Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action January 21-27

Greetings, gentle readers! As we stretch into the fifth week of the government shutdown, one thing is on many minds: When will the government reopen, and how much damage will have been done by the time we get there? I rounded up several action items for you this week, including continuing to pressure lawmakers on the shutdown, so let’s dig in!

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1. We Still Don’t Want Your Shutdown, Donald!

Tired of shutdown news? Boy, so am I — along with 800,000 furloughed federal workers and millions of Americans counting on government services that aren’t being delivered because of the ongoing shutdown. Pressure is growing to get the government started again, with some rumblings that Democrats should capitulate on the border wall funding to satisfy the president. Meanwhile, Trump is selectively ordering unpaid workers back on the job for political expediency, like IRS staffers who can handle tax season to prevent outrage over delayed returns.

That’s a bad idea for two reasons, both of which you should express to your elected officials.

The first is that it’s not okay to hold people hostage like this. It weaponizes immigrants in a battle over government funding that’s pitting people who are fleeing horrific conditions for a chance at a better life against the residents of the U.S.

The second is that the president needs to learn that you don’t always get your way; checks and balances exist for a reason, and it’s clear that the American people don’t want the wall. Elected officials need to represent the will of the people.

2. Hey Steve: No One Wants Your Racist Face

Noted racist and generally terrible Iowa Republican Steve King just lost his committee assignments after making comments so racist that even Republicans couldn’t look the other way any longer. The thing is, many people also agree that he shouldn’t be serving in Congress at all — and they’re calling on him to resign.

Contact your representative to ask them to join the calls for King to resign. A man this hateful can’t be trusted to make sound policy that affects the lives of people of color.

3. Make $15 the National Minimum Wage!

The Raise the Wage Act introduced by Democrats last week would increase the federal minimum wage to $15 over time — giving communities time to absorb the wage increase, rather than shocking them with a sudden jump from the current $7.25, which is not a living wage.

It will also eliminate subminimum wages and tipped wages, which leave waitstaff and some disabled people making much less than their fair share. 41 million people would get raises by 2024 with this legislation — and, by the way, higher minimum wages don’t kill jobs.

Contact your representative and senators to find out if they’ve signed onto this legislation. If they haven’t, encourage them to do so — especially if they’re Republican. Bipartisan support could help make this legislation a reality, making a huge difference in the lives of millions of people.

4. Missed the Day of Service? Volunteering is a Year-Round Opportunity

Communities across the country hold a day of service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in honor of his legacy. Organizations large and small participate, providing people with opportunities to connect with each other and do some good for a few hours during a day off work. But as with volunteering during the holiday season, some people treat this as a one-and-done opportunity.

If you enjoy your experience, consider reaching out to that organization about volunteering all year. Some groups have a volunteering minimum and will require you to complete training, but it’s worth it to set aside some time to contribute your energy.

5. Keep Kids Fed Through the Shutdown

There are so many things going wrong for so many people during the shutdown that it feels hard to know where to begin, but here’s a basic one: feeding kids. More kids need free and reduced lunch now, while schools are losing funding for their lunch programs. That’s not a great combination.

Contact your school to learn more about how you can support them, and do the same with your food bank, which helps kids stay fed when school’s out.

Take Action Right Now

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Dot A
Dot A18 days ago

With a re-read of my post, the majority claim isn't found. Standing by the 'millions of our American people to find Trump's behavior unacceptable, it cannot be just foolishness' wording, Paul B. We've had previous presidents which our citizens could say they did not regard as their chosen leader, but, this time, the reaction is far from such a difference in opinion; It is a gut wrenching fearful reaction, of which I've never witnessed. I listen to those around me who are on his (potus) side, and from what I am hearing, most speak of being fearful of 'others' and wanting to cash in - as a prosperous business man, such as Trump. Our nation was once inspired by ideals of fairness, freedoms, and compassion. I rarely see such qualities from this potus. Millions of others see the same character flaws. Some don't. But, so many millions do!

Katie & Bill D
Katie & Bill D19 days ago

Our hard earned taxpayer money could be spent more wisely!
Such a Big Baby has to have it like the little kid in the checkout line at the Store

Katie & Bill D
Katie & Bill D19 days ago

It's a Waste!

Paul B
Paul B22 days ago

Brian, why doesn't it surprise me that you are a big AOC fan. That little socialist will ruin the country and is pushing the Dem party right off the left edge of any scale of Americanism.

Brian F
Brian F23 days ago

Both parties are corrupt. Obama is a crook who allowed Citygroup to pick his cabinet, and took $400,000 from Wall Street as a reward for not prosecuting one banker. Obama gave us a horrible Republican healthcare plan instead of Medicare for all. Pelosi is worth 100 million and refuses to support Medicare for all. This crook Trump passed a horrible tax cut for the wealthy that adds 2 trillion dollars to the debt. In addition Trump reduced the size of National Monuments, allowed the expansion of drilling and natural gas fracking, and wants to keep us addicted to using dirty fossil fuels, as the rest of the world quickly shifts to clean renewable energy. The only honest politicians are Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders, but they are kept from power by the crooks in both parties.

Karen K
Karen K23 days ago

Many things to support.

David F
David F23 days ago

Correction on my last post, Billion not million.
If you multiply the cost of wall at $5.7 Billion times 2019 (happens to be this year) it comes up to $11 trillion 508 billion almost the exact dollar that The debt grew from 2006 (8.42 Trillion when the Pelosi owned the purse strings), to $19.947 TRILLION when the worst President in history retired.

David F
David F23 days ago

If you multiply the cost of wall at $5.7 billion times 2019 (happens to be this year) it comes up to $11 trillion 508 million, almost the exact dollar that The debt grew from 2006 (8.42 Trillion when the Pelosi owned the purse strings), to $19.947 TRILLION when the worst President in history retired.

That is two thousand and nineteen (permanent) Trump walls and about that many more walls if we add the interest lost on the debt.

The Dems in congress are insane.

Paul B
Paul B23 days ago

Dot A... so your side is right, ignoring the millions, as you put it, who whole-heartedly agree with Trump's policy initiatives. So we have two competing philosophies on what is b est for the country. TO discount all of us who like what Trump is doing is equally as wrong as discounting those who disapprove. When you use 'most Americans" I think you are exagerating considering that Trump won the election which proves that the support for him is greater than you assume. Plus, given the fact that the media has slammed him for over two years and his approval rating is at 45%, higher than Obama at his point in his presidency. So you might want to rethink your "majority" claim.

Lisa M
Lisa M23 days ago