Watch: Noy Alooshe’s Video Mocks Israel PM Netanyahu

A month ago, no one predicted the Arab Spring spreading into Israel. That all changed several weeks ago when Israelis created tent cities to publicly protest the lack of affordable housing. Last Saturday, 250,000 people came out en masse into the streets to rally against the country’s high cost of living.

All this after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared Israel as stable in the midst of protests that “shake” its neighboring countries. See Israeli journalist and musician Noy Alooshe’s recent video that sets the assured Netanyahu to music as protest images flash while he speaks:

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Photo courtesy of The Jewish Agency for Israel via Flickr


Vlasta Molak
Vlasta M6 years ago

There were more Jewish refugees from Arab countries that landed in Israel after being expelled and fled with their bare lives from the Arab countries where they lived for ages (much longer then Islam even existed, like the Iraqui Jews who were there from 586 BC), then refugees from Israel when second partition of Palestine occurs in 1948. The first partition of Palestine was in 1923 when Trandjordan was created.

Mind you, most Palestinians who are now in refugee camps are the children of those who fled in 1948 and who were promised loot of Jewish property in Israel after Arab countries, which attacked Israel from all sides in 1948 to annihilate it. The Arabs (both Christians and Muslims) who trusted that their Jewish neighbors will not slaughter them as Arab armies usually did to Jews) who stayed now form 20% of the non-Jewish population of Israel. The only apartheid in Israel was created by Muslim managers of the Temple Mount: The non-Mulims are not allowed to go there!

Every other holly place (churches, synagogues, Bahai'i temple, Buddhist and Hindu places) are open to EVERYBODY. Israel settled the Arabian Jews (about million of them while there were only 600,000 Palestinian Muslims who fled Israel in 1948) and those Arabian Jews now are over 50% of the Jewish population of Israel.

In contrast, Arab countries had not allowed their Palestinian Arab brothers to settle in lands and properties of the Jews who fled but were kept with the help of UN in refu

Helena Plum Bowyer
Helena B6 years ago

Beth S; This is about real Israelis who in case you don't know are more likely to discuss the issues openly.
I cannot understand (although it is you) how you can bring immigration of Muslims into Europe into this, when it is about an age old struggle for humanity to have a fairer society, where not only the rich benefit. The struggle is the sam for us all , we are being manipulted into blaming our neighbours instead of holding the real villains to account. A global elite who rules through divinding us, robs us blind and reduces our democratic freedoms.
As for Muslim immigration to Europe, many of these people come from war zones, as western nations decrease thier military spending these arms dealers sell them to developing nations. If you want less immigration then support democracy everywhere and focus your attention and anger on the people who profit in money and power through perpetuating conflict.

AbdulAziz A.
AbdulAziz A6 years ago

I suppose the Isrealis can make fun of themselves as no one else can do this and get away with it. No one else thinks what they are doing is very funny too.

They managed to destroy the futures of generations of indigenous population and what little remains is being caged and tortured.
The world can stand aside and watch without saying a word or be accused of being antisemetic. Since their previous ancestors were harmed by Nazis and therefore it gives them every right to repeat this on others.
Why the world has not declared war on them is beyond my understanding as they stand accused of atrocities the Nazis carried out against them.
South Africa was boycotted for suppressing the non whites but Isreal gets rewarded for suppressing everyone non Jewish.
Even though the whites imported from Russia and Eastern Europe are not very Jewish, they are given all facilities (housing, education, heath etc) while the Palestinians are deprived of their own land, water and crops.
USA is not wrapping itself in glory for helping this piraya state while depriving its own population of services they so desperately need.
A huge number of proper Jews are not happy with behaviour of Isreal and flagrant abuse of human rights of others.

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago

I give this video a bit of credit for at least having a touch of creativity to it, rather than many other of the Care2 videos on the ME that offer long spans of crowd behavior with no translation of the vocals when there are some, and no information providing an HONEST context.

Clearly, democracy in Israel is working, certainly better than in Europe, for example, where immigration from Muslim countries continues unabated at an unfathomable rate DESPITE THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY OF EUROPEANS (non-elites) THAT IT STOP. The European elite just keep shoving immigrants on the masses, which will destabilize the continent.

These demonstrators are vehement, yetpeaceful. The Israeli government's response is peaceful.

The demonstrators are not agitating for an overthrow of the government. They are not saying that they think democracy is bad, please give them the kind of autocratic, theocratic, kleptocratic governments elsewhere in the ME.

This is democracy working.

Michael M.
Michael M6 years ago

It sickens me to think that the war criminal and mass murderer Netanyahu is still alive

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y6 years ago

I think everyone doesn't realize Noy Alooshe IS an Israeli Jew and he's also made fun of Gaddaffi on Youtube (Zenga Zenga).

He's made a very trenchant statement about Bibi Netanyahu in this video, very relevant for Israeli politics at this moment.

A Tyrrell
Allena Tyrrell6 years ago

Its not hard at all to make a film, like this of such a nebuck shmuk ala konka, like Netanyahu, very easy, it didnt make me laugh at all. Seen lots like this on youtube by others. Why cant we see a film, by somebody, more talented?

Sal P.
Sal P6 years ago

I like your piece on Hitler conversation. That is what is happening. Israel is doing exactly what Nazis done to them. The problem is so called believers in the west think that state of Israel is biblical and all the atrocities Israelis carried out are unavoidable. When you have blind belief nothing can be done to change that.
@Vlasta M. You need some history lessons. Israelis were annihilating Palestinians long before Hamas and rocket fires. These are the creation of long time suppression by Israelis. What else one should have done if you are cornered and no were to run, you resort to extremes like suicide bombings etc. Because you get killed anyways. I am not justifying violence but finding reasons behind it. Long before these rockets were launched they were throwing stones against mighty tanks, guns and helicopters.

Anne-Marie V.
Anne-Marie Vogl6 years ago

How Childish!!! Sounds and looks like the maker and producer of this video is seeking attention for personal gain!!!

We feel sorry for what many Israeli Jews have to go through, day-in and day-out in their daily lives, in their homeland... constantly having to struggle with these crying baby-type fanatics who are only interested in pursuing trouble than in seeking peace and calm in their own region!!! You even see this happening everywhere throughout Europe...

Very sad and disappointing... these fanatical, anti-government, anti-democratic, anarchists will stop at nothing and nowhere... always raising their fists in the air and causing violence and trouble everywhere in the world...

How tragic!!!

Mike Chrissie
Mike Chrissie6 years ago

Stupid and dumb, this is the reason US jews are becoming republicans by the 1000's