Weekly Resistance: 5 Ways to Take Action July 24-30

Happy Monday, gentle readers! Woah, what a week — am I right? Sean Spicer resigned, President Trump indicated he might be looking for pardons, Rex Tillerson got fined for questionable financial doings, the U.S. banned travel to North Korea and the health care bill limped along on life support.

You’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, so let’s talk about five concrete ways you can help change the world this week.

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1. Take Action on Trump and Russia

The investigation into connections between the Trump campaign and Russia continues to uncover worrying information about alleged election interference.


  • The Trump administration is working to undermine Robert Mueller’s ostensibly independent investigation into Russia.
  • Mueller issued a notice to the White House demanding they preserve evidence from the meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and a Russian delegation in June.
  • The Russian attorney present at that meeting has worked extensively for the FSB, Russia’s intelligence service — despite claiming she wasn’t a government attorney.
  • The House and Senate have negotiated a deal for tough sanctions on Russia, which will put the Trump administration in an awkward position.

Contact: your members of Congress. Tell them you want a robust, independent investigation into the connections between the Trump administration and Russia. Ask them to protect the integrity of investigators, so they can operate freely. The American people deserve fair and free elections — and if the president was complicit in election interference, America deserves to know.

Support: United to Protect Democracy, a coalition of former government attorneys, is working on the Trump-Russia connection and many related issues, as is the ACLU.

Write: Consider signing the following Care2 petitions:

A woman holding a sign: Women of color against fascism and crony capitalism.

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2. Resist Corruption in the White House

The Trump administration has been accused of corruption on more than one occasion, and evidence keeps mounting. For Americans worried about the integrity of the presidency and the future of the country — regardless of party affiliation — recent events should be worrying.


  • Exxon was just slapped with a $2 million fine for flouting anti-Russia sanctions while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson served as the company’s CEO. As Secretary of State, Tillerson is expected to work closely with the government on issues surrounding sanctions, but can we trust him?
  • There’s a lot President Trump doesn’t understand about his office, including the scope of his pardoning powers. Washington scuttlebutt suggests he may be exploring the possibility of pardoning himself and his family members, a move that may be connected with the Russia investigation.
  • Those concerned about the Trump family enriching itself via the office of the presidency should worry about this: In seven states, public employee pension funds invest in Trump real estate – and the money in those funds comes from employees themselves. You’ve heard about the foreign emoluments clause, but this is an issue on the domestic front, too.

Contact: your representatives and senators. Ask them to demand investigations into business dealings that conflict with the office of the presidency, and press them to require Trump to put his assets in a blind trust. Tell them you value a transparent and independent presidency, and Trump’s entangled financial dealings make it difficult to perform the duties of his office.

Support: Multiple state attorneys general are pursuing court cases against the Trump administration for violations of the emoluments clause, as are members of Congress and groups like the ACLU.

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3. Oppose the Health Care Bill

It’s the bill that just won’t die: Despite overwhelming opposition from the American public, waffling on the part of some Republicans and repeated failures, Senate Republicans are determined to undermine the Affordable Care Act.


  • The Senate is scheduled to vote on Tuesday, but they don’t know what they’re voting on — an attempt at repealing the Affordable Care Act, or proposing modifications.
  • 22 million people could lose their insurance by 2026.
  • Billions of dollars worth of cuts to Medicaid would be devastating for low-income Americans — many of whom are children and/or disabled.

Contact: your senators — even if you live in a blue state. Tell your senators why this matters to you — “I benefit from the Medicaid expansion” or “I was able to expand my small business because of the Affordable Care Act” — and ask them to vote in the interests of millions of Americans. If your senator is a Republican, stress that you support health care reform — hey, the ACA ain’t perfect! — but that you would like to see a carefully thought-out bill that anticipates and addresses problems that could destabilize public health, well-being and economic success.

Support: If you can, show up in person for health care protests in your community, or send supplies to help people out — flats of drinking water, snacks and more. A growing number of groups are organizing health care protests, so connect with them. “Our Lives on the Line” rallies and other health care events are scheduled for Saturday, July 29. Contributions to bail funds for local activists who may be arrested in civil disobedience actions are also appreciated!

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4. Support Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) are introducing a bipartisan bill to protect undocumented immigrants who entered the United States as children — the so-called “DREAMers” who have fought for residency status under a program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.


  • DREAMers offer a net economic gain to the United States, which stands to lose billions by deporting them.
  • This bill creates a path to citizenship for people who may have lived, worked and attended school in the U.S. for most of their lives.
  • President Trump is notoriously anti-immigrant, and this bill could extend and solidify some key protections.

Contact: your senators. Note that this is a bipartisan bill, and though it has been introduced in prior congressional sessions, it’s particularly imperative now to create clear guidance for undocumented youth. Note their economic and social contributions, as well as the value of creating a path to citizenship for those who want to safely contribute to American society.

Support: Several immigrant rights organizations, including United We Dream, Immigrant Youth Justice League and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights are working on this issue. If you haven’t done so already, contact city officials and your police chief about their stance on immigration. Do they cooperate with ICE when asked to do so, participating in raids or honoring immigration detainers? If so, are they aware that many organizations, including some law enforcement-led groups, oppose these practices?

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5. Oppose the House Budget

Last week, the House issued its budget proposal, Building A Better America. It includes steep cuts designed to reduce government spending, but at a grave cost to many vulnerable groups in the U.S.


Contact: your representative. Explain how this budget proposal may affect you, stressing that it includes cuts to Medicare and Social Security — two things Trump promised would never happen. Tell your representative to vote against the budget when it comes to the floor, and to push for reasonable changes to government spending that promote efficiency without harming Americans. You may wish to note that changes to health care policy could put extreme financial strain on low-income Americans, making cuts to social programs very dangerous.

Support: Pick a cause that’s close to heart, and find national organizations fighting budget cuts. Be aware that nonprofits do important work, but their political engagement is limited by law to retain their nonprofit status. Seek out political action committees and other lobbying arms of organizations that you want to support!

Write: Consider signing the following Care2 petitions:

Take on a mini-challenge: Get in touch with your community. Pick a local organization you want to learn more about and attend a meeting! You don’t have to volunteer — or even talk — but get a sense of who’s involved and whether you’d like to participate in the future.

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