Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action May 20-26

Welcome back to the Weekly Resistance! With yet more white men climbing into the clown car that is the 2020 Democratic presidential race, it’s sometimes hard to remember there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world. I’ve rounded up a few things for you to take action on this week — on matters both foreign and domestic.

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1. Keep Us Out Of Iran

Tensions are bubbling between the United States and Iran — some manufactured, some otherwise. The U.S. is reshuffling embassy staff, leaking information about invasion forces and making cryptic comments in the media, which is never a good sign. Of course, we were on track for a more harmonious relationship with Iran when we brokered a nuclear deal that Donald Trump promptly broke. And his administration’s increasingly public racism and Islamophobia are doing it no favors.

Getting entangled in a war anywhere is a bad idea. But getting involved on the ground in Iran could be a quagmire costing billions and requiring hundreds of thousands of personnel, some of whom may not return. This isn’t a question of who’d win. It’s a question of how many years of grinding back-and-forth struggle we’d foment in the Middle East — as well as what it would do to our international reputation.

Call your federal officials. Remind them that only Congress has the authority to declare war, and you want them to enforce that.

2. Pay Up, Scott

The fix is in: Scott Pruitt spent $124,000 on unnecessary flights during his time at the EPA. This investigation likely doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who followed his bizarre and very spendthrift habits while he was in office. But every now and then it’s good to see a full accounting of a ghastly misuse of office.

So the next step is getting that money back from Pruitt. Contact your lawmakers, and tell them you want to see Pruitt pay his bill. It’s a gross misuse of taxpayer funds, which should upset lawmakers from either party. There’s also an extra bitter twist in seeing the head of the EPA, of all agencies, racking up $124,000 in excessive travel.

3. Give Mark Morgan A Cold Shoulder

Rumor has it that Border Patrol alum Mark Morgan is being tapped to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement, though it has not been formally announced. Morgan’s history of racist, hateful and generally awful comments highlights how wildly unsuited he is for this role. At a time when children keep dying in Border Patrol custody, the agency is overloaded with detainees and the world is watching the unfolding crisis at the border, we should be eliminating ICE — or at least picking a head who’s more levelheaded.

Contact your senators to let them know you’re counting on them to block this nomination. Morgan’s instability, poor judgment and racism make him an unfit candidate to run a government agency — or anything else.

4. Hold Saudi Arabia Accountable for Journalist’s Death

It’s been six months since journalist Jamal Khashoggi died gruesomely in the Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey after being told he needed to report there to finalize documents for his upcoming wedding. The entire world knows who did it, and yet U.S. officials are still acting like it’s fine to socialize with members of the Saudi royal family. Now, his fiancée is calling on the international community to take action with sanctions and an investigation.

His murder was an atrocious miscarriage of justice — one that the perpetrators should pay for. While the U.S. has long enjoyed a very cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia, it’s time to rethink that. Tell your federal officials you want the U.S. to hold Saudi Arabia accountable via whatever means necessary — and ask them to call on fellow allies to do the same.

5. No Merit

Donald Trump has rolled out a proposal for immigration that’s clearly playing to his base more than reality. (It’s unlikely to get through Congress.) He claims the proposal is rooted in “merit,” using a points system to determine who should be allowed into the U.S. It would freeze immigration levels, effectively worsening the current immigration situation by making it harder to get into the U.S. Plus, it says nothing about undocumented people in the country — including millions of people who came here as children with no control over the circumstances of their immigration.

While this plan is more about messaging than action (so far), it’s still a good idea to tell your lawmakers you do not support it and have concerns about how it might be implemented in the real world. Note that it fails to address numerous issues of concern to Americans and is likely to make our immigration crisis worse, not better. You might want to suggest they collaborate with colleagues to release a robust and assertive alternative instead.

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Eric Lees
Eric Lees24 days ago

@Peggy B
"Eric Lees .... Did you read the article yourself? One cannot be an independent thinker if they belong to a political party. "

Yes I did Peggy, I think it had some good advice and is why I shared it. I think you can still be an independent thinker and be a member of a party. But you have to make your own mind up on every issue and not blindly follow the partly line like the majority does.

Brian F
Brian F24 days ago

Maybe if the Democrats got rid of their unfair super delegate rule, that allows party insiders to determine elections, their would be less the Democrats cheated Bernie talk.

Dan Blossfeld
Dan Blossfeld24 days ago

Maybe if Sanders wins the nomination and loses to Trump, that will silence all the Democrats cheated Bernie talk.

Paulo Reeson
Paulo R24 days ago

petitions signed. ty

Brian F
Brian F25 days ago

I agree with these but I might add its been 3 years since the Democrats cheated Bernie Sanders out of his primary, which caused this crook Trump to win. The WikiLeaks emails and Julian Assange proved this. Now the Democrats still have their unfair super delegate rule that allows party insiders to determine elections which is cheating. It's way pastime for the Democrats to get rid of their unfair super delegate rule, and stop trying to block Bernie Sanders from leading the party. Also disgraced liar Donna Brazille passed debate questions to Hillary, yet never went to prison, and then got a job working for Fox News. Donna Brazille is an opportunist and a liar who belongs in prison, instead of getting a high paying job working for Fox News.

Alea C
Alea C25 days ago

I live in Florida where my politicians use signed petitions as toilet paper, but I signed them all anyway because apparently I enjoy bashing my head against a rock.

Lisa M
Lisa M25 days ago


Lisa M
Lisa M25 days ago


Loredana V
Loredana V25 days ago

I've already signed all the petitions.
Thank you, see you next week!

Peggy B
Peggy B25 days ago

I think the flood of Democrat presidential candidates is a result of karmic action of the 2016 GOP parade of candidates. The Trump collusion investigation their karma for all the Clinton investigations. It will be interesting to see their karma results when/if a Democrat President pulls the stunts that Trump is pulling. They are setting a precedent looking the other way.