Weekly Resistance: How To Take Action May 29-June 3

While summer hasn’t started officially yet, the Memorial Day barbecue always feels like an unofficial beginning to the season. With ears of corn and mushroom burgers sizzling on the grill, a warm breeze wafting through the yard and shorts on, it’s hard to believe it’s still technically spring.

Something about the summer months always makes me feel a little lazy, so this is a good time to remember that we should be kicking into high gear†on the political front.

If you happen to have some extra time this week, thanks to the holiday, take advantage of it to step up your game!

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On the phone

Call your†senators and representatives about the American Health Care Act. We now have a Congressional Budget Office score for the latest version — and it doesn’t look great for millions of Americans.

Of note: The Senate will likely seek to pass this bill through reconciliation, which means that Democrats won’t be able†to use a filibuster to put the brakes on it.

  • 23 million people could lose their health care under the law.
  • As the Senate develops its version, stress that you don’t want to see a repeal without a clear path for a replacement.
  • If you’re a young person, have a preexisting condition, live with a disability or otherwise directly benefit from provisions of the Affordable Care Act, tell your story and explain why this legislation is so important to you.

Also, consider calling your representatives about the budget, which was released last week. The budget is President Trump’s wish list. It includes funding cuts, program eliminations and boosts. You have an opportunity to tell your representatives how you feel about key components of the budget before they start writing an appropriations bill.

  • The budget includes deep cuts to, among other things: Medicaid, public health, the Environmental Protection Agency, the State Department, the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, nutrition assistance, food safety and inspection, refugee services, Social Security, Medicare, NASA, natural resources protection, the FBI, maternal and infant wellness, health research, the FDA, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the low income home energy assistance program, housing assistance, veteran support programs, education, public transit, transportation security, international development and much, much more.
  • Many of the programs slated for drastic downsizing or elimination contribute positive economic benefits by lifting people out of poverty, creating jobs and spurring innovation.
  • Conversely, the budget increases military funding, sets aside funds†for Trump’s infamous border wall and increases the size of the strategic petroleum reserve.

Call your senators about the Paris Climate deal, especially if they’re on the list of 22 officials who are pushing Trump to back out. They claim the painstakingly negotiated agreement could create a legal tangle as the U.S. attempts to dismantle environmental regulations.

  • As an upstanding global citizen, the United States should uphold its promises and support the global push for clean energy.
  • Rather than pushing for the continued use of obsolete technology, states with big investments in fossil fuels should use this as a golden opportunity for a green jobs boom.
  • Climate change is — as has been†exhaustively documented†– real.
Protesters in Brussels holding up an anti-Trump sign

Trump’s visit to Europe didn’t go quite as planned.
Photo credit: Miguel Discart

On the streets

It’s a district work week,†so find out if your legislator†is holding†a†town hall or another event near you! The†Town Hall Project†is a good place to start, though you may want to call the office or check your representativeís website for last minute updates. If no public meetings†are listed, pressure your representative and†ask why.

This Sunday, communities are gathering across the country for the March for Truth, demanding fair and open investigation into questions about connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. Supporters are billing it as the start of a summer of protest. Remember to bring your sunscreen, a shade hat and plenty of water, because the weekend looks like a scorcher!

In writing

You can always find our latest Trump administration-related petitions over at our Stop Trump clearinghouse, but here are some current favorites:

Protesters holding up a sign saying EVEN THE HELL HOLE DOESN'T WANT YOU TRUMP

After Trump called Brussels a “hell hole,” residents returned the sentiment.
Photo credit: Miguel Discart

Brace yourselves

The Russia investigation†just keeps expanding†– and shows no sign of stopping. A web of lies and misdirection is ensnaring more current and former officials, illustrating that ties between the administration and Russia may be even more complex than previously imagined.

It may be tough to keep all this information straight, but it’s crucial.†Any investigation will undoubtedly drag on for months — and possibly years — as will attempts to downplay or suppress the probe. Get ready to hold your representatives accountable for ferreting out the truth — because no matter what your political beliefs may be, inference by a foreign government should be major cause for concern.

Weekly “did this actually just happen?”

Did the first lady†– in one of her rare public appearances as Trump’s companion on his first international tour — appear to slap his hand away when he reached out to her? Well, some people say it was an accident, but others think the video speaks for itself.

Photo credit: Bartosz Brezezinski


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