Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action Jan. 1-7

Happy New Year, gentle readers! Here’s to an energizing 2018 filled with the best parts of humanity — and if our collective achievements in 2017 were any indicator, we’re well on our way.

Congress is in recess this week, but it’s still a great time to contact your representatives and start thinking to the months ahead — especially with a string of special elections coming up, not to mention the crucial 2018 midterms in November.

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1. Fight Trump’s Oil Oligarchy

We know Donald Trump and Big Oil are pretty snuggly, but 2018 could be a banner year for the oil industry — if you let it.


Act: Trump’s rule rollback isn’t available for comment yet, but it will be soon. Watch the Federal Register so you can take part as a member of the public. In the meantime, contact your elected officials: Tell them you’re concerned about the environmental, social and fiscal impacts of oil and gas exploration. Urge them to promote green energy and pass tough environmental protection legislation.

Consider joining Care2 activists in signing this petition: RESIST Trump’s Offshore Drilling Agenda.

2. Get in Gear for the 2018 Midterms

The 2018 midterms could be a decisive moment in modern history for progressive politics. After all, there’s a chance that Democrats could use their momentum to take back the House — and possibly even the Senate. But they can’t do it without your help.


  • Robin Marty helpfully assembled an action plan for getting involved that includes: Verifying that you’re registered to vote; confirming which races are happening and when; supporting a race you’re passionate about; donating if you can; talking about politics; maybe even running for office yourself; and showing up on election day. Share it with friends!
  • 435 House seats are up for grabs, and 2017 taught us that even historically “safe” red districts are anything but. 33 Senate seats are open, including some very vulnerable ones.
  • On the state level, an assortment of governorships, along with state house and lower offices, are coming up for election too. Voting in local politics really matters.


  • Look up your voter registration deadline, and set a calendar reminder to confirm that you’re registered before the deadline. Encourage your friends to verify their registrations, too, as voter roll purges are sometimes used as a voter suppression tactic. Contact your local election office to get information about deadlines and confirm your status.
  • Get passionate about a race and educate yourself about the candidates so you can talk about the advantages of your candidate. If you like a candidate but think that individual can do better, say soGet involved with a campaign to push your agenda, too — whether it’s more affordable housing or bird habitat.
  • If you’re thinking about running for office, now is the time to get going. Find out what you need to do to get on the ballot, and start building up a campaign staff. Consider working with a political mentorship organization like Flippable, Emily’s List, Run for Something or She Should Run to make your campaign stronger from the start, and begin thinking about endorsements.

3. Let’s Talk About Betsy DeVos

At the time of her confirmation hearing, Betsy DeVos looked like she would be dangerous for free, high quality public education in the United States, and these misgivings have proved correct.


Act: Contact your elected officials and tell them you’re concerned about preserving access to education in the United States. Ask them what they’re doing to ensure that future generations of students have civil rights protections. While pushing for successful impeachment proceedings could be a challenge in a gridlocked Congress, don’t let that stop you from urging your legislator to take action.

Consider joining your fellow Care2 activists in signing the following petitions:

4. Take Down an Unprofessional Federal Official

Planned Parenthood and other advocacy groups are calling for the removal of Office of Refugee Settlement Director Scott Lloyd after documents uncovered his sinister anti-choice agenda. Lloyd’s leadership position has allowed him to attempt to deny people the right to seek abortions, imposing his belief on desperate refugees trying to lead better lives.


  • Lloyd has a staunch anti-choice history, but no qualifications that make him well-suited for his position.
  • The ACLU has uncovered evidence of the systemic imposition of anti-choice policy on refugees, some of whom have experienced rape and want to terminate traumatic pregnancies.
  • Political appointees like Lloyd can be challenging to get rid of, but it’s not impossible.

Act: Contact your Congressional representatives. Express concerns about whether Lloyd is fit for this position, as his experience isn’t commensurate with the challenges of managing a complex project of this nature — regardless of your feelings on abortion rights. Encourage them to apply pressure to replace him with someone who has the experience needed to oversee the safe and orderly resettlement of refugees in the United States.

5. Stick Up for Migratory Birds

Even birds can’t catch a break under the Trump administration: The Department of the Interior has just rolled back an Obama-era interpretation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act that could be used to hold people responsible for “incidental” bird killings. Like, say, oiled seabirds after an oil spill.


  • The new legal guidance says that only intentional killing of migratory birds is considered a violation of the law.
  • “Incidental” deaths caused by things like corporate malfeasance, however, wouldn’t be. And that closes off a potential avenue of environmental justice in the wake of human-made disasters.
  • Over one thousand bird species are covered, and the application of the law to incidental deaths forces companies to take steps to limit bird deaths, like using more bird-friendly wind turbines, covering exposed oil pits and marking transmission lines.

Act: Contact your elected officials. This change is the result of a legal memo at the Department of the Interior, which means your federal officials cannot directly counteract it, but they can condemn it. On a state level, you may also encourage officials to pass legislation that will extend formal legal protections to migratory birds and other wildlife who are incidentally killed in the name of industry.

Consider joining your fellow activists in signing this Care2 petition: Wealthy People Are Kicking Birds Out of Trees to Protect Their Cars.

Take on a mini-challenge: There’s a growing movement to end money bail in the United States, with proponents arguing that it is unjust and costly. Many people are trapped in jail not because they did something wrong, but because they can’t afford bail. If you have some spare cash on hand, look up a mass bail fund in your area and consider donating — even $25 or $50 could make a huge difference in someone’s life!

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