Welcome to the War on….Easter?

Much like the slippery slope of stores stretching out holiday seasons for maximum profit potential, conservative talk show host Sean Hannity is helping extend the “war on…” holiday season by adding a new target into the mix: the War on Easter.

Apparently Lady Gaga is the general in charge.  And Ricky Gervais is her foot soldier.

Oh, the horrors.

(Hat tip to Raw Story)


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Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke5 years ago

Blessed Ostara!

Lynn Demsky
Lynn D5 years ago

Too bad they've made Easter all about $$$!!!! Happy Easter to everyone!

Lynn Mitchell
Lynn Mitchell7 years ago

Lady Gaga didn't sing anything wrong in her song. Jesus tells us not to judge people (like the 2 woman on the video) and to loe one another...................Lady Gaga did just that !!!! LISTEN WELL.............THERE IS NO RELIGION HIGHER THAN THE TRUTH !!!!! NO ONE ON THIS GOD'S GREEN EARTH KNOWS THAT TRUTH. SO PLEASE STOP FIGHTING OVER RELIGION. Fighting over religion is setting a bad example to our kids !!!!!!!

Vernon C.
.7 years ago


Would you please refrain from harassing me with your cowardly, childish, atheistic prattling? I am an adult who prefer to discuss issues 'face to face'.

Veronica C.
Veronica C7 years ago

Does anyone really care what celebrities think, say, or when they think or say it? They have the platform to voice their opinions because they are celebrities, nothing but hyped up celebs. We give them too much attention.

The biggest annoyance here is these 2 women talking at the same time.

Tana Williams
Tana Williams7 years ago

Anyone with half a brain wouldn't insist the Easter is absolutely on spot. This rite of spring is roughly the same all over the world, as is the death and resurrection of a god. It would seem obvious that it is, in the world of long ago, modeled after Passover. And how good was it for early Christians spreading across Europe to find that many pagan beliefs had the same holiday. So much easier to take over when it all happens at the same time.

Carole Dunn
Carole Dunn7 years ago

They're such a tiresome bunch, these FOX news models.

Brian Steele
Brian S7 years ago

The whole series of posts by James D is such a tired cynical old chestnut. Of course we all know that the dates and many of the traditions of Easter and particularly Christmas were carried over from preceding pagan celebrations: it's called marketing and the early Christians knew that they would be branded killjoys if they banned people from holding their favourite parties, so they let them keep the festivities and simply "corrected" their direction.

That doesn't mean that Easter or Christmas are not celebrating the death/resurrection and birth of Christ. It merely means that eggs/bunnies/tinsel/mistletoe etc. are simply window dressing. The bible is very clear that the religious practices of other faiths are not harmful if you give no credence to them.

Anyway, the date of Easter may have originally been derived from some pagan festival, but it also still coincides with Passover - which anyone who has ever bothered to read the bible will know was the very time at which the crucifixion happened.

In other words, while Christmas is certainly a made up date, Easter is actually still bang on when it should be.

Deborah W.
Deborah w7 years ago

I got bored with this interview as they wouldn't let each other speak. I didn't catch anything they said. Childish and didn't prove anything or get their opinion across. Who are they anyway?

James D.
James D7 years ago


Boun bread, eaten at the ancient Saxon Spring festival, was dedicated to Eostre. These small Boun, or buns, were stamped with a symbol of ox horns before being baked. Today these are often called Hot Cross Buns by the mundane world. they are still considered to be extremely good luck.

Other Eostre rites involved bonfires, both for purification and to "light the way". Eostre, "the shining one", was, after all, a Goddess of light. The charred wood from the sacred bonfires would be planted in the fields at eh May Day ceremonies. Fraser found similarities between the death and resurrection of vegetation rites of Eostre and the resurrection rites of both Adonis and Attis; the sowing of seeds of grain, the fertility resurrections of the fields.

The Corn Mother, which is sown at Spring, is sometimes called the Corn Spirit and the Pigtail. this may be why ham is often featured at Eostre feasts. The pig is sacred to the Goddess as a symbol of fecundity.

Because Eostre is an important fertility celebration, it is often followed up by Morris Dancing, also known as 'Calusari' (Romania), "Rusalia' (Macedonia) and "Fairy" Dancing.