Warren Doubles Brown’s 1st Quarter Fundraising Total

Republican Senator Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren have decided to eliminate all outside spending in the battle for the Massachusetts senate seat.  And it’s becoming increasingly clear that the outside money ban isn’t hurting either of them.

Brown declared a 1st quarter fundraising total of$3.4 million, bringing his cash on hand up to $15 million total. Although the campaign seemed happy with the result, they admitted that they were unlikely to raise as much money as Warren.  “We will once again be outraised by the Hollywood elites and out-of-state liberals that are backing our opponent, but we will have resources we need to run our race.”

Brown’s campaign was right about lagging behind Warren.  Today they announced that she has raised nearly $7 million from January to March. According to a statement from the campaign regarding their $6.9 million quarter, “Elizabeth outraised Scott Brown right here in Massachusetts. More than 30,000 men and women from 350 cities and towns across Massachusetts have contributed to our campaign. And 83 percent of our donations since January 1st have been $50 or less.”

Brown still has a great cash on hand advantage as he has money in the war chest from his last election.  But with Warren’s fundraising prowess, that advantage could continue to dwindle.


Photo credit: ElizabethForMA flickr


Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

We can help get people registered...join your local Democratic club. They can identify people who are too old to drive, don't have cars, don't understand the new obstacles to voting that the righties are placing in their way. Help them get the new I.D.'s that they require, even though those people may have been voting in every election for fifty years. Drive them to the polls. Just call them to see what they need. The clubs put together groups that can work together. Teach them how to obtain vote by mail literature. This is more important than ever since the unpatriotic people are trying to suppress the vote. And just identify people in your neighborhood whose circumstances may have changed.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

As more women find out how Brown has voted against women's rights, and with the righties on Paul Ryan's disastrous budget, they will not vote for him. Some will like his naked spread in a magazine, they might be the religious right who will vote for him.

Tony C.
Tony C5 years ago

When you try and vote the party of NO out you better make sure that you can vote. Some States have changed their voter registration laws so that even if you wanted to vote you won't be able to. PLEASE CHECK the voter registration laws of the States that you live in NOW, so that you can have the right ID when it comes time to vote. PLEASE tell ALL your friends about this, especially students, seniors, immigrants and the poor. I am sure that the 1% will be flocking to the voting booths so that they can retain their power and money. The 99% had better start THINKING about what will happen if the republicans get in again. For example, no contraceptives which will lead to more people. Right now 8 BILLION PLUS. No abortions even for sick babies, unwanted babies because of rape or incest. No Jobs, undrinkable water because of fracking, war with Iran, no health care. Abstinence programs only, which do not work and many others. Sex Education is needed so that unwanted pregnancy and abortion can be lessened along with STD’S that can KILL your child. So if you don't vote and get as many as you can to vote along with you and the republicans get into power this may and probably will happen. Here is an idea, car pool with a car full to the voting booths (saves gas) and after you vote, have a party and KNOW that you have done your best for your country. Have a designated driver. PLEASE REMEMBER, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V5 years ago

I wish her the very best and I hope she wins by a landslide. I would also love to see her run for President in 2016 because I believe she is one American that will work for ALL Americans.

Jeffrey H.
Jeffrey H.5 years ago

Elizabeth Warren has infinitely more intellect and moral integrity than that teabagger Scott Brown. I think she would make a fantastic US Supreme Court Justice, a wonderful President, and any other kind of Public Servant.

The people of Massachusetts should consider themselves blessed to have such an outstanding person running for public office there. There should be no contest for the US Senatorial position from Massachusetts.

Chris Cole
Chris C5 years ago

You go, Elizabeth Warren!!!!!

You go away, Scott Brown!

Nelson Baker
Nelson Baker5 years ago

I am not from her state but I hope she wins the election.

Jonathan Huie
Past Member 5 years ago

Elizabeth Warren - President 2016 - my fervent hope.

Richard B.
Richard B5 years ago

Go girl! Bury that fu--er Brown.

Steve P.
Steve P5 years ago

This is what happens when you raise money fairly. This guy's had it.