Weekly Resistance: 5 Ways to Make a Difference June 25-30

We definitely aren’t facing a case of the summer doldrums this year. There’s a lot happening during the last week of June, from immigration protests to congressional hearings.

If it sometimes feels like your actions aren’t making a difference, think again. Your voice matters — even if it takes a while to create change, or if you never see that change personally; an act as simple as offering a kind word to the cashier at the cafe can positively impact the world.

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Let’s get started!

1. Where Are the Children?

The practice of “family separation” exploded in the news last week, prompting a hasty executive order that claims to “end family separation” — which it sort of does, primarily by incarcerating families together. But what about the children already separated from their families by ICE?


  • Children are already in immigration custody. With foster services across the country, some have no way to reconnect with their parents. ICE claims to have plans for reunification, but officials remain vague, and they’ve yet to produce a timeline.
  • Attorneys are swarming, trying to connect kids and parents – with little success.
  • Several DNA testing companies have offered to help reunite kids and parents, but critics warn that creating a DNA database could have serious future implications.

Act: Contact your federal legislators and tell them to hold ICE and the Trump administration accountable for this human rights catastrophe. Immigrant families need to be reunited, and the government should pay for it — not charitable organizations and activist groups who are struggling to meet tremendous demand for their services.

Consider signing the following Care2 petitions:

2. Does Your Pension Fund Benefit from the Trump Administration?

Incarcerating children is a big business, and numerous companies are lining up for a handout – from for-profit companies that specialize in running detention facilities to smaller contractors.


  • Many of the companies profiting from the suffering are publicly traded. And that means if you have a pension, investment account or other financial vehicle that relies on investment to yield returns, you might inadvertently be profiting too.
  • It’s not uncommon to know little to nothing about the mix of investments in something like a mutual fund. You do, however, have a right to know how your money is being used.

Act: If you receive retirement benefits through work, ask HR for information about how those benefits are provided, and request details on which investments your company or pension fund is making on your behalf. If you’re using an investment vehicle on your own, contact your broker or the company directly for details about what they’ve invested in. In both cases, you might find it helpful to band together with a group so you have more clout — and more eyes to scan the information you’ll receive.

In addition to asking where your funds are invested, consider finding out if your employer, investment firm, or other financial institution has an ethical investment policy, and request a copy for review. Push for divestment from companies that profit from ICE and the Trump administration as a whole. If they won’t comply, it’s time to move your money.

Consider signing this Care2 petition: Vanguard: Divest retirement funds you manage from semi-automatic weapons manufacturers

3. Why is the U.S. Leaving the UN Human Rights Council?

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced that the U.S. intends to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council.


  • Haley claimed that the council is a “mockery” of human rights — even as the U.S. was committing profound human rights violations along the border.
  • No country has ever withdrawn from the council before.
  • Like many entities, the UN Human Rights Council could benefit from some reforms, not least because it hosts notoriously bad actors like Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Act: Contact your federal legislators and ask them to advocate on this issue. Rather than dropping out and losing credibility, the United States could push the UN to address the shortcomings of the council for the benefit of everyone.

Consider signing this Care2 petition: The U.S. Just Dropped Out of the United Nations Human Rights Council

4. Are You Tired of Ryan Zinke at the Interior Department?

With so many bad actors in the Trump administration, it may seem hard to keep track of everyone — but don’t let Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke slip through the cracks.


Act: Contact your representative and ask them whether they’re supporting the call for an ethics investigation. Federal officials enriching themselves at the taxpayers’ expense is, dare we say it, positively swamp-like.

5. Are You Protesting This Weekend?

Cities across the country are organizing Families Belong Together protests, stressing that immigrant families belong together.


  • Read up, know your rights and be ready to defend other protesters — especially those who may be profiled by law enforcement.
  • While these protests are under a national banner, no single entity is in charge. Get the specifics for your local protest, including any rules, asks or expectations for participants before you go.
  • Consider protest safety, especially if you split off on a splinter march or plan to march on ICE facilities. Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated, but also evaluate whether you wish to carry your phone, identification or other items that could be used against you if you are stopped or arrested. If you plan to bring young children, be aware that protests can escalate into violence very quickly when law enforcement gets involved.

Act: If you’re taking to the streets, be prepared and bring a buddy.

But there are also lots of reasons people can’t protest, from concerns about personal safety to inability to afford childcare. You could consider serving as a contact person and information clearinghouse for friends who may need to call for backup from the streets. And you can also contact your federal lawmakers to echo the message from the streets: Families belong together — and not in detention.

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Marie W
Marie W1 months ago

Thank you for sharing

Mark Donner
Mark Donner7 months ago

Next to Trump, the terrorist Pruitt who is thankfully thrown out as the terrorist trash he was, and some rabid criminal Congressmen, terrorist Zinke is on the top of the list of evil psychotics who are hellbent on destroying future generations and the future of life on Earth. Zinke makes ISIS look like Sunday school preachers. He should be declared a national security threat and the appropriate enforcement measures taken. Using the military to take Zinke out of office as soon as possible is appropriate.

Brian F
Brian F7 months ago

ICE doesn't make the laws. It's rediculous attacking them.

Carol C
Carol C7 months ago

Many thanks for keeping us updated. All petitions previously signed. June 30th Families Belong Together rally attended!

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Lisa M
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Now more than ever.

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Have signed all petitions in full support.

Anne Moran
Anne Moran7 months ago

If they know what's good for them,, ICE had better return every single child to their parents.. - Where the hell else would they go ?? - Foster homes, orphanages ??