Born to Care About Creatures

Hi everyone, my name is Sharon Seltzer and I have the pleasure of writing about animal rights for Care2. Like most of you who are passionate and compassionate about animals, I have been drawn to anything furry, feathery or scaly my entire life.  And it has never been a conscious choice.  My curiosity and interest in wildlife has always been part of my fiber.


I strongly believe that the animals in our world today are a by-product of human interference and that we have caused the majority of their suffering, so it will now be my privilege to advocate on their behalf.  I also naively believe that if we just educate people about the abuses animals suffer, they will step-up to the plate and change. 


On a personal note, I have been involved in animal rescue for the past 10 years.  My husband and I currently share our home with three rescued dogs, Sophie, Shadow and Cody and three semi-feral cats that we trapped last December.  The cats are: Sport, Spike and Tiger.  I also have one grown son.


In January 2000, my life changed when four animal lovers and I founded a rescue group called Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary.  We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, where there is a huge pet overpopulation problem.  At first, our plans were to take the “last-day” cats and dogs from the city shelters that were scheduled for euthanasia.  We planned to build (and even had drawings and land) for a Disneyland type of facility that would draw people from across the country to adopt orphaned animals from us. 


However during our first year, it became very clear that it was not possible to “adopt our way out of the overpopulation problem.”  So instead we went to W.A.R. (War Against Reproduction) and created a strong TNR program for feral cats and an aggressive spay/neuter program for owned pets. 


I am proud to say that almost nine years later, HCWS has spay/neutered more than 35,000 animals.  Of course we also save homeless pets and adopt around 1,000 cats and dogs annually.  Our cats live in foster care or at local PetSmart stores, while our dogs live at the two women’s prisons.  Our Pups on Parole program was highlighted in 2007 on “The Dog Whisperer” TV show.


As I begin the journey of this blog, I hope to hear from you with your thoughts and feedback.  Thank you and Happy Holidays!



Achala Paani
Achala Paani8 years ago

Hello Sharon, Im Achala Panni from India.Im a crazy animal lover too. I have ben working fr animals in bangalore since the last 9 yrs...
Now I run a small volunteer Ngo myself...and I would love to be giuded by u...
U can visit by blog get an idea of the work I do.

I run the entirely alone.PLEASE DO WRITE TO ME at :
Would be waiting to hear from u.

Pam F.
Pam F9 years ago

Sharon - I just caught up with this blog - please take a look at this -

Given your concerns and beliefs - any advice....please!!!

Eden Courtney
Eden Courtney9 years ago

I believe that there are many more kind, caring, compassionate people than there are ones who commit crimes against non-human animals, and you are a shining example of the former. I, too, have always, since I was 2 years old, just felt an affinity and an affection and a need to care for all animals. There is so much for us to do, and I am currently focusing most of my attention on the plight of captive elephants, they are such magnificent animals and so amazingly like us, the good without the bad, and they need us to undo the abuse and disrespect they have been dealt. I think the tide is turning for animals all around the world. We must keep working though. Thank you so much for you kindness in words and actions.

JASMIN HORST S9 years ago

God Bless You a million times!

Jodie G.
Jodie G9 years ago

Thank goodness people like you exist in this world. You are making it a better place for our animal friends.

I believe my daughter has been sent to the earth now to also make a difference. She wanted to be a vet from the time she was two and a half (now, almost twelve)...but now knows she couldn't stand to see the animals suffering. I hope she follows in the your footsteps, and helps the animals as you do.

Many thanks to you, and all the people who are concerned enough to do something about the problems we have caused for our furry friends.