Warren and Brown Once Again Neck And Neck

The Massachusetts senate race is at a virtual standstill, with both Republican incumbent Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren at 46 points each, according to a poll commissioned by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

Such a tight race among other things, shows that a majority of Massachusetts voters have already made up their minds regarding the race, leaving less than 10 percent still undecided.

The poll was commissioned during the height of the “Native American” controversy, just as Brown was calling on Warren to “release documents from her days at Law School to settle questions on her ancestry.”

Interestingly, not only are responses for Warren and Brown exactly alike, both in those who say they would vote for each candidate and those who say they are leaning towards voting for each candidate, but the numbers when asked if “Things you heard in recent weeks makes you more/less inclined to vote for Warren/Brown” are also nearly identical.

In other words, the race is literally at a standstill for right now.

Photo credit: Warren Flickr photostream


Charles P.
Charles P6 years ago

Come on Mass. Show your spirit. Elect Warren.

Howard Evans
Howard Evans6 years ago

I'm with you, Luvenia. Clinton-Warren in 2016.

Jeffrey, I think you're onto something. The regulation issue – and the two bozo boners by JPMorgan-Chase and Morgan Stanley – may be the tipping point for Warren.

Franklin Gullo
Franklin Gullo6 years ago

Warren has to win the Senate race. The country needs more intelligent, honest and concerned individuals in government.

Ron B.
Ron B6 years ago

I could make a bad joke here about wanting to neck with Elizabeth Warren (too late), but that's what happens when you have a crush on her.

Roseann D.
Roseann d6 years ago

I agree Sharlene. I miss the days when Walter Cronkite reported the news and people could form their own opinions The public was much more informed. Today people have to listen to their pundits before forming a decisions. No critical thinking anymore.

Claire M.
Claire M6 years ago

I really hope she wins, it will actually be quite depressing if she doesn't.

Chris Cole
Chris C6 years ago

You go, girl! We need you!

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V6 years ago

Elizabeth Warren for Senator in 2012 and Elizabeth Warren for President in 2016 BECAUSE we need an American that will work for ALL Americans.

Leah H.
Leah H6 years ago

Watch the Quinnipiac polls. They are conducted by a Connecticut university and are considered quite reliable. I also trust that Massachusetts voters are too smart to fall for the slime dished out at Fox.

If you really want Elizabeth to win - and she must - send her campaign money. Karl Rove and the Koch boys have her in their sights. They do not want her in the senate.

Pamylle G.
Pamylle G6 years ago

Go, Elizabeth Warren ! We need you in the Senate !