Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action March 25-31

Welcome back, gentle readers! Congress is back in session this week with some important votes scheduled, including action on the Green New Deal and an attempt at a veto override of Donald Trump’s emergency declaration for the wall. It’s a great time to contact your federal lawmakers — but don’t leave the state ones behind!

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1. Fight discrimination: Pass the Equality Act

The Equality Act, introduced in both the House and the Senate, would enshrine LGBTQ rights in anti-discrimination law nationwide, a move that’s a long time coming. The patchy state-by-state approach has left people dangerously vulnerable in hostile states. The law would cover things, such as housing, employment and public accommodations, and it would explicitly prohibit the use of federal funds for discriminatory activities.

If you’re a fan of equal treatment under the law, contact your lawmakers to let them know you support this legislation. It’s unjust to deny LGBTQ people equal access to society — and to use your tax dollars to do it in some cases.

2. On the state side: Support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Killing off the Electoral College is proving tough, despite its popularity. Some states are proposing a workaround that binds electors to the popular vote. But the agreement doesn’t kick in until the number of signatories reaches critical mass. States representing a combined total of at least 270 electors must sign on, ensuring that the compact will actually have meaning in the election.

Look up your state’s status. If it’s not a signatory yet, contact your state lawmakers to ask them to join. The Electoral College is a relic of a prior era, and it doesn’t represent a truly democratic system.

3. Tell Congress: We want to see the Mueller report!

On Friday, Robert Mueller dropped what may have been the most anticipated publication of 2019: his report on the nearly two-year investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. The report was handed off to Attorney General William Barr to read, and Barr has already delivered his own summary of the report to Congress.

That’s not enough. The people, and many Democratic members of Congress, believe it should be made publicly available for everyone to review. For that matter, the president has said he’s cool with sharing it. So that means we get to see it, right? Contact your members of Congress to make it clear you want this document shared with the public, though reasonable redactions for reasons of national security are an understandable necessity.

4. Work for it: A vacancy at the Federal Labor Relations Authority is unacceptable

Let’s say you work for the federal government and have a labor relations complaint like union busting. You bring it to the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the federal agency charged with investigating and pursuing such issues. Well, bad news: It can investigate, but without a general counsel to sign off, it can’t crack down on the offending agencies. Trump has left this key role unfilled, part of his pattern of understaffing federal agencies.

It’s a good time to remind your elected officials that you are concerned about key vacancies across the Trump administration like this one.

5. HQWho?: Does your state track corporate incentives?

Depending on where you live, you may be aware of the billions of dollars in corporate incentives handed out every year to entice companies like Amazon, or you may be less tapped in. You should know that 20 states and most cities don’t even bother to track the outcome of their juicy incentive packages. And they have no way of knowing whether promises, such as jobs and community development, even materialized.

Contact your city and state officials to ask about practices surrounding corporate incentives in your area. This notoriously opaque process can’t stay that way forever, and it’s ludicrous to throw taxpayer money into projects that may not even perform as advertised.

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Dan Blossfeld
Dan Blossfeld23 days ago

Brian F.
None of the Senate Democrats supported the Green New Deal, as it failed 57-0.

Brian F
Brian F23 days ago

Most of the Democrats are refusing to support Medicare for all or AOC's Green New Deal because they are crooks like the Republicans. We need to get rid of most of the Democrats like that crook Nancy Pelosi, who refuses to support Medicare for all, and replace them with honest people like AOC, Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders.

Sue H
Sue H23 days ago

Thanks for keeping us up to date on the Resistance !

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Lisa M
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Caitlin L
Past Member 24 days ago

Thank you

David C
David C25 days ago

thanks, all petitions signed.

Loredana V
Loredana V25 days ago

Great job, as usual. Thank you!

Alea C
Alea C25 days ago

Tyfs, but my reps in Florida are all Trump puppets, so it's a waste of time contacting them. I know this because I've been doing so since 2016.