Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action Feb. 12-18

Happy Valentine’s Day week! I hope you’re spending time with someone you love, whether they have two legs, four legs, no legs or fins. But before you feed some roses to your favorite tortoise, take a quick second to make a difference this week.

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1. Defend the Americans with Disabilities Act

Republicans are attempting to undermine the Americans with Disabilities Act with HR 620. Also known as the†ADA Education and Reform Act, the bill is likely to come up for a vote on the House floor this week.


  • This bill would introduce multiple barriers to seeking remedies for accessibility issues, like not being able to enter buildings or being unable to use the bathroom if you rely on a wheelchair for mobility.
  • Advocates†claim this bill will prevent “nuisance suits,” but evidence shows such suits are brought forward by a small group of individuals, and they would be better addressed by state bar associations.
  • The ADA is core civil rights legislation, but it relies on lawsuits for enforcement. Making it harder to file suit will make the world less accessible for disabled people.


  • Contact your representative and ask them to stand against this legislation and support the civil rights of disabled constituents. If your representative is concerned about nuisance suits, suggest that it’s time to apply pressure to state bar associations to investigate members who are behaving badly.
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2. Take a Pass on the Parade

Donald Trump reportedly ordered the Department of Defense to throw him a big military parade, in a style rarely seen in the United States.


  • There are serious nationalist overtones to parades of materiel and military personnel that aren’t in keeping with our cultural values.
  • Throwing such a parade would be extremely expensive, and the event would divert resources away from national security.
  • The movement of heavy equipment and supplies could cause serious damage to surface streets, which are not designed to accommodate military gear.


  • Contact your members of Congress and ask them to condemn Trump’s request. They can’t stop the president, but they can join the chorus of current and former military from all points of the political spectrum in saying this is a bad idea.
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3. Refuse Work Requirements for Medicaid, Housing, and Nutrition Assistance

Republicans are using policy and procedure to undermine access to support programs. They say this reduces dependency, but opponents say providing support can fight poverty and inequality.



  • Contact your state officials to ask them whether they intend to apply for a waiver that would allow them to institute work requirements. If they do, encourage them to reconsider. Also contact your federal legislators†and ask them to look into whether work requirements overstep the scope of these social programs.
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4. Show John Kelly the Door

As White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly has tremendous power and influence, and he’s making some very unwise decisions.



5. Hold Pollutin’ Pruitt Accountable

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is infamous for caring more about profits than the environment, and even actively opposing the very existence of his own agency. He’s up to his usual tricks again.



  • Contact your federal officials to ask them to explore environmental legislation that would provide protections the EPA will not. You can also address your state officials with a request to pursue aggressive environmental protections to make up for the gap in federal regulations.
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Take on a mini-challenge: This sheriff in Tennessee says he “thrives” on police shootings, and Care2 activists think he should “thrive” on unemployment. Sign our petition to get him fired.

Photo credit: Eric Drost


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