Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action March 26-April 1

April Fool’s Day may be almost upon us, but we aren’t joking around. Over the weekend, activists took to the streets to demand an end to gun violence in U.S. schools. Yet another Trump administration staffing shake-up occurred. And the president threatened to veto the budget over ideological disagreements.

Now that everyone’s back at their desks, it’s time to pick up the phone or take to the keyboard to contact your representatives. Join us in taking action this week!

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1. Don’t Let Cambridge Analytica Get Away With Your Data

Last week, news broke that private data firm Cambridge Analytica gained unauthorized access to personal data about Facebook users — including political preferences and activities on the platform. The firm allegedly used this information to target advertising for the 2016 Trump campaign.


Act: Call your federal legislators to ask them to push for a transparent and thorough DOJ investigation into Facebook’s actions: Why didn’t they act sooner? What are they doing to protect users from these kinds of abuses in the future? Which other companies might have private customer data?

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2. Oppose Forced Labor for Detained Immigrants

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement relies heavily on private contractors for incarcerating immigrant detainees, and they’re forcing those detainees to perform low wage labor.


  • In the United States, it’s legal to pay inmates well below minimum wage, but there is a limit. Human rights advocates allege that detainees are being paid below the wage floor for prisoners.
  • People in immigration detention aren’t guaranteed the right to an attorney, and they may spend months or years awaiting trial.
  • Ultimately, a lawsuit calling for justice could cover as many as 60,000 people.

Act: Call your legislators about immigration policy. Persecuting immigrants leads to huge numbers of people exposed to exploitation in detention, and immigration reforms could change that. Be sure to demand an end to the use of private detention facilities not just for immigrants, but also for other inmates in the justice system.

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3. Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Russia Investigation?

House Republicans just announced that they’re done with the Russia investigation, and they’ll be releasing a report – even though their justifications for concluding this early are pretty flimsy.


  • The House Intelligence Committee says it found no signs of collusion between Trump and Russia – a conclusion that comes as a surprise to nearly everyone following its efforts.
  • Members of the GOP have repeatedly lied and obscured information in the course of the investigation.
  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller is continuing to investigate possible Trump-Russia connections.

Act: If your representative is on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, contact them to express your dismay. If not, contact your representative, and senators, to ask them what they plan to do about lingering concerns surrounding Russia and election interference.

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4. Block Dow Chemical Attorney Peter Wright’s EPA Nomination and Bill Otis’ Nomination to the U.S. Sentencing Commission

Over a year into the Trump presidency, the Senate is still holding confirmation hearings for administration officials.


  • Peter Wright, an attorney with Dow Chemical, is being nominated to the EPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management as assistant administrator. That agency oversees Superfund sites, which Wright has opposed in the past. Fox guarding the henhouse much?
  • Bill Otis is being nominated for a role on the commission that provides sentencing guidance for the federal judiciary. He’s an extremist who favors harsh sentencing, mandatory minimum sentencing and “tough on crime” policies, which don’t actually work to reduce crime.
  • Both of these roles are Senate-confirmable.

Act: Contact your senators to express your concerns, especially if they are Republican. Consider researching their background and record to see if you can appeal to statements and positions taken in the past — like historic support for Superfund sites, or concerns about a toxic site in your community that needs to be cleaned up.

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5. No More Police Shootings: Call for Police Accountability

While the nation’s eyes are on the topic of gun violence in schools, another war of attrition is going on, as police continue to shoot people of color in suspicious circumstances.


  • Sacramento police shot an unarmed black man named Stephon Clark in his own backyard last week.
  • 232 people and counting have been killed by police in the US in 2018, according to Washington Post data.
  • It’s rare for officers to be tried in such cases — and even rarer for them to be convicted.

Act: We know that simple tactics like limiting use of force and clearly defining department policies are effective, so contact your local officials to ask them to take action on police reform. Ask for a focus on community policing, not waging war on the public.

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Marie W
Marie W8 months ago


Marty P
Marty Priceabout a year ago

Eric Lees...."Ignorance Is Not Bliss." Have To Disagree With That Statement As The Republicans Seem Pretty Happy.

Jetana A
Jetana Aabout a year ago

Thanks for helping us RESIST!

David C
David Cabout a year ago

noted, thanks

Lesa D
Past Member about a year ago

continuing to RESIST!!!

thank you s.e. ...

Eric Lees
Eric Leesabout a year ago

As always educate yourself on the real issues so you know what and whom you should be resisting.

So many are protesting against one part then turn around and support another part of the same problem or similar problem. Ignorance is not bliss.

Winn A
Winn Adamsabout a year ago

Yes, Fire tRUMP not guns!

Jen S
Jen Sabout a year ago

My elected Senators and my Congressman would probably say they are entirely too familiar with my opinions. I had already signed both petitions. As to the House Committee 's forthcoming report, it is fatally flawed in that the Democratic members did not participate, the Republicans like their President are fond of creating facts, albeit with a bit more subtlety, and are not above misleading or outright fabrication, it cannot possibly have been thoroughly researched and is fully partisan. I will read it for the entertainment, as more "fake news".

Anne Moran
Anne Moranabout a year ago

No. 3 - chump,, that's who...

John B
John Babout a year ago

Thanks Ms. Smith for the article. I've already email and called my Senators and Representative on the issues listed and all petitions listed were signed previously.