had lost our child a few weeks earlier.  My body had refused to let go, showed no signs of passing anything on its own, and we were just days from making it into the second trimester.

My doctor scheduled a D&C, I went to the hospital, the procedure was completed, and I went home to begin my healing.

Now, a North Carolina Republican wants to stop that from happening.  He has proposed legislation that assures that the next time a woman has a missed miscarriage, she would be forced to carry that dead fetus inside of her until it expelled on its own, even if that meant she could develop an infection and die.

Via The Hill:

House members on Tuesday night are expected to hold a controversial vote on language that would prevent federal funds for medical resident training from being used to train residents on abortion procedures.

The language in question comes from Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.), who is seeking to amend a bill that would scale back the federal funding and make it subject to annual appropriations. The program, established in last year’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), was automatically funded by Democrats last year.

“This amendment ensures that the grants being provided to teaching health centers are not being used to perform elective abortion, makes it crystal clear that taxpayer money is not being used to train healthcare providers to perform abortion procedures,” Foxx said. “When the liberal Democrats rammed through their government takeover of healthcare, in an unprecedented fashion, they refused to include longstanding pro-life provisions.”


There’s only one problem with refusing to train residents on “abortion procedures.”  Those medical procedures aren’t simply used for terminating unwanted live pregnancies — they are used for terminating wanted live pregnacies that are putting a woman’s health in jeopardy.  Or used for removing the products of conception for women who have had missed or incomplete miscarriages, who need a doctor to help them pass the rest of their tissue in order to stop bleeding or stave off infection.

Abortion procedures can be needed for a myriad of reasons, but as time is progressing, less and less residents are actually learning how to perform them.  The ACLU reports that as far back as 1992 less than half of chief residents reported knowing how to perform a first trimester abortions, and teaching the procedures in residency programs has decreased year after year since.  Currently, it is believed that 97 percent of all family practice residents and 37 percent of all OB/GYN residents have never performed a first trimester abortion.

What happens when most doctors don’t know how to perform life saving abortions?  This:

We all knew the pregnancy wasn’t viable, couldn’t be viable with the amount of blood I was losing, but it still took them hours to do anything, because the doctor on call didn’t do abortions. At all. Ever. No one on call that night did them in fact. A very kind nurse risked her job to call a doctor from the Reproductive Health Clinic who was not on call, and asked her to come in to save my life. Fortunately she was home, and even more fortunately she was able to get there relatively quickly. But by the time she got there I was in bad shape. Blood loss had rendered me borderline incoherent…

The combination of ignorance as to what “abortion procedures” really are, and a zealots’ glee for pushing an anti-choice agenda, is simply another shot fired in this continuing the Republican war on women

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(Edited to correct the Representative who proposed the bill)

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Thomas L.
Thomas Liddle6 years ago

Aenesthesiologists can use their techniques for murder, so we probably should stop training them now too.
Joe S, he mentioned his wife had to carry a dead baby in her for a month, they got it out, took pictures with it. If that's what you're into, but a D & C will allow a woman to avoid what could be absolutely traumatizing, especially for a woman who faces a pregnancy and motherhood alone.
Compassion. Even abortion is about compassion, hell euthanasia too.
Not training professionals to do an important yet grey-area procedure is backwards and ignorant.

Thomas L.
Thomas Liddle6 years ago

They may not like it but there are times when it's medically necessary. As they may morally object to an elective procedure and will not have a chance to learn on an emergency patient, as physicians, they should be made to observe an early term abortion and be at least competent to perform one. Are these people doctors or not?

Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

this is so wrong. i feel so sick.

Maarja L.
Maarja L6 years ago

Honestly? Reading things like this I'm kind of happy I wasn't born and am not living in the US.

Sofia S.
Past Member 6 years ago

End the war on women

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

Around my parts, the give you the drug to induce labor. And they're aggressive about it as soon as they know about it, and so if you want, you can have a funeral for your precious.

but I think it's ridiculous that they expect a woman to carry it until natural expulsion, because some bodies don't register it as being necessary, and then it's too late sometimes... there was this one woman whose dead fetus mummified in her belly. To think she was denied motherhood because no other life could happen in her womb.

As women, we are not second class citizens to be banished to death. Lets demand these legislators who want to push this that they need to be neutered and spayed first. Until then, no dice.

Dodia Fae
Dodia Fae6 years ago

@ David C.,
"A D & C can be used for elective abortion or removal of a dead fetus. A physician trained to remove a dead fetus can use the same training to perform an elective abortion. It is not possible to separate the two."

Yes, the two can be separated. A trained physician can determine if the child the mother is carrying is alive or dead, and if carrying that child to term will put the mother in physical danger. See the difference between "necessity" and "elective"?

Tina L.
Tina L.6 years ago

The people who created and support this bill should get a taste of the suffering that these women go through! In fact, they should suffer it for life!!!

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Carrying a dead fetus to term or an abortion? What is more traumatic?

William Y.
William Y6 years ago

@ Pego R., The "good old days" were obviously not so good. I agree with what you are saying. It seems that double standards haven't changed much, have they?