Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action May 14-20

In these chaotic times, it’s always helpful to take a moment and celebrate some victories. In British Columbia, hardworking animal activists finally achieved a ban on declawing! And in Pakistan, transgender citizens just got a major civil rights boost! Meanwhile, in Mexico, an adorable endangered species received some very good news!

What do all of these successes have in common? Good people with caring hearts who took some time out of their day to try to make a difference — even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Keep that in mind as you go about your week; never think that a moment of kind action is useless.

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1. Stop Separating Families at the Border

Jeff Sessions continues to plumb new depths in his role as attorney general, claiming that he intends to separate families of refugees seeking shelter at the U.S. border.


  • Rather than returning people to their nations of origin when they’re caught at the border, Sessions wants to intern them — generating big profits for private prisons – and try them, keeping families separated all the while.
  • The numbers of families and children detained at the border is increasing, in part due to violent conflicts and repressive governments that are forcing people to flee in search of safety.
  • Sessions seems to think this policy change will encourage people to reconsider immigration. In truth, like other hostile policy, it will push more individuals into dangerous and sometimes fatal border crossings. It will also embolden the Border Patrol to engage in horrific acts — like sabotaging supplies of water and food left in areas of peak danger by humanitarian groups.

Act: Contact your elected officials to oppose this inhumane policy: Even if they’re anti-immigration, they should be aware that this won’t necessarily reduce the number of people crossing into the country illegally. In fact, it will just make those crossings more dangerous and create problems for law enforcement.

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2. Don’t Waste Resources with a Military Parade

Donald Trump’s childish dedication to holding a giant military parade is gathering steam.


  • Grand military parades, including displays of materiel and troops, are somewhat unusual in the contemporary United States, and they remind some observers of authoritarian governments.
  • The cost of this parade would be tremendous – and a huge strain on military resources.
  • Markup for the National Defense Authorization Act, which would include funding for the parade, has already happened in the House — and will start in the Senate soon.

Act: Contact your legislators, especially if they sit on the House Armed Services Committee or its Senate equivalent, to tell them you oppose funding this exorbitant display of power and waste of resources.

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3. Call on Congress to Save the Iran Deal

Last week, Donald Trump announced his intent to pull out of the historic Iran Deal, an international agreement designed to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.


  • Trump has the authority to do this and Congress cannot technically stop him, though members of Congress can absolutely pressure the president to reconsider.
  • The deal lifted certain sanctions from Iran in exchange for the country’s agreement to nuclear monitoring and several other terms designed to limit their capacity to develop a nuclear weapon. Trump has indicated that he intends to restore these sanctions — though remaining signatories in the deal have asked him to reconsider, as it could jeopardize their efforts to salvage it.
  • This is a major foreign relations failure for the United States — and one that could have far-reaching consequences for similar agreements in the future.

Act: Contact your elected officials, noting that you understand they can’t reverse the Iran deal or control sanctions, and ask them to apply pressure to the president on both these issues. Nuclear nonproliferation and the stability of the Middle East are bipartisan issues relevant to everyone on Earth — make sure your legislators know you care.

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4. Tell the White House: Decorum Still Matters

Given the rampant unprofessionalism and repeated crudeness coming from high levels of government, sometimes it’s hard to remember that the White House is the people’s house, and employees are expected to uphold a high standard of conduct.


  • Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has distinguished herself multiple times with inappropriate, glib and offensive remarks.
  • Kelly Sadler, who works in the communications office, made a low remark about John McCain — that he no longer matters because he’s “dying anyway,” the kind of dignified language we’ve come to expect from White House staff.
  • The Trump administration rarely even acknowledges — let alone formally apologizes for — hateful, crude, hurtful, offensive, inappropriate and generally awful comments and actions on the part of the president, the administration and support personnel.

Act: Contact your federal officials and ask them what they’re doing to address the lack of decorum at the White House. The seat of government shouldn’t be a national embarrassment or a source of endless cringeworthy headlines.

5. White People: Have a Conversation About When It’s Appropriate to Call the Police

The last few weeks have brought us a wave of bizarre incidents in which white people thought it was appropriate to call law enforcement to situations that very much weren’t emergencies.


  • Every 911 call — or call to police dispatch — is expensive, requiring time, money and resources.
  • Racial bias is systemic throughout the justice system, including in policing: Police encounters are more likely to be fatal for people of color.
  • Talking about race can be uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean you should avoid it.

Act: Consider using one of these issues in the news as a starting point to discuss when to call police. Do people call the cops if someone looks “suspicious” or is doing something they find annoying or upsetting? Or are they reserving calls to 911 for genuine emergencies, like a clear threat to someone’s life — or a genuine crime in progress?

Challenge people to examine their biases: A black woman loading a suitcase into a car could just be … a black woman loading a suitcase into a car, for example.

Ask people if there are other ways to deal with situations they find unusual or worrying. If you or someone you know is in a position of authority — maybe you draft workplace policies on handling disputes and hazards — build this conversation into how you think about communications about when it’s appropriate to call law enforcement.

Feeling stuck on alternatives to calling police? You may find this resource helpful.

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Marie W
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David F
David F8 months ago

Illegal families cross the border and get caught, it is the law that the children cannot be housed with the adults in detention. The Children are sent to a youth shelter run by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Fake News tells their victims that this just started happening under Trump. They sensor the fact that it is a long standing law passed by congress and exercised by both Obama and Bush.

Eric Lees
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Anyone else having issues with Care2 redirecting to another site? My anti-virus blocked a redirect to "http://5o4f8.2568786.com".

Be careful, no idea what is on that site, I sent a support email.

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Anne Moran
Anne Moran8 months ago

No. 1 - Don't split families up, they belong together...
No. 2 - Narcissism at it's very best..
No. 3 - He's just stirring the pot..
No. 4 - An apology from staff/POTUS in the WH,, is just not 'in them'...
No. 5 - People should learn to mind their own business...

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