We Told You, Obama – Drone Warfare Even Worse Under Trump

Pssst – remember how, several years ago, drone warfare was one of the United States’ biggest political controversies? We haven’t heard much about it lately, but that doesn’t mean that the problem has in any way subsided. In fact, under the Donald Trump administration, drone attacks have actually amplified, though the president’s various other controversies are stealing most of the headlines.

The Daily Beast reports that over the past couple years the Trump administration has approved 238 drone strikes in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen – countries that the U.S. isn’t technically at war with. We don’t even have numbers on the drones being used in actual war zones like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, bears a lot of the responsibility for these drone strikes, though. He oversaw a massive increase in attacks and continued them despite a number of major ethical concerns. His track record on this issue remains a blight on his résumé, and he’s failed to offer a good explanation for why he didn’t have a problem killing bystanders and children in these attacks.

Many liberals were inclined to let Obama off the hook for his escalation of drone attacks because of the other good things they believed him to do, but that should have never been a proper excuse. Even those who trusted Obama should have been wary of him instituting a lawless killing program that subsequent presidents could abuse to worse extents.

Within no time, Trump had loosened drone regulations so that strikes could occur without high-level vetting of the targets, and that lower level soldiers could be the subject of strikes rather than just terrorists in positions of power.

The Daily Beast’s report shows how drone rules have devolved even further. Formerly, the military needed “near certainty” that a terrorist target would be at a site to strike – now “reasonable certainty” suffices.

But look – a program of extrajudicial killings that takes out more bystanders than targets (with these bystanders being labeled “guilty by association”) and turns our former intelligence allies into enemies of the U.S. as they watch innocents in their communities get bombed was unconscionable well before Trump got his hands on it.

Despite being scolded in real time for the drone program, Obama both expanded it and normalized it, and he should not soon be forgiven for his own critical role in this human rights mess. He basically handed Trump the keys and said, “Do what you want with this deadly technology, I got away with it!”


Dr. Jan H
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S M4 months ago

Covert war, .... that no justice system or international agreement system can competently monitor, of central to drone attack nor the collateral damage.
America has created such a junk state of countries in their determination to remain top dog, ..... and the dog becoming somewhat rabid in the struggle to stay top as China and Russia maintain independence and as modern societies.
Go home Yanks!

fotini horbou4 months ago

we speak but nobody listens...:(

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Thanks for the post.

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Clare O'Beara4 months ago

no good answer to any of it except everyone should stop selling arms to anyone. But then America, UK, Russia and France would go bankrupt. So they try to make sure the arms are used in other countries. Who sold the arms to the civil war in Ghana, which were purchased with ivory murder?

Clare O'Beara
Clare O'Beara4 months ago

terrorists are not above hiding in among ordinary people and going to countries which will shelter them but are not at war.

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Clare O'Beara4 months ago


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Everything is worse under chump,, even chump himself...