Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action June 10-16

Welcome back to the Weekly Resistance! If you’re feeling your energy lagging as the days get warmer and longer, you’re not alone. So beat the heat with a little outreach to your representatives!

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1. Back the Bipartisan Lobbying Ban

It sounds like an unlikely comedy duo for a summer flick. But yes, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ted Cruz are teaming up with bipartisan legislation to ban lobbying for life for former lawmakers. The lawmakers struck an initial deal on Twitter (of course) and are reportedly working on “clean” legislation to accomplish their goal — no sneaking in add-ons that would make it unpalatable for either side.

What you can do: Contact your lawmakers to tell them you support this legislation — and in particular that you don’t want to see amendments that might sink the deal. Ask for a clean, straightforward ban on lobbying after service in Congress. If AOC and Ted Cruz can agree on something, it’s safe to say it represents support at both ends of the political spectrum.

2. How Transparent Is Your Police Force?

A recent report found 20 percent of cops post racist content on social media. Often, the processes for disciplining police — not just for officer-involved shootings but also for other misconduct — is very opaque. And oversight by civilians may be pretty limited. That makes it hard for communities to identify harmful trends in their police forces, and it presents challenges for reform.

What you can do: Research your local law enforcement agencies to learn more about civilian commissions and oversight committees. Find out how police handle use-of-force complaints and other reports from civilians, and ask about the transparency of records on misconduct. Also, ask about whether the department has a use-of-force policy, and request a copy for review.

3. It’s Time to End the Hyde Amendment

The Hyde amendment is in the news again — thanks to a flip-flop from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who initially said he supported this ban on federal funding for abortion care and then said he didn’t. If you’re having trouble keeping track of Biden’s stance, know the rest of the Democratic field has been much more unequivocally confident about calling to strike down this misogynistic legislation, which interferes with pregnant people’s right to access full-spectrum health care.

What you can do: There’s an easy solution to this problem. Congress can act to strike down the Hyde amendment, allowing patients on Medicaid to receive abortion care. Contact your legislators today to push them to do just that. And if you’re represented by a presidential candidate who opposes Hyde, tell them this is a good time to walk the talk.

4. Support Strong National Vehicle Emissions Standards

The ongoing fight between California and the White House just got a new party: automakers, who are pushing for “compromise” as the two duke it out. The federal government says California shouldn’t be allowed to institute tougher emissions standards, even though multiple states have adopted them as model legislation. In the fight against climate change, it’s critical to have uniform emissions standards for the whole country, but watering down California’s gold standard isn’t the way. Pollution is harmful for the environment and human health, and there’s a strong business case to make for cracking down on emissions.

What you can do: Contact your lawmakers to tell them you definitely support a uniform national standard to fight climate change. But tell them you’re not interested in “compromise” that would keep polluting cars on the road.

5. Solitary Confinement Isn’t Good for Anyone (Not Even Paul Manafort)

One tough factor about supporting prison reform is it’s prison reform for everyone — even people who have done bad things, such as Paul Manafort. Last week, news dropped that Manafort will be sent to Rikers Island, a notorious New York facility, where he might be placed in protective custody (i.e., solitary confinement). Rikers happens to be in the district of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has come out strongly in opposition to solitary confinement.

What you can do: While you can’t take action on Manafort’s case directly beyond joining the calls to oppose this cruel and unusual punishment (deemed torture by the U.N.), you can contact your lawmakers to call for a federal ban on the practice. Some incarcerated people spend decades in solitary, leaving their cells for only an hour a day — if that — and experiencing tremendous deprivation. It’s cruel, and it needs to end in all jail and prison facilities as a step in the gradual direction of ending incarceration altogether.

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Paulo R
Paulo Reeson2 days ago

petitions signed. ty

Christine V
Christine V5 days ago

Strong national vehicle emissions standards are especially important to me.

Alea C
Alea C5 days ago

Tyfs. Petitions signed.

Brian F
Brian F5 days ago

We need to terminate most of the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who refuses to support Medicare for all, free colleges, and a Green New Deal, because they are crook like the Republicans. Nancy Pelosi is a crook like Trump. . We need honest politicians like AOC.

Ganaisha C
Ganaisha Calvin5 days ago

lobbying should definitely be banned as well as the hyde amendment! never stop fighting!

Loredana V
Loredana V5 days ago

I've signed all the petitions, thank you.

Anne Moran
Anne Moran5 days ago

Bet Manafort will have all the comforts of home... - T.V., computer, robe and slippers,, etc. - I'm sure he'll be just fine.. - Don't shed a tear for this guy...

Mark T
Mark Turner5 days ago


Debra G
Debra G5 days ago

FYI: The House Ways and Means Committee will hold its first hearing on Medicare for All after recent hearings in both the Rules and Budget committees. Hearings are this Wednesday, June 12 on “Pathways to Universal Coverage,” including the Medicare for All Act (H.R. 1384). Holding these hearings is a critical part of the process of building support for big legislation that we can pass the next time Democrats have control of the entire government.

Bill Eagle
Bill Eagle5 days ago

I always look forward to these ways to take actions. A good list and good ideas.