Hundreds of Uzbek Women Say They Were Forcibly Sterilized

Disturbing allegations emerged from Uzbekistan yesterday, where hundreds of women claimed that they were forcibly sterilized by the government in an attempt to lower the birthrate.  The women targeted were those from poor, rural areas, particularly those who have HIV, TB or drug addictions.  The Uzbek government, fearing that overpopulation would spark unrest, earlier this year ramped up a population control program initiated by autocratic President Islam Karimov in the late 1990s.

The program did not specifically instruct doctors to conduct mass sterilizations, but doctors claim that there was significant pressure to do so.  Health workers were threatened with salary cuts or firings if they did could not persuade a minimum of two women a month to be sterilized; one woman reported that a nurse told her, “they would hang me if I let you have another child.”  Many Uzbek women see sterilization as their only contraceptive option; some said that their husbands refused to let them use condoms or birth control pills.

Other women, though, were devastated when they learned that surgical procedures or medical examinations had resulted in sterilization.  “He never asked for my approval, never ran any checks, just mutilated me as if I were a mute animal,” said Saodat Rakhimbayeva, who awoke from a cesarean section to discover that doctors had removed her uterus.  Her newborn son died three days later.

Some health workers reported that instruments are not properly sterilized, and can harm other women.  Procedures by inexperienced medical professionals also caused serious health complications.

These allegations, if they turn out to be true (and they certainly sound plausible), represent a horrifying breach of women’s ability to decide when and if they want to have children.  Even for the women who were sterilized by choice, the fear that they had no other options surely played a part, in a country where other, less permanent, forms of contraception were not available.  Such invasive forms of population control are unethical, and should be condemned.

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Walter G.
Walter G7 years ago

Right now we have pollution, chemicals of all kinds in our food, and a society built on alcohol and tobacco consumption, now turning to illegal drugs. Do any of these affect embryo development or survival? Think about it.

Angela Dubie
Angela Dubie7 years ago

Diane, my hisband is on disability because in 1984 in St. louis Missouri thet put a germ in good Hawaiian marijuana for population control and he got Yuppy flu/ c.f.i.d.s, yet it did not kill him as it did most of his friends, his quality of life and been reduced to a painfull existance, just because he is a hippie! Who says who lives and who dies? The church? The state? Or is it just by chance?
You are right about people turning into animals! My husband started a church, to help out the American refugees, and took in several, including his brother from Michigan, who turned every one against his and tried to steal it all, including me and have him assassinated, and guess what, no one seems to care!
The state has been trying to destroy our relatiopnship since we got together 6 years ago, because they are so afraid that we will have the dubie brothers or sisters, and his seed of enlightenment will spread! Google chief wana dubie on yahoo and you will see why he/ we has been targeted, and marked for destruction!
Our seed is our immortality, be it seeds of thought and or seeds from our loins, or seeds in the ground, and it is time to plant the planet, for we have reaped it.
You say that we need to limit people, we say that it is time to turn off the machine and honor the milennial sabbath!
If we tyruly want to save Mother earth, we need to out law progress toward our own destruction, outlaw gas/ fossil fuel, cars, roads, new construction, and become communities!

Diane B.
Diane B7 years ago

Very sad this had to occur. I'm curious as to what other measures had been introduced to curb population control. The downfall of many civilizations, both great and small can be attributed to overpopulation.
Re: Angela, when people outnumber resources in a society, people turn into animals. They steal to feed their families, crime becomes rampant and a once healthy society falls apart.
If you have 10 doctors and 500 people who are in need of care, who suffers there? Humans have to act responsibly, allowing for population growth only when it is sustainable. The whole world over, there are those who don't act responsibly, having more children than they can adequately provide for. Everyone else is expected to provide for those people. When "everyone else" can no longer afford to, that's the beginning of the downfall of a society.

Angela Dubie
Angela Dubie7 years ago

Whos going to stop them? Remember it took a world war to stop Hitler! And even that has not stopped genocides from happening.
How long will it be before we start killing off the senior citizens because thay are drawing out what they payed in?
How long before we start feeding the criminals to the lions for sport, because we can no longer afford to feed the millions of them, because of the food shortage?
How long before we start killing off all of the sick and disabled, because the insurance industry can no longer afford to cover them all?
It was Hitlers Moral Majority that allowed it to happen before, and it is still the "not-see" majority that think that they are justified in their actions, because thats what they were taught, and what their careers demand!
We are not dealing with uneducated gangs here, but the leaders of societies, nations and organizations, of policies and church doctrines! These orders come from the top down, not the other way around, and as long as we do not question athourity and just do as were told, than these abuses will continue to esculate world wide!
The state of Israel was put in place by the globalist in order to play out the book of Revelation, believing that they are doing gods will! But whoes god? The God of creation, or the god of destruction?
How long before wwiii? How long before the mark of the beast? How long before publiuc death matches and public executations are televised?
It's the hands and the feet that can stop it!

Barb F.
Barb F7 years ago

so very disturbing and heartbreaking, such practices should not happen, if happening, need to stop now, internationally speaking.

Angela Dubie
Angela Dubie7 years ago

Evidently this country or it's leaders feared no reprizials, from the outside world for their mothods of forced sterliation, or they would have just killed their victims!

Lynn Marie Macy
Lynn Marie M7 years ago

Absolutely heartbreaking.

David Jekot
David J7 years ago

I hate it. Women should have a choice especially when it comes to their bodies. But this is not our country and not our laws. There are places in the world that suck a lot. Before we start more crusades to save the world I think we need to get our S**t together in the U.S. then we can be the people in glass houses throwing stones.

catherine s.
catherine s7 years ago

not cool

Mary Latela
Mary L7 years ago

And what will we do? Speak out against this barbarism!