Warren Now Officially Leading Brown in Polling

Just a week ago, Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren and incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown were in a statistical dead heat. Now, Warren officially has the lead.

According to Roll Call, a new poll on the Massachusetts senate race now has Warren out-polling incumbent Brown by 7 points, a number that is outside of the poll’s margin of error. “Among registered voters, 49 percent said they would vote for the Harvard professor and 42 percent said they would vote for Brown ‘if the election … were being held today.’ Those numbers included those who leaned more toward one candidate or the other. Six percent were undecided.”

As Talking Points Memo notes, however, this was a somewhat unusually small sample size, which accounts for the larger than normal margin of error on the poll. But it still shows a strong trend for Warren, especially with the 10 point gain since the last time the same research company polled. Writes John Marshall, “[T]his race is crystallizing the core issues the 2012 cycle looks set to turn on finance vs. main street, wealth and income inequality, the pros and cons of survival of the fittest economics.”


Photo from david shankbone via flickr.


Chuck D.
Chuck D.6 years ago

Guess the GOP's probably now wishing they hadn't filibustered her nomination to head the CPB, eh? If I lived in Mass, she'd def have my vote!

tina G.
tina Gardner6 years ago

she is awesome !! GO LIZ !

joe lee C.
Joseph L C6 years ago

Huh, Steve r, Huh??

Chad A.
Chad Anderson6 years ago

I hear that Warren is already getting hit with attack ads. I hope she can manage to hang in there through the disinformation.

Marilyn J L.
Marilyn J. L6 years ago

Steve R -- not up to your usually caustic self, huh?

Marilyn J L.
Marilyn J. L6 years ago

Go, Elizabeth!!

Ana G.
.6 years ago



Eddie Obler
Eddie O6 years ago

Wonderful news, I truly hope she makes it all the way!!!

Claire M.
Claire M6 years ago

I sure hope she makes it, we could really use her right now.

Stanley Balgobin
Stanley R6 years ago

Go Elizabeth Warren!!! I am proud to have contributed the minimum dollar amount for her campaign. Karl Rove support for Scot Brown will fail, even with all the dirty tricks he applies to discredit Warren and orchestrate a fixed result. We need 200 Warrens with her ethics and morality in all State and Federal governments,Congress, the Supreme Court to make America a sane and just society we once were.