Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action Feb. 18-24

Welcome to the Weekly Resistance, and a reminder that you can do a lot with a four-day workweek. From standing strong against the wall to preventing Congress from turning into even more of a place where only wealthy people can serve, there are a lot of ways to take action. Let’s dig in!

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1. Reject Trump’s Bogus National Emergency

Trump didn’t get his wall money in the budget, so now he wants to declare a “national emergency” and take the money elsewhere. This is a blatant power grab that may not be legal –  because Congress is empowered to make spending decisions, not the president.

Contact your lawmakers to tell them that you oppose this racist and wasteful move; it’s going to get tied up in litigation and will become yet another blotch on the history of Trump’s administration. While they can’t stop the president from making this declaration, they can take a stand against this unconstitutional move and support organizations that will be mounting legal challenges.

2. Speak Up for Service Members

A report last week revealed that service members are living in horrific conditions in privatized housing, sharing their homes with mold, vermin, lead and worse. Congressional hearings delved into more details, so call your lawmakers and make it clear that you want them to take action to remedy this situation and ensure that those who serve aren’t living in hazardous conditions that can cause death, disability and severe illness.

Also take the time to speak up in support of a bill that would block the trans military ban, allowing transgender people who want to serve to do so. The Department of Defense is a major employer of trans Americans, and the ban could ultimately cost the department thousands of highly skilled personnel – all while creating a huge economic drag for the trans community.

3. Oppose Military Intervention in Venezuela

A complicated political situation is unfolding in Venezuela, and several nations are gearing up for action. Some fear that Democrats may be laying the ground to support a military intervention — this wouldn’t be the first time the U.S. has intervened in South America, and it will likely be as disastrous as the other times. Suggestions to impose sanctions could also be devastating for the Venezuelan people.

Contact your lawmakers to let them now that while you are concerned about the ramifications of the power struggle in Venezuela, you oppose military intervention and other measures that could have a punitive effect on ordinary people just trying to survive.

4. Support Savanna’s Act

Native women face shockingly high rates of sexual and physical assault. Yet it’s hard to keep track of how extreme the problem is — especially because the government doesn’t keep statistics. This legislation would mandate data collection on missing and murdered indigenous women, an important step in figuring out how to deal with this epidemic of violence.

Contact your senators to tell them that you support this bill and other actions to address this crisis: It is unacceptable for Native women to live in fear.

5. Say No to a Lawmaker Pension Cut

I know what you’re thinking: Members of Congress already make a ton of money, so Senator Rick Scott’s proposal to eliminate pensions seems like no big deal. Maybe you even support it: Why should lawmakers live high on the hog after they leave Congress?

Well, you should be suspicious of legislation introduced by millionaires, especially at a time when Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has shown how hard it can be to get into Congress when you’re working-class. All a pension cut will do is shut out people who can least afford it, and encourage people to follow the lobbying revolving door when they leave Congress. Lawmakers angling to become lobbyists aren’t representing their constituents, they’re representing their future interests.

So call your senators and tell them you oppose this bill. If the federal government wants to save money, it can do so in other ways, like taxing the rich.

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Mary B
Mary B25 days ago

ANNE M, what you said wrong was you did not acknowledge that this post was SPECIFIC to Native women and the issues THEY were having.You can't just lump EVERYBODY to gether when you're gathering data on ONE group for the purpose
of creating policy for that PARTICULAR GROUP who lives on a Reservation. Even if they may not presently reside there. One big factor is very low income, inadequate housing, and often additions. Reservations are also in isolated areas, and trible people are considered a sovereign nation with in our country. Black lives Matter has to do with the issues Black people have had to deal with concerning white people. Do you understand now ? Sorry you had such crappy experience but it would fit better in the ME TOO movement.

Debra G
Debra G27 days ago

Late to the game this week, but I did just read that Drumpfelthinskin‘s administration just announced the domestic gag rule - no Title X money for health clinics offering abortion help (including just information). So... I made a donation to Planned Parenthood. Fortunately, Oregon’s AG is first in line fighting this.

Mia B
Mia B28 days ago

Thank you for posting

Janis K
Janis K29 days ago

Thanks for sharing.

Emma L
Emma L29 days ago

Thank you

Brian F
Brian F29 days ago

Tulsi Gabbard has been excluded from the debates by the corrupt Democrats who cheated Bernie Sanders out of his primary. The Democrats hate Tulsi Gabbard because she tells the truth about how the USA needs to end regime change wars. The corrupt corporate Democratic establishment wants to eliminate Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders from the debates because they are honest, and want to end the Democrat's corruption.

Sue H
Sue Habout a month ago

Thanks for keeping us up to date on the resistance!

hELEN habout a month ago


Leo C
Leo Cabout a month ago

Thank you for sharing!

Brian F
Brian Fabout a month ago

Wesley S Now that Bernie Sanders announced, I'm going all in on him. I like Tulsi Gabbard, and her effort to end regime change wars, but Bernie Sanders has a tremendous amount of charisma and raised a record amount of money. Unfortunately the Democrats still have their unfair super delegate rule in the second round, which allows party insiders to pick who they want, if Bernie Sanders ties another candidate, so the Democrats will try to cheat Bernie Sanders out of his primary again, like they did in 2016. They already smeared Tulsi Gabbard with this Russia garbage simply because she is against regime change wars. If the Democrats don't like you, they smear you as a Russian agent.