Welcome To The Health Cause Blog!

Welcome to the Care2 Health policy cause channel! We’re going to be covering a broad range of health-related issues over the coming months–from food safety to changes in Medicare; from vaccines to cancer treatment; from how health care works (or doesn’t) in countries around the world, to how we can weave the best ideas into meaningful U.S. health care reform.

But this channel, as all the Care2 cause channels, is really about you. What issues do you want to see covered? Are there specific policies you want to know more about? Have you found some solutions for managing health care hassles that work for your family and you’d like to share with others? Are you concerned about the direction of health care in the United States and want to know how you can make your voice heard?

Looking forward to your ideas and input.


Destiney E.
Destiney E5 years ago

This is a wonderful idea! I hope it all works splendid.

Dab Garner
Dab Garner9 years ago

I'm concerned about the direction of health care for Americans with HIV and AIDS. There are over 1.2 million Americans living with HIV and AIDS.
Currently there are 4 states with ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program) waiting lists. ADAP is a government sponsored program for financially challenged Americans needing life saving HIV medications.
In Dec. 2006, 4 Americans died while on South Carolina's ADAP waiting list.
When will Ryan White and ADAP funding be increased to give every American infected with HIV and AIDS the hope of a chance at tomorrow?
Too many Americans died before life saving HIV medications became available in 1996. To allow American men and women to die now only because they can not afford the medications is unthinkable.
President-Elect Obama has stated he believed in increasing ADAP and Ryan White funding. I urge him to do so immediately after taking office to avoid the needless deaths of more American men and women with HIV and AIDS.