Was Romneycare A War On Religion?

Written by Igor Volsky

Mitt Romney continues to attack President Obama for policies he supported as governor of Massachusetts with a new ad Thursday morning that accuses the administration of waging “a war on religion.”

The commercial claims that an Affordable Care Act regulation requiring employers and insurers to provide preventive health benefits like contraception undermines religious freedoms — but fails to note that houses of worship and religious nonprofits are exempt from offering birth control, or that Obama’s rule closely mirrors a measure included in Romney’s own health reform in Massachusetts. “President Obama used his healthcare plan to declare war on religion, forcing religious institutions to go against their faith,” the ad says, before drawing a parallel to the Soviet Union:

As governor, Romney greatly expanded access publicly-financed contraception through his 2006 health care reform law. The state’s Commonwealth Care, established under Romneycare, offers subsidized, low or no-cost insurance to low-income residents and provides primary and preventive care that includes “family planning services” and prescription contraceptives. In 2005, Romney also “signed a bill that could expand the number of people who get family-planning services, including the morning-after pill” and asked the Department of Health and Human Services to require Catholic hospitals to issue the morning after pill to rape victims.

In fact, the Obamacare rule Romney is now characterizing as an affront to religious liberties is very similar to a 2002 state law he tacitly supported. Like more than two dozen states across the country, Massachusetts required insurers that provide outpatient benefits to cover hormone replacement therapy and all FDA-approved contraceptive methods — well before Obamacare became law. The Massachusetts rule exempts “an employer that is a church or qualified church-controlled organization” from the mandate, but prohibits institutions such as hospitals, universities, and nursing homes from denying their employees birth control coverage.

Romney, who was running for governor in 2002, remained mum on the requirement (as it was debated and ultimately passed unanimously in the Senate and in a 140 to 16 vote in the House) and pledged to maintain the status quo on family-planning related policy throughout his gubernatorial campaign.

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Wendy Schroeder
Wendy Schroeder5 years ago

Just another hypocrite seeking power.

Ira L.
Ellie L5 years ago


Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago

Thanks, Michael G!

Unfortunately, the lie and deny tactic for which polluting/corporate industry has long been notorious is now blatantly displayed among their political representatives, and they've come to think of that as a legitimate response to voters as well - but this time, they've run out of rope, at least in Romney's case and regarding his taxes.

And thanks also for the Green Star, which will someday 'feed a stray cat' - I'm getting closer all the time.

In other news: http://www.thetimesnot.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=326&Itemid=99

Bain Capital Acquires Underworld

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

Excellent Dorothy! I did sign this petition earlier today and added questions I wanted the to pursue noting that the moderators should not tolerate Mitt's excuse for not releasing them.

Politically damaging? That sounds like information the American public should be made aware of don't you think? What a laugh that he believed he could say that and that it would make everything all right.

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago

This is cool - I didn't think America HAD anyone/system left where truth could be demanded, but apparently there is - and Americans can light a fire under their tails right here:

( Please sign the petition to ask that the moderators demand the truth from Romney about his tax returns?)


Presidential debate moderators: Ask Romney the truth

In a break with tradition, Mitt Romney has refused to release his tax returns to the public, but happily released 23 years of returns to John McCain and demanded his Vice-Presidential picks submit several years of tax returns.

We call on the presidential debate moderators to ask Mitt Romney why he's hiding his tax returns.

What's Mitt Romney Hiding?

Romney has admitted that his tax returns contain politically damanging information -- potentially information which could decide this election.

The presidential debate moderators have the power to hold Romney accountable to the truth. What's more, we know they are looking for questions ideas and feedback from the public.

Watch the video below of Lawrence O'Donnell exposing Romney's hypocrisy and sign our petition calling on the presidential debate moderators to ask Mitt Romney what he's hiding.

Kandice B.
Kandice B5 years ago

Can we say a wolf in sheep's clothing....

Megan S.
Megan S5 years ago

Nobody is forcing the religious folks into using contraception or getting abortions. But the religious folk are trying to make it illegal for women to use contraception or get abortions.
Besides, the world would be much better off without religion, let's face it.

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago


... I think saving the American People $716 Billion is a good thing, particularly if you do it without reducing services. This entire argument is like being in an brand new upside down world that must be the Red-Headed Love Child of Oz and Wonderland, where Superman gets stronger from Kryptonite and weaker from Lead, where Aquaman can't swim but he can fly.

And where Republicans think that they have an advantage over a Democratic President who Cut Nearly a $1 Trillion worth of Spending From Medicare, without weakening the quality of the program.

Hey wasn't "Cutting Government Spending" supposed to be the Republican Speciality? Why are you attacking a Democratic President who did it without you? ...

There's more, much more, that was cut from this - you really, really might want to check it out at source: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/12/1119403/-Operation-Innoculate-Ryan-on-Medicare-Activate

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago


nd you know what else they'd do?

They'd Keep those Medicare Cuts In Place and instead of Extending the Life of the Trust Fund as the ACA has already done - they'd give it over to Inefficient Corporate Insurance Companies to pad their profits, while forcing families to make the painful and potentially deadly choice of dropping the coverage they can no longer afford.

That's the real Death Panel, a sad family around their own kitchen table staring at the incoming bills.

The most amazing thing, which shows just how much the GOP is throwing everything into the strategy to purify Ryan from his past, is this exchange between Rich Lowry and Rachel Maddow.

Now, Rachel challenges Lowry here on the fact that Ryan's Plan, even the watered down Wyden version of it, Keeps these Cuts. Ryan admitted this on ABC's This week while claiming that they would use it to "extend the trust fund".

So that's what makes his version of the cut "OK", but the President's version of the cut - Not "Ok". Except that as I mention above, the Medicare Trustees have already announced that the Affordable Care Act Already Extended The Life of the Trust Fund.

They even predicted it might begin to RUN A SURPLUS in 2014. ...

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago


Word. For. Word.

"Obama Stole $700 Billion from Medicare to Give to Obamacare".

Except that just like that accusation that Obama is trying to block the Troops from Voting in Ohio, and is trying to Drop the Work Requirements on Welfare - It's a Complete and Total Lie.

But did anyone, except Rachel Maddow, even question it or deny it? Nope.

On it's face it's easy to bust this, I already did and anyone can.

Here's the Short Version I just posted earlier today as a Comment:

The ACA didn't take a dime from Seniors. The primary financial changes were reductions in payments to Private providers and Hospitals in Medicare Advantage, not to services that are be provided to patients through Traditional Medicare (Part-A, Part-B).

By Contrast A Romney/Ryan Administration at the very least would take away the Payment Advisory Board from trying to do what Ronald Reagan always said we should do, find better more efficient ways to deliver services without Rationing which otherwise would Decrease the Solvency of the Trust Fund, they would Re-Open the Prescription Drug Donut Hole, they would Bring Back the Deductibles & Co-Pays for Preventive Screenings for Cancer and Contraception, they would - if they can - create a Voucher System for Medicare that could increase out of pocket costs for Seniors by as much as $7,000 per year according to the CBO.