War Profiteering At Full Throttle [Video]

With May Day around the corner and a renewed focus on the ever-widening gulf between corporate profits and middle class incomes, the announcements of Lockhead Martin, Boeing and Northrop Grumman deserve additional scrutiny. Why’s that? Because those companies are quite literally war profiteers.

The amount of money disclosed is nothing short of staggering. Lockeed Martin made $668 million in profit last quarter, Northrop Grumman made $506 million and Boeing raked in $923 million.

As Robert Greenwald points out, even asking the simple question of whether people and companies should be allowed to make huge profits from war in today’s political climate is brushed off. But it didn’t always used to be that way. Both Republicans and Democrats alike used to warn of the dangers of corporations influencing war policy because of a profit motive. I think it’s fair to say we failed to heed those warnings.


Huber F.
Huber F5 years ago

Wow, what a video on false victory.. You remain 'glorious' during troubles.


Jennifer P.
Jennifer P5 years ago

Thanks, that was a pretty powerful video, especially with quotations from the General and the President from the two most significant wars in our nation's history.

I'd like to know how much these three companies paid in taxes on their profits this year, or on their military contracts, as that was taxpayer money.

I also think it's terrible that these companies made so much, and so much money is spent on the military, but the soldiers that are wading into gunfire on the ground and actually fighting in some cases still do not have proper body armor. Where is all the money going?!

patricia m lasek
patricia lasek5 years ago

Take a look at which of your representatives and senators in D.C. are profitting from the government contracts with these war mongers.

Susan T.
Susan T5 years ago

Great video. I love the quotes from George Washington & Abraham Lincoln.

War profiteering is the elephant in the room few politicians are willing to talk about. The U.S. defense budget is larger than that of most other developed countries combined. We are decimating funding for social programs that help build a life for most while massive profits are made by a few. This is at least as bad a scandal as the corporate welfare oil companies get, especially since protecting oil goes hand in hand with war & war technology companies.

Meanwhile, promoting a policy of war continues to kill & maim people, soldier & civilian alike, Americans & all world citizens.

I agree with Robert K - we need to reinstitute the draft. Right now only a tiny % of U.S. citizens are directly effected by our wars - so everyone else can act like nothing is happening. When everyone is at risk, it's less likely that a war will proceed.

The accelerated use of drones is frightening for exactly that reason. While a case could be made for using them in some circumstances, the fact that our govt can wage war without putting American lives at risk lowers the bar for engaging in conflict, & makes it easier to do so in secrecy.

Carmen Benoit
Carmen Benoit5 years ago

Peace doesn't cost anything - everybody gets along. War on the other hand is VERY expensive - all the materials needed and the training to use those weapons. Sure wish those companies would look into other products to make that do not go towards WAR.

Ernie Miller
william M5 years ago

I feel that because if the industrial military complex we are dragging our feet and will now spend another 12 years ib Afganastan. to top it off because of them we are paying mor for the supplies we purchase than we should. add to it the creap of all aspects of national security and we are in a helpless spiral of debt.

Sharon A.
Sharon A5 years ago

Don't know what to say. To think this goes all the way back to George Washington. It's staggering the amount of profit these companies have made.

On the one hand, our troops need supplies, transportation, weapons....on the other hand, we need houses, jobs and medical care to provide security for our citizens. So these companies making huge profits need to pay more taxes to balance things out a little. Taking care of the people here at home is not as profitable...it's a fact of life....War Makes Money...

Companies don't reap profits from paying their fair share here at home but they DO profit immensely from any conflice we are involved in. So, our "representatives" (I use the term loosely because they certainly generally don't "represent" our interests) ... Our politicians and representatives keep the wars going so their friends and supporters can make more money to donate to their campaigns to keep them in power.

PEOPLE....People of the United States....Take BACK our country....NO VOTES FOR THESE PEOPLE AGAIN.... Vote them out!!! Demand they account for EVERY Penny spent just like we do in our personal budgets!!! Bring the troops home, end the wars, stop dictating every other country's way of life and concentrate on our own!!! End the Profiteering!!!

Patricia H.
Patricia H5 years ago

powerful video

Lynne Brittany
Lynne B5 years ago

This part of the world will never change. They are tribal so live with tribal traditions, we will never change that. We will always just be picking up the pieces