Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action June 11-17

Good morning, gentle readers! At a time of #MeToo and generally dismaying news, here’s a bright spot for your day: Miss America has finally dropped the swimsuit segment, because surely we can judge women by something other than how they look in a bathing suit. And if you think your voice doesn’t matter, try this on for size: Care2 pressure activists pressured a Massachusetts school into changing their sexist dress code.

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1. Say No to Endless War

The Constitution says only Congress can declare war. A proposal from Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Tim Kaine (D-VA) would allow the president to delegate the use of lethal force anywhere in the world.


  • This proposal, called an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), builds on a 2001-era law that gave President George W. Bush considerable latitude in dispatching U.S. forces after potential terror targets.
  • Drafts of this AUMF  allegedly include six nations, a number of organizations, and permission for the president to add entries at will — effectively giving the president a blank check to send troops without Congressional approval.
  • Conservatives, civil liberties watchdogs and many others oppose this measure because of its broad scope and potential ramifications.

Act: Call your senators to express your concern about this proposal, and ask them to vote against it when it comes up for consideration. This AUMF could perpetuate endless war and allow the president an unprecedented scope of power — a particular concern with a volatile president who disrespects the rule of law.

Consider joining fellow Care2 activists in signing the following petition: Tell Congress to Revoke Trump’s Blank Check for War in Afghanistan

2. Tell Congress to Rein in ICE

Last week, a man died by suicide in immigration detention after being separated from his family. Another man was detained and threatened with deportation while delivering a pizza. Meanwhile, ICE is preparing to transfer detainees to federal prisons to address a space shortage. And a deported DACA recipient was murdered in Mexico just weeks after he was forced to leave the U.S.

ICE clearly needs oversight.


  • Extreme anti-immigrant sentiment among conservatives is breeding tolerance for practices that should be unacceptable — including abuse of detainees, separating families, shooting people at the border, raids without due process and much more.
  • As a federal agency, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security and both are subject to Congressional review, investigation, and monitoring.
  • Harassing immigrants does not make the United States safer, but it does make the country look bad in the eyes of the international community. The agency’s disturbing practices also disrupt families, destroy lives and destabilize the economy.

Act: Contact your federal lawmakers to ask them what they’re doing about ICE’s abuses of due process and other aspects of the law, calling on them to investigate the agency. In addition, push for comprehensive immigration reform that will respect the human rights of immigrants and provide a path to legal residency and citizenship for people seeking to build new lives in the U.S.

Consider joining fellow Care2 activists in signing the following petition: Justice for Claudia Patricia Gómez Gonzáles the Unarmed Woman Shot in Cold Blood by a US Border Agent

3. Get Familiar with the National Defense Authorization Act

The National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, is a must-pass piece of legislation with multibillion dollar stakes.


  • The NDAA is passed every year, setting out appropriations for Department of Defense-related activities alongside policies; it delves into subjects like ordering new equipment, force readiness and much more. If it’s military-related, it’s included.
  • Because this legislation must pass, it’s common for members of Congress to attach peripherally-related proposals in the hopes of squeaking them by — which is why some very odd things can pop up in the NDAA, like the Matthew Shepard and James Bryd Act, a groundbreaking hate crimes law attached to the 2010 NDAA.
  • This legislation is extremely long and complicated, especially once everyone’s done attaching amendments. Most legislators don’t read it in full and no one expects you to, either!

Act: Put the NDAA on your radar, because it’s coming to the Senate floor soon. Keep an eye on what advocacy groups are saying; amendments can move quickly, and you may need to be primed to make contact with your legislators.

4. Ask Your State Lawmakers to Defend Health Care Access

Conservatives are waging war on access to health services, and they’re currently targeting pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions historically included virtually any grounds to deny insurance coverage, from sleep apnea to cancer to pregnancy.


  • Now that the provisions of the Affordable Care Act — ACA or Obamacare — have been undermined by Congress, Texas is arguing that the ACA is unconstitutional. The state is specifically challenging pre-existing conditions requirements.
  • The Justice Department, responsible for defending federal legislation in court, has chosen to withdraw from the case, effectively signaling that the government doesn’t think the law is worthy of defense. Jeff Sessions once said that an attorney general who refuses to defend a law he thinks is unconstitutional should resign.
  • Even the health care industry supports requirements for pre-existing condition coverage, as did Donald Trump during his presidential campaign, when he said he would “take care of” Americans who need health care.

Act: If Congress won’t defend your health care, it’s time to turn to your state. Ask your lawmakers what steps they’re taking to secure access to health care, and whether your state is considering filing a brief in the Texas case — unless you live in Texas, sorry. Even if you’re in great health, with no adverse medical history, you or someone you love may need care someday and be unable to access it due to these policy changes.

5. Make Foreign Policy Great Again

Over the weekend, Donald Trump stormed out of G7 talks, insulting Canada along the way. He then departed for a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in Singapore, an event accompanied by considerable anxiety among many foreign policy experts.


  • Donald Trump’s volatile personality makes him a dangerous choice of representative at international gatherings, where he routinely belittles, insults and talks over foreign leaders.
  • Trump’s recent aggression on trade tariffs has some concerned about the trade aspect of foreign relations with longstanding partners like Canada and Mexico.
  • Trump’s tendency to use Twitter as a conduit for providing information is less than ideal for complex multilateral discussions, where 280 characters are not necessarily the preferred method of communication.

Act: You can’t vote the president out until 2020, but you can reach out to your elected officials to ask them what they’re doing to protect America’s foreign policy priorities, including building ties with other nations and pushing back on presidential abuses of power.

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Thanks for sharing

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Thank you for posting.

Debra G
Debra G8 months ago

Just found out there will be anti-ICE protests nationwide on June 14. Find a march near you here: https://actionnetwork.org/groups/families-belong-together

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Winn A
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David F
David F8 months ago

Brian F, China opens one new coal mine every week, additionally they are building coal plants around the world so they will have a market for the mass quantities of coal they currently mine.
One of the reasons President Trump protected the US taxpayers by pulling out of the disastrous Obama Paris Climate Agreement, China could build all the coal plants they want.

Coal Boom: 1600 new plants in 62 countries around the world – increasing 43%


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I don't think chump intimidated PM Trudeau one iota... - He's not going to take any crap from this bully.. - He 'gets' him,,, just like the rest of us/the world...

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Resist in every way you can, and please, don't vote republican

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David F China spends 126 billion a year on clean renewable energy, and will soon be a world super power in wind and solar power. Trump is keeping us addicted to using dirty fossil fuels, as China and other nations will leave the USA in the dust, in clean renewable energy. That's not leadership, that's ignorance. Trump is in the pockets of our dirty fossil fuel industry, and is keeping us addicted to using dirty fossil fuels. That's not making America great again, that's making America worse.